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Signs From Your Departed Pets

  •    April 9, 2019
  •    Karen Anderson


You are sound asleep when you suddenly feel a cat jump up and walk across your bed. You open your eyes and in the darkness you don’t see anything. You switch the light on and look all around but there is nothing there. Normally, this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow with you unless your only cat died a few months ago. 

Do our departed pets visit us?

Our departed pets will often visit us after they pass away and send us signs to let us know they are near. A visitation can occur at any time but the most common incidences occur during the night. When we are asleep, our brains relax and we enter into a deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state. We are much more open to receiving a visit from our departed pets during this phase of sleep. We remember vivid details of the visitation that seem so real. We may feel our pets fur, we may remember running or playing with them, we may even feel them snuggle in next to us. Most of us will brush this off as just a dream but in reality, it is an actual visit from our departed pet.

Other signs they are near

Some departed pets are very vocal and will make a noise to get your attention. They may whine, scratch at the door, or knock something over. Others will manifest in partial or full form and you may see a fleeting glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye. You may also feel whiskers on your face or feel them brush against your leg. Some pets get very creative and will leave you a feather, a tuft of fur, or a paw print to let you know they are near.

Birds, butterflies, and feathers

Other signs from your departed pets include seeing birds such as cardinals, hummingbirds, robins, or hawks. They also send butterflies, ladybugs, crickets, or feathers in very obvious places so we are sure to notice and think of them.

By asking for more signs, you are giving your departed pet the attention they are seeking and you will likely receive more messages.

Invite your departed pets to visit

Your departed pets need energy or spiritual fuel to send signs. They don’t have a physical body so they have to draw upon an energy source to communicate with you. Spiritual fuel can be supplied through any item that conducts energy such as quartz crystals, batteries, an indoor fountain. If you feel you have not received any signs from your pet it is likely have sent you signs you just haven’t noticed them. Some signs may be very subtle and if you aren’t paying attention or if your mind is always racing with thoughts, text messages, or other distractions, you may miss them. Remember, they don’t intend to scare you with their visitations they just want you to know they love you, they are near you, and still hanging around in their favorite places.

It takes a lot of energy for your pet to make a noise or to appear so if this happens to you be sure you acknowledge their presence and encourage them to send more signs. If you ignore them they may stop trying in order to conserve their precious energy.

It won’t harm your pet

Don’t worry about depleting your departed pet’s energy or harming them by asking them to send more signs. They love it that you are thinking about them and you can always ‘top off their tank’ so to speak with spiritual fuel by imagining their heart is a gas tank and your loving thoughts are fuel. Top them off with lots of happy memories too.

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  1. Many times I have felt like a cat has jumped up on the bed and laid down beside me. In the dark I put out my hand and nothing was there. I wish there was.

  2. A few months after my Dolly Cleopatra passed away she work me up at 4:44 am with 2 very loud meows in my ear.

  3. Almost all the time. I feel her jump on the bed and feel her grooming herself or have even her felt kneading my leg. I also feel her jump from the bed to the window she spent so much time in. Her little urn is near me in the night and sometimes it feels like there is purring coming from it (actually more often than not). I can see her shadows when I get up in the night. My Honey has left me many signs including feathers, coins and a picture of her that she sent me after she passed to let me know she is still here. I am very grateful knowing that she is always with me. I feel her presence day and night with me and thank her everyday for the efforts it takes for her to do it. I also let her know she can go and play if she wants and just be free. Seems in life she always wanted to be with me as well as in spirit. I love you Honey!!

  4. My outdoor cat refuses to use the litter box and cries to go out when he needs to go. After my dog passed away, my cat insisted on using kitty litter on a warm day after he cried to get inside the house. When he did, the marking of the urine was in the shape of a heart… I feel my dog used the cat to send me a sign

    1. I’ve heard from so many people that their departed pets will send a message from the Other Side by manipulating a living pet. Heart-shaped urine is pretty unique! I’ve found heart shaped outlines in the kitty litter outside the litter box before so anything is possible.

  5. My sweet kitty “Fidy” a female 8 months old just passed away around 3 weeks ago… Its a bad departed, she just don’t like to eat and I thought something about her stomach. But I brought her to Vet, and that stupid doctor said she was infected by calicivirus and gave her so many madicine, without mind about her stomach. I often said she couldn’t eat anything.. just drink, but after eat medicine, even could’t drink at all. I said she need to get infus and please scan her stomach, but doctor said no need and gave more medicine, and she died in 7th days of medicine with everyday dropped.. In 4th day she getting better and want to eat a little, I brought to doctor almost everyday and doctor said to give flu medicine because a little nasal from her nose..after eat the flu medicine she getting drop and everything throw out from her mouth. But doctor still said OK and said depend on me, I have to finished all medicine if want her cure.. but that night she died. I thougth she died because her stomach couldnt work anymore since 5th days I add more flu medicine and 7th days (her last day) doctor said to finished all medicine, without eat anything and drink anything… Even doctor tell me to stop honey water that I usually gave her because the medicine include the honey he said. Poor kitten.. She just very pretty and active when she passed away.. even on her last day she climbed our window to go outdoor, but we didnt allow her….

    I feel sooo regret that she very trust me and lay down on me on her week days… but I killed her by followed all wrong instruction from that stupid doctor T_T I thought maybe she not departed yet when she lay down after her convulsions.. because her mother still licking her face, head and around.. maybe there were something I could do that time like give her water etc.. but I couldn’t do anything that time except crying and let her go…

    Until now.. almost every early morning her thought appear with me and remembered her everyday activities.. she favourite place to lay at my desk and laptop with her brother.. I always feel she is still here now… Is that true?

    Her brother “Fido” also sick few days after her departed, with same condition, but now getting better.. that morning before I saw her brother very sick, I woke up with tears that feel her very closed at my bed.. and suddenly when I saw her brother very sick, there were a thought that Fidy want to take her brother to accompany her playing there.. because they are very tide. Even 1 day before Fidy departed, she laid spent time with her brother.

    Her mother (Dora) have a kitten 1 month (little brother named Denis), also died around 10 days ago.. he was very strong, but cannot eat 2 days before because her mother suddenly sick and got fever more than 40 degree celsius, but the baby have sick of swollen with pus before (I brought them-mother and baby to another Vet), and brother of her mother (Doreng) also sick together with baby but now already cure.

    Is there any relation one another? 1-2 days after Fidy departed and burried, no one cats n our home like to eat.. the circumstance so quiet… Were there every cat feel lost? Few days after that, baby got sick similar with her uncle Doreng. I brought to another Vet and doctor gave same antibiotic for them.. then Fido and Dora got same sick (fever and similar condition like Fidy) and doctor gave them another antibiotic, same medicine to Fido and Dora. They all cure now exept baby also departed and Fido still up and down…

    I still remember the baby eyes.. very sincere and look at me, and mostly Fidy always appear in my mind like now I use the laptop.. are they still around?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. You are a good mom and did everything you could to help them. They know that and they will always be with you as there is nowhere else they would rather be.

  6. My dog died 2 years ago after her stitches opened after an emergency c-section. She had one puppy who I had named after her, Patchy J. My family and I have seen her partial body. More specifically her very distinctive tail. Long story short I went to say goodbye to her at my mother’s house today with her son. I always cry about her and I had cried today. Then while my boyfriend was getting ready for bed, he has seen her tail in the mirror reflection. He thought it was Patchy J but he was in bed with me. Then he began to hear the kennel door rattle. He’s very scared and I went and talked to her in the front room and said I loved her and goodbye. I still have her ashes and fur.

    My question is how Do I know my mourning is holding her back? Is she okay? Is she happy?

    I always ask these questions even 2 years after she died

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking to hear what happened to your dog. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It is incredible for you to get so many messages. It takes a lot of energy to send messages like moving a door or materializing so you must feel so fortunate! No matter how much time goes by pets love it when we think about them and ask for signs. They never get tired of it!

      If you haven’t already read it, I recommend reading my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. You will discover what happens to your pet when you grieve and how it affects them, and so much more!

      Your grief cannot harm your pets and will not stop them from their spiritual journey, however, they can sense your feelings both happiness and sorrow.

      Remember to celebrate her life and make her life more important than her death. Honor her, think of her with love and smile.

  7. My little cat Emme was hit by a car. A few days after she passed I was sitting on the sofa thinking of her and got upset. I went to the other room and when I returned, one of her whiskers was laying where I’d been sitting. I knew it wasn’t there before and I felt her presence.

    I sat down and a couple of minutes later, her little stuffed toy fell on my shoulder off of the window ledge. The window ledge is large, the window was closed and there was no breeze – the toy couldn’t have rolled as it’s not shaped in that way.

    I know this was her comforting me.

    I am happy to learn about the bird sightings. The day after this happened, I went for a walk and sat down near a pond. A little robin kept flying really close and sitting almost on me, looking and flitting around me. I felt her presence then too.

    Thank you for the article.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss, Rachel. It is so hard when they go especially when accidents happen. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. You sure received a bunch of signs from Emme! Wow! I hope you realize how rare it is to receive so many! You must be thrilled! Keep asking her for more signs and be sure to thank her when she sends them.

  8. My cat Max was 18 years old when he passed away on December 30, 2019. Max was my entire world, my best friend, my other half that completed me. He was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease showing no signs that he was sick whatsoever. Being diagnosed only months beforehand, the disease moved very rapidly and my Max stayed with me as long as he could battling and fighting till his last day.

    It is going to be six months this June 30th and I cry every day and I still keep all of Max’s toys and belongings everywhere in my house where he left them. Every day Max would go the kitchen several times to go to his cupboard where I kept his treats and Max would open up the cupboard door just enough where it would make a noise when it shut to get my attention so I would give him a treat.

    Max was not like every other cat, Max was very special as we had a very special bond that I have never had or felt with any other cat that I had growing up as a child. Max is definitely leaving me signs and reaching out to me from cat heaven! Several times since his passing I have heard the cupboard door where his treats made the same closing noise that he has always done before. I have heard him meowing throughout the night and I have woken up to little scratching noises at my apartment door.

    The very best sign that Max has sent to me so far was a little over a month ago. I was sleeping at night next to his box of ashes as I do every night always saying goodnight to him and giving him a kiss and I was awoken by the feeling of something tickling the inside of my ear. I woke up and turned on the light to see what it was and I found one of Max’s whiskers lying right there on my pillow!

    Max always slept with me cuddling up right next to my head. Given the fact that I had just washed all my bedding and had just cleaned I went to sleep that night with a clean pillowcase so being awakened and finding that it was Max who was sending me a sign by leaving me one of his whiskers on my pillow and the fact that it was tickling the inside of my ear, it brought this great feeling within my heart and soul that Max is still right next to me as he always was. I miss my best friend so much and I’m so grateful for his signs that he has been gifting me with and I never want Max to stop because I love him so so much and he has the one and only special key to my heart and always will!

    1. You are one lucky lady! Your sweet boy is sending you the most amazing signs he is near and always will be as there is nowhere else he would rather be. I hope you will keep track of each sign and continue to thank him for sending them. The more we acknowledge their signs and messages the more they tend to send. They love the attention. Thanks for sharing your story about Max with us.

  9. I saw a distinct image of my Schnauzer in a cloud passing over. I also found a heart shaped rock on the lane the same day he died, which I put on his grave.

  10. You all sound very LUCKY to have your pets come and visit you. I pray so hard that my little boy will come to me or give me a sign he is near I lost him yesterday 6/26/2020 He was my precious little boy, and we had such a great time. I can’t believe how hard it is when your dog dies, my heart is so broken and all I do is cry, and I mean out loud too. I’m just sick over it. What will he do without me. What will I do without him. This is so hard to handle. I hope I get to know that my little boy has come to visit me.

    1. I am so sorry Donna, your loss is so recent and it must be so painful for you. Yes, those who have visitations from their departed pets are very fortunate. Some pets are really good at sending signs while others don’t feel the need to because they are with you all the time! So your angel boy may be one of those who is with you all the time. Grief can also make it difficult to sense them near. Even for me it can be a challenge when I am grieving to feel or sense my loved ones. Be patient, invite him to send a sign or a message, then pay attention and never doubt what you receive. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, it will help you navigate through the pain. Sending love and healing for your broken heart.

  11. My name is Britta and I recently lost my dog princess last week. Its been hard for me.

    Everywhere I look I see her and everywhere I go I can feel her. But the only time I can really feel her is when I’m on my walks every day. I used to take her on my walks with me a few times. Now i just think of her on my walks and i tear up and cry. But this evening coming home from my walk I felt her right next to me and I walked home and as I walked up to the house I looked in the backyard and saw her standing at the gate and I just choked up and cried…but I know she’s here. Shes made her presence known.

    I keep her ashes in my room with two pictures of her on the wall above and her collar is sitting on top of her picture frame… I miss her so much… It has been hard for me..

    1. Britta, I am so very sorry for your loss. It must be so hard for you I can’t imagine how painful it is. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It will help you navigate through the pain. You are so lucky to have sings of her presence! I hope you will thank her and invite her to send more. Just know that she will always be near as there is nowhere else she would rather be. Sending love and healing for your broken heart.

  12. My parents lost their pug of 13 years. They are in their 90’s and taking this so hard. I am so afraid it is going to kill them. Suzy was their baby so now she is not there. They feel so empty inside. I keep telling them there are signs she is still with them😟

    1. Hi Jo,
      I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your parent’s angel, Suzy. Can you get them a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, or get them the audiobook from Audible? I’m sure it will bring them peace to know Suzy is still with them in spirit. Sending love and healing for all.

  13. MY 10-month-old puppy died on sunday and I heard her in my bedroom going through my things like she always did and I felt her. Last night her sister, Ruby who is 10 months old also was running around in my daughters room just as she and Katandra used to do, and, after a while, Ruby stopped and just started crying out loud. Does that mean that Katandra was with her and, want her back?

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your puppy. It is hard enough to lose an older pet but losing a young one must be so devastating. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. Ruby can sense her energy and is likely reacting to it. Pets are able to see and hear in frequencies we cannot. I’m sure your beloved Katandra is near and wants you to know she loves you with all her heart and she is doing just fine. If that happens again, talk out loud to Katandra and let her know you welcome her visits.

  14. Reading everyone’s stories has given me so much comfort.

    I lost my little four-year-old mini dachshund this week. She fell in the garden pond on Monday night and drowned.

    She loved sitting watching the fish swim and always searched for the frog who lived in the rushes. I did not think for a minute so would fall in. The guilt I feel is overwhelming and I don’t think I felt this much grief ever. I keep thinking of her struggling to stay alive and I wasn’t there for her.

    My husband was in the garden the next day and a little robin flew up to him and then around him and flew off over the pond. There was also a ladybird sitting on the wall in the dining room which was strange.

    I would give anything to have her back and just hold her and tell her how sorry I am.

    I hope the robin and ladybird were a sign.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. It must be overwhelmingly painful for you. When accidents happen we often punish ourselves relentlessly and play the same loop over and over in our minds about what we should have done differently. I know because I’ve done the same thing. The loss of your little angel makes no sense and it is hard to move past the images in your mind. I have learned from the animals that even when accidents like this happen, the love you have for each other is all that matters. There is another blog post that may help you: Click Are You Punishing Yourself for Your Pet’s Death?

      I’m sure your sweet angel doesn’t blame you one bit and has only the greatest of love for you. Those ‘signs’ you received would definitely validate the bonds you share. Trust that she is letting you know she is just fine, she loves you so much and wants you to move through the pain into healing as soon as you can. Holding onto that pain serves no one and only acts as a torturous reminder that some things are not in our control. Try as we might, we are not responsible for the actions of our babies. We all have free will including our pets. If she were mine, I’d thank her for sending those wonderful signs and ask her to send more. You’re her momma remember she loves you so much. I hope you have my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It will help you move through the pain. Sending love and healing

  15. My Sammy just transitioned shortly after midnight this past July 2. I am heartbroken.

    He was the most unique cat I have ever met. His personality was unexplainable. I randomly just burst into tears. My 19-year-old son heard him meow less than 24 hours later. I also heard him scratch my bathroom door trying to get in, which was normal. Today there was a rainbow on my bedroom ceiling. I called to him and thanked him for visiting me and half the rainbow disappeared. My husband told me Sammy visited him yesterday. He just turned 8. We adopted him at 8 months. I miss him so much. I am grateful he is no longer suffering.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet angel, Sammy. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. It sounds like you are one very lucky family getting so many signs from him! That’s exactly what everyone should be watching for. Our departed pets will send signs that they are just fine, doing well, and always near. Thanking him for sending those signs was perfect. What a beautiful blessing you received. Thank you for sharing

  16. After being homeless for a year my two older brothers and I moved out of town. We got an apartment in June of 2019 and about three to four months of living there, being a night-owl… I noticed that there was a black dog with glowing white around the dog’s body just laying there in front of my middle brother’s bedroom door.

    I told my brothers about it when they woke up, I’d since started calling it The Spirit-Dog. My middle brother’s health went downhill pretty quickly we had really no idea just how bad he was going to get he started acting like he’d suffered a stroke or something then multiple hospital visits they kept telling him it was his diabetes. He had severe seizures and the doctors said it was diabetes again. He was falling a lot for no reason doctors again blamed it on diabetes.

    The Spirit-dog visited a few times laying in front of my brother’s bedroom door, then in jan.2020, he started having severe breathing problems he couldn’t even tie his shoes without having trouble breathing. I told my brother to go to the emergency room before he has a heart attack, so he went in. It was a Friday they kept him until Monday afternoon then they released him telling him it was his diabetes again.

    Several hours later that evening my brother passed away. We called 911 the police arrived and started CPR and it took about twenty to thirty minutes for them to get vitals on my brother, he was flown eighty miles away and was put on life support.

    Three days later we had to take him off of life support. I never saw The Spirit-dog after my brother passed away. Now I believe The Spirit-dog was our deceased dog, Tippy who passed away in 2000.

    So yes, I believe that Tippy knew and she wanted to be here for my brother. My brother was 47 and died from an enlarged heart. His life could have been spared if the hospital would have done something. I just wanted to share my story.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. Please accept my deepest sympathies. It sounds like your Tippy was right there waiting for your brother to greet him when he made his transition to the Other Side. Our departed loved ones know when our time is approaching and will congregate and patiently wait for our arrival. I have no doubt there were more loved ones there to greet him and guide him. I wrote about this exact type of experience in my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. I hope you have a copy. If not, go to my home page and opt-in as a VIP family member for special prices. I also wrote another blog post about this. Click. Thank you for sharing your story.

  17. My 11-year-old little baby, named Buddy, a Miniature Schnauzer, had to be put to sleep 6 weeks ago due to a tumor on his liver which progressively got worse.
    He was my baby and he was so spoiled.

    I feel so lost without him.

    I feel like my heart is breaking.

    I found a tuft of his fur last week.

    As he didn’t shed his coat I had never seen that in all the 11 years of having him.

    Do you think that was a sign from him?

    Also the day he passed my tv turned itself over then all of a sudden the TV guide was rolling up the screen.
    I have seen his shadow a couple of times too.
    I miss him so so much.

    This pain is horrendous.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your angel, Buddy. Please accept my deepest sympathies. They take such a huge part of our hearts with them when they go. Do I think you received a sign from him? Yes! Absolutely! Please be sure you thank Buddy, ask him to send more signs, and remember to fill up his heart like it was a gas tank on empty. Your happy memories and special moments of love are the fuel.
      I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It will help you navigate through this painful time. If you opt-in as a VIP you get special prices. It can’t make the pain go away, nothing can, but it will help you understand what happens when they die and how your thoughts continue to affect them on the Other Side. I’m sure Buddy wants you to know he is happy, loved, and feeling special to have you as his mom.

  18. My beautiful Mastiff, Tasha, passed away almost 9 months ago and on July 9th will be 9 months.

    She passed away due to a heart condition. We had her an extra 6 months after her diagnosis she was doing great and one morning I woke up for work and my baby was leaving us unexpectedly. She went into congested heart failure in her sleep.

    My heart is forever broken and I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to her. Even after 9 months, the heartache is just as bad as it was the first day she left us.

    I keep hoping and praying I will get a sign from my baby, so far I haven’t noticed any. I really think once I get a sign from her it might help me cope a little better with her loss. I need to know she is okay and that she is always with me.

    Hopefully one day that day will come and she will send me a sign, it’s something I really need.

    1. Donna, I am so very sorry for the loss of your angel, Tasha. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Not being able to say goodbye can be like adding another layer of pain onto your grief. What I want you to know is it is NEVER too late because she can hear you, feel you, and sense your emotions. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, as you will find out how the animal’s perspective is often much different than our own. The main reason you are not sensing signs is likely due to the layer of grief around you which acts like a thick heavy blanket. It insulates us from many of the subtle signs our pets send. The other reason is that she is likely right by you and does not feel the need to ‘manifest’ in any way. It takes a lot of energy to manifest a sign. If you are tapped out from grief and pain, she does not have a source of fuel. So she is just quietly and patiently by your side and trying to help. Talk to her out loud and tell her how you feel. She will hear you. You can always tell her your feelings and she will always hear you. You are forever connected as the bonds of love never die. Sending love and healing.

  19. I lost my beautiful 3-yr-old German Shepard, Bella, very suddenly to cancer.

    She was diagnosed on Tuesday and passed on Friday last week. I’m truly devastated but today after reading your page I was outside when I saw a ladybug. We never see them here… very rarely. I picked it up and knew it was Bella, it made me so happy. I asked her in the morning to send me a sign.

    Thank You
    Helen x

    1. Helen, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Bella. I can’t imagine how heartbroken you must be. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. How wonderful that you received a sign from her! You are so lucky and so loved! Be sure to make a big deal out of it and keep asking for more signs. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals to help you through this difficult time. If you haven’t already, you can opt-in as part of my VIP family for special low prices. Just go to the home page to opt in next to my picture (orange button) . Thank you for sharing your story. Sending love and healing

  20. Karen, thank you so much for your reply, you are 100% right my grief is very heavy, it’s been like that for 9 months since my dog left us. I’m having a really hard time accepting her loss. I know I have to accept her loss and not only mourn her death, but cherish the great memories I had with my girl Tasha. I’m going to try my hardest not to grieve as hard as I have been, and hopefully I will get some signs from my girl. I will definitely being looking into getting your book, I think reading it might take a heavy weight off my heart. Thank you again for your reply, your words really made me realize a lot. Take care

  21. My 13 year old cockapoo, Lucas, passed away a little over a month ago and I still cry about it almost every night. He had a sudden condition that affected his breathing, and the vets said it was not going to get any better so I made the decision to put him down.

    I’ve been feeling sad about the fact that I haven’t seen Lucas in my dreams. I was his ‘mom’ and I miss him so much. He was always by my side and it’s been hard to get used to not having him around me anymore. I really wish I could see him and know if he thinks I made the right decision for him. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen him in other ways, though. The night he passed, I was in my room closing the curtains and I felt a presence of something come into my room. It felt comforting and I’m almost positive that it was Lucas coming in, like he normally would when it was time for bed. A few nights ago, I also think that I heard him breathing. It had been about an hour since I stopped crying, and I heard soft exhales in the area of my room where Lucas would sleep.

    Even though I’m still so sad about Lucas’ passing, I know that he’s probably doing better now, wherever he is, because he can breathe well again, run around, and do all of the other things that he couldn’t do anymore. I really hope that he decides to show up in my dreams someday, because I would love to see his little face again.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss, Diana. It is so hard to lose a close companion and family member. Lucas sounds like an amazing boy. I am not surprised that you were able to sense his presence. Life continues on for him in the same way it did when he was still in his body so I’m sure he is right there by your side. Be sure you thank him for letting you know he is near and inviting him to send more signs. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Sending love and healing

  22. I just had to say goodbye to my baby boy, Harvey, on Tuesday morning after a 2 month battle with large cell lymphoma. He was the best cat in the whole world. I had him since he was 3 months old, and he just turned 7. My heart is completely shattered. We had the most special bond, and I am really having a hard time trying to think about life without him. He was my best friend. I have another kitty, Khaleesi, who is my other bundle of joy, but I have a completely different bond with her. I noticed that she’s been extra affectionate the last day or two almost to a point that she is reminding me of Harvey. I have this weird feeling of relief when I noticed it. It almost feels like she is channeling him. Is that possible? I’ve been trying to talk myself out of it, but it’s the strangest thing. I miss him so much, and if it is him, I am eternally grateful to know he is close by.

  23. I “inherited” two old intact Toms who were feral when a lady down the street who did TNR passed away. They chose to live with me and I quickly said “you guys have to have names…” so I dubbed them Fred and Barney. They had a love-hate relationship. When Fred would get too “mushy”, Barney would smack him around. Fred was always the more “studdly” boy and would vanish for days on end defending his territory that he had lived in for over 8-9 years. Barney would get concerned after a day or so and go out hunting for Fred.
    I could always say “go find Fred” and he would come home with Fred.

    This year, Fred must have run into a younger male as he came back beat to heck. I nursed him back to health and when spring came around, he got into a worse fight. His toe was almost torn off his one foot. I work for a company that manufactures enzyme-based products so he’d let me spray his foot with a topical spray and within time his foot healed. But he still had a limp. He had lost some of his studly ways …. but these two guys are old and I knew that one day if something happened to them, it would be in their own way.

    Fred took off last week, and I haven’t seen him since. We have coyotes around here and with his limping, I was scared. But I had to let him continue his life journey and he knew he was loved and safe here.

    I asked for a sign….send me a cardinal if he was ok, and a hawk if he wasn’t. This morning I heard and saw the cardinals. Then just now……circling over my house were four hawks. One kept circling down at me. I knew that Fred had two brothers who eventually died during the years. So I took it as a sign….

    Then the hawks disappeared and four blue jays flew into the tree over me. I felt he was saying he had transformed.

    Oh, it breaks my heart. And I know Barney will be heartbroken.

    Pray for Fred. And pray for Barney.

    1. You are a wonderful person to help these two ferals. May you be blessed! I am sorry to hear that things may have not worked out as you hoped. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  24. Hello, my chihuahua, Madison was perfectly fine but suddenly has seizures and a stroke, the vet rang me the next day to say it would be best to put her to sleep on July 13th, 2020, I have been so upset and shocked that she was suddenly gone so fast yet was so happy and her usual self. A couple of days later her daughter Zara sat in Madison’s chair and just stared at me, my mom, and dad like Maddie used to, I said, “That’s Maddie!”. Well, today her daughter, Zara has been so unsettled and wanting to go upstairs so I let her in my room put her on my bed and she was looking all around and jumped on my hip, I thought this is odd behavior for her, I whispered, “Maddie is that you?. Zara rushed to my face so excited and licking me just felt like it was Maddie…coming through Zara… and has given me peace knowing she is ok 🙂

  25. I seriously don’t know if it was a coincidence or my guinea pig. my girl just passed away tonight well I’m laying in bed reading this afterwards I pick up my cpap mask and a battery had connected to the magnetic piece right after I read about the pets need energy and you can use batteries.

    1. There is no such thing as a coincidence in my world! Trust these signs! Your beloved angel saw an opportunity to let you know she is near. They LOVE when we acknowledge them. It is like a burst of loving spiritual fuel for them. Keep talking to her as if she is there and ask for more signs. Then THANK HER when she sends them!

  26. Hello Karen, my 13 yr old beloved Pug went to sleep 2 weeks ago on a Friday, me & my 12yr old daughter has since been very distraught, and I burn a candle many times a day next to his ashes and have also printed many photos to display. My daughter came to stay for the weekend yesterday(Friday)as she normally does every 2 weeks, and for the first time since his passing.

    We were watching a film late last night with the rear patio doors open as we have done since I bought this house 10 months ago when all of a sudden a huge Moth flew into the house and started fluttering around a table light near the doors, I took a small carton to catch the moth for release. I put the box on the ground in my garden and the Moth flew out of the box onto the patio slabs right next to it, and that’s when I noticed not only was it very large but it was also quite furry & a light brown color, Buster was very large for the breed (19kg) honey fawn in color & furry. It just seemed so calm, and I felt I should stroke the Moth, it let me stroke it’s head/back 4 or 5 times before very calmly flying off in a straight line behind me.

    I am 100% sure this was a manifestation by my beloved & well missed Puggy.

    1. Hi Ronnie!
      This is an amazing experience you had! I think you are right…your Puggy is letting you know all is well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

    2. Thank your for sharing this story, Ronnie. I don’t believe in coincidences…I believe our departed loved ones are doing the best they can to let us know they are near. I hope this brings peace to you and your daughter. What a beautiful message from your Puggy.

  27. My best friend of thirteen and a half years, Bob, passed away on Monday 27th July 2020.

    I have never felt heartbreak like it. I am heartbroken and absolutely devastated.

    Bob was the most loyal, beautiful, friendly, and chilled dog and Bob loved socks! He would take them, hide them, chew them, or just hold them in his mouth!

    On Tuesday afternoon I was sat on the sofa with my other dog who began pawing my foot so I took my sock off. After ten minutes I decided I wanted to go to bed to sleep the rest of the afternoon (I felt emotionally drained). My other dog followed me upstairs and lay next to me to take a nap as well. After a couple of hours I woke up, the sock I took off never to be seen again! I have searched everywhere (more than once). It could only be in the lounge or my bedroom! I really believe Bob has it. The sock he took has a small embroidered picture on the rim of my other dog – they were my favorite!

    I find comfort in the fact, even though not here in body, he hasn’t lost his mischievous personality.

    I will love you forever Bob xxx

    1. Francesca, thank you for sharing your beautiful story with me. I am not surprised to hear that Bob is letting you know he is near with socks! That is super cool and you are so very lucky to get such a BIG sign! I hope you thanked him and made a big deal out of it. Keep asking for more signs and then keep your eyes open. They love it when we notice their messages from the Other Side. Sending love and healing

  28. Hi Karen, I hope you still read your comments. I lost my dog yesterday, and I have to move to a new home. Do you think he’ll know where to find me instead of his favorite spots in this current house?

    1. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. I have no doubt whatsoever that he will find you in fact he is likely with you now. Do you have a copy of my book? If not, please get it. I explain in great detail what happens when they leave. Your angel is bonded to you. While he may visit his favorite places your two souls are coded and forever bonded. Don’t worry one bit. He will always be near

  29. My beloved peek-a-poos passed away one at 11 1/2 and one at 15 years old. They were brother and sister. Benny passed away July 5, 2020, after a long battle with heart problems and he just collapsed one early morning. We had to put him down. The grief of putting him down has overwhelmed me. My pups slept with me all these years and were my other children.

    Every night since Benny’s passing I hear scratching against the wall in the closet, he would like to go to sleep in there after a few hours on the bed with me. Something his sister and him did every night. When he would turn in the closet he would always lay on his back with his feet against the wall.

    Like clockwork, I hear this at 9:30 pm every night and when I don’t hear him, I ask him if he is there and I say good night to him and then I hear the scratching. This morning we looked at the security camera in our pool area at 6 am (the time I would let Benny out before we went to work) we saw this white shadow walking from the plant in the flower bed he would tinkle on come over to the sliding door look into the door and turn around in a circle something he used to do while waiting to go inside. Is this something he is doing because of habit and he is letting us know he is still here? Is he telling me to stop feeling guilty for putting him to sleep.

    Please help me put this guilt to rest.

    Thank you

    1. Terese,
      My heart breaks for you. I am so sorry for your loss. I can help you. Please get opted in as a VIP and get a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. Each chapter will help you on your journey through grief. I am not surprised that you are receiving these loving signs from your angels. They want you to know they are alive and well in spirit and that life continues for them as it did while they were with you. VIPs get special offers.

      Be gentle with yourself you have suffered terrible losses and you need a safe place to heal. You may also want to join my on my Facebook page for pet loss support.

      Sending you love and healing hugs

  30. Karen, thank you so much for replying. I am definitely getting your book, I now need to know more. My other dog has now realized his friend isn’t here and is pining for him. Is there information in your book about how to help pets who are missing their friend? I feel Bob everywhere, on our walks and around the house, there is a silence and calmness in the house, which I cannot explain. I suffer from anxiety and Bob helped me with this, so to feel a sense of calmness is very strange for me! Love you Bob and thank you xxx

    1. I am writing about that in my new book which I’m still working on but here is a link for you click here . This can help you with the grief of your other pup. There is a painful silence when we lose someone we love. We long to hear them, see them, and feel their presence. Just trust Bob is with you and always speak to him as if he is right by your side. Hold onto the love.

  31. Sadly, I had to have my 12+ year old female Chihuahua mix euthanized on Saturday. She had renal failure but there was no change in her behavior until she stopped eating dry food the Sunday before and then began urinating around the apartment. When she stopped eating food on Saturday and began to throw up bile, I knew it was best to take her to the emergency vet practice. Since she was considered stable, she was not seen until 6 hours after I brought her in. They vet asked additional questions and had to run some tests. After 10:30 pm (8 1/2 hours after she arrived), I returned to the vet practice – due to COVID19 precautions, you could not wait inside the practice. The technician told me she would get her ready and then my phone rang after 11 pm with the vet telling me that she had renal failure and could try dialysis for 3-5 days but her lab results indicated that she was in grave condition and it may only give her a few extra days to live. I made the heartwrenching decision to have her euthanized and seeing her for the last time made me want to grab her and run home. However, my brain overruled my heart and told me that she was in pain and did not need to suffer anymore. I am glad that I got those last few minutes with her but now I am all alone and miss her deeply – my little girl depended on me and I feel as though I let her down when she needed me most!

    Yesterday morning, less than 32 hours after she had passed, I was standing by my kitchen counter looking toward the window. I heard some weird clicking noises coming from my chest freezer and turned around to see what it was. When I turned, I saw the back wheel of my bike (which I keep upside down in the apartment) slowly turning and then stop. I cried “Is that you Lincy? Did you come to tell me goodbye?”. I am positive it was her as you have to pull or push the bike wheel/tire to get it to move – the ceiling fan doesn’t blow near it and even if I exercise near the bike, the wheels never move. I hope to be visited by her again soon as it only left me more depressed as I don’t know if the sign was of her being mad at me or simply letting me know she was there!

    1. Jennifer,
      I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet angel, Lincy. There are few words to ease your pain and I cannot imagine how devastated you must be. She knows you did the best you could and I’m sure she was very excited that you noticed her ‘sign’ moving the wheel. Ask her to keep sending more messages and get really excited when she does! She will love the attention. If you haven’t already done so, please get a copy of my book (just opt in on the HOME page for VIP specials), The Amazing Afterlife of Animals to help you navigate through the grief during this difficult time. Sending love and healing.

  32. I have been doing practice sessions that are supposed to heighten animal communication. I’ve been curious because I tap in serendipitously and wanted to see if I could do it more intentionally. I’ve mainly been working on connecting with a foster cat that I had and dearly loved. I was ready to keep him, but need to travel to care/help my mom (who doesn’t like cats and doesn’t want one around).

    So when a family member showed up that I thought might be a good match for his sensitivity and need to play (they had another kitten the same age), I reluctantly let him go, thinking it might be best for him, since he wouldn’t do well being left alone with a pet sitter (he was too scared of strangers to get attention from them, but needed attention).

    It has been much harder to let him go, then the other fosters I’ve had as we really bonded. Anyway, I’ve only had what I think was felt connections and partial visual connections
    with him. But last night a cat that was with me for 17 years (my first), visited me in full form, just as I awoke. The interesting thing was that her visit was associated with my cell phone battery completely drained. It never does this, the battery is very good and I charge it during the day -it is full when I go to bed. It usually takes about 3 days to drain. It kept turning off, because it was completely discharged. It took me a while to put the two things together, the cat and the drained battery. Anyway, it was such a blessing to see and feel her presence after I’ve been lonely for the foster kitty. I just wanted to share with those who might understand.

    1. Kim,
      First, let me say thank you for fostering this kitty and wanting to give him the best home. It is so hard to let them go as I am a failed foster myself. I love the story about your other kitty manifesting when your cell phone battery drained! That is a perfect example of how our departed pets must use some form of energy to manifest or visit! Fantastic! I hope you made a big deal about it and asked kitty to do it again! They love it when we acknowledge their visits! Thanks for sharing this with us. Big hugs and lots of love to you

  33. Of course I sent lots of love to her. She can visit me every night if she wants, drained batteries and all. 🙂 Now, how to communicate that I would like her to return in physical form, but not until after my mom doesn’t need me anymore.

  34. My dog, Sasha, just passed away 3 weeks ago. She was 15 1/2 year old chocolate lab. About a week after her passing I started to smell her. What I mean is when she was alive she used to fart and it had a distinct smell to it. So now every once in a while I will smell that distinct smell. I thought I was losing it so when my husband was home and I could smell her I told him to sniff and see if he smells the same thing I did. He told me he did. I’m happy to know she is still here with us spiritually but wish she was here physically.

    1. Kristal,
      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Sasha. There are few words to ease your pain so I hope you have my book for comfort. Dogs most certainly have a distinctive ‘scent’ don’t they! They will let us know they are near in some of the most unusual ways. I hope that brings you peace knowing she is always near. Please get a copy of my book so I can help you heal. Sending love…

  35. I had to put my baby girl, Nuzzles (cat) down almost 2 weeks ago as she had cancer and stopped eating. I feel so bad for doing it and I hope she knows I did because I love her…I miss u so much and feel so much guilt…I just need to know if I did the right thing or not….I miss u so much and will never stop loving he…she truly was my baby.

    1. Bobbie,
      I call it The Impossible Decision in my book which I hope you get a copy. I know it will help you on your journey. I’m sure your angel, Nuzzles knows you did the best you could on her behalf. They don’t blame us as you will read about in the book. I am so sorry for your loss and may you find peace of mind and healing in each chapter. Sending love

  36. I lost my beloved dog, Scooby, 21-yrs old 1 week ago I’m broken-hearted and devastated don’t think I will ever get over his passing I miss him so much.

    I’ve had 4 signs off him in a week I kept his stone in my jewelry box at the side of my bed last night I put my phone on top of it and at 12 pm the jewelry box started playing with the lid shut.

    Then I felt him brush pass me the day after he passed the 3rd was my corner protector on my coffee table flew off bearing in mind they are stuck on is this possible

    1. Zena,
      I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Scooby. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. How amazing that you are getting messages from him! I hope you are super excited about them and keep asking Scooby to send more signs. Thank you for sharing these special moments. Sending love and healing.

  37. My indoor/outdoor cat, Jack, was tragically killed by a coyote. I’m carrying an immense amount of guilt and heartache. I cry everyday. After my kids were born, he didn’t get as much attention in the day to day hustle and bustle. I want to know if he feels my heartbreak?? Does he feel how much I LOVED him?? I miss him so much it’s unbearable.

    2 days after finding his body, we left for a scheduled vacation and I kept seeing the name “Jack” in various places, like street names and billboards. Does this mean something??

    I’ve only dreamt of him 1 time, it was the day after his death. He was in the front of my house with a black kitten. He seemed well but it was so fast…At the time of this dream I didn’t know he was dead yet, we found his body a week later.

    I love you so much Jack! My heart is shattered!

    1. Elisabeth, I am so sorry to hear about this horrible loss. My heart breaks for you. Yes, he knows how much you love him and how devastated you are. Please get copies of my books so I can help you process this grief. Seeing his name in multiple places is a BIG SIGN and you should be honored to receive them! Thank him and know he is telling you he is just fine. Fortunately, the animals do not take the trauma with them. So if your angel experienced any trauma it would not be part of his memory. For you to keep focusing on it, however, that is probably not the best for him. Since his experience is not what you think it was, focus on him being happy, healthy, and whole. Perfect and loved. To keep him in that moment is painful for you so he can sense that pain. Not fun for either of you. Please read my other post . Let go of what no longer serves you and think about how you can shift your messages/thoughts. Read this post too. Sending love and healing

  38. I lost my boy Deacon on Aug. 2nd, 2020. He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and deteriorated rapidly as I looked on and was unable to do anything to help him. I feel so guilty, I felt as if I killed him feeding him that “grain-free” food for so many years. I hope I didn’t wait too long to allow him to transition.

    A few days after his transition early in the morning for a fleeting moment I saw a shadow of him walk by my bedroom door with another big dog. I was so excited to see him. I want him to know I am sorry he got so sick. I miss him all the time and I talk to him like he is still here.

    1. Natalie, I am so sorry for your loss. It is beyond painful when we feel we have something to do with their death. Something that used to haunt me in the past. I no longer see things that way and let me explain why. We never set out that day or during that time to harm our pets. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We do everything in our power to help them, love them, and care for them. If something happens that seems to speed up their passing, then it was truly something that was meant to happen. Even if you somehow avoid that tragedy, then there will likely be another event that happens soon after that will take them. There are exit points in our pet’s lives and when time is up there isn’t much anyone can do about it. Bypassing an exit point simply means they will take the next one.

      I have seen this over and over. The animals tell me that we are innocent of any wrongdoing as much as we want to blame ourselves. They live with us so of course, we are going to be involved in their passing. It doesn’t mean we killed them. It means we signed up to experience EVERYTHING with our pets including their passing, whenever that time arrives.

      Please tell me you have my book as I write about this in the Chapter ‘When Accidents Happen’.

      Remember, your intentions were to love and care for your angel. Never to harm. That is all that matters and no you did not kill him. This was just the way it happened and you as his mom were a part of this experience.

      I love that you saw him in that one fleeting moment. Talking to him like he is still there is perfect! Keep doing that. He will love the attention and he may keep sending more signs. Sending love and healing.

  39. I just lost my 8 year old pup on the 25th. I am trying so hard to get past it but it just seems impossible right now. He was our first family dog and I just can’t stop crying. I feel like I can’t even function. I never knew this kind of grief and I am 45. I try to be strong for my family but I just want to lay in bed and wish things didn’t have to be this way.

    1. I am so sorry Liz. It must be devastating for you. There is no short cut through the pain. Unfortunately, we must endure. Just keep this in mind…the pain will ease. It won’t be as intense or raw but it takes time. I hope you have my books and please join us on my Facebook for more support. I’m here for you during this difficult time. Sending love and healing.

  40. I had to give my beloved Shimi away right after my daughter was born 14 years ago due to allergies. We had Shimi for 11 years before our daughter was born and Shimi was our child. We were devastated after we gave her to a good home that she had to be put down due to a feline disease. I miss my little girl every day and have photos of her peppered around the house. She will forever be my first child.

    Lately over the past 4-5 months I first found myself dreaming of cats and loving and petting them to dreaming of my kitty holding her and just smiling. I could feel her in my hands as I pet her. Kissing her face and stroking her under the chin. During this time I also started to feel a pounce on my mattress and weight on top of my feet above the sheet. I first thought this was a past loved one but the cat dreams came on almost every night and I got more satisfaction from them.

    Eventually I started to feel the “kneading” on the mattress and then the weight of her walking across my ankles over to my husbands spot. A lot of times this would be after he got out of bed around 4 am, like our own private time. She would make her way around the bed kneading all over the place. At one time I could hear her purring even with earplugs in (sleep with them nightly).

    One night she came up near my head and purred as loud as she could. Not sure it was her and not wanting to scare her off it it was, I didn’t open my eyes until after several nights of this happening. She’s there from anywhere in the middle of the night until dawn when I can see in the room. I can’t see her but can feel her presence not only on the mattress but where I think she might be on the bed, it looks almost like a heatwave. The area looks almost distorted.

    1. I am so sorry that you had to find another home for your beloved, Shimi. I’m sure her energy is with you and she is letting you know she is near. That heatwave you described is her energy. It will look like a shimmer or distortion as you described. Hold onto the love not the loss and make her life a celebration of the memories you share.

  41. My wonderful dog, my best friend, Carlotta, passed away a couple of days ago. I actually had to put her down, as she had terminal lung cancer. We had a special bond and I felt as if she was a part of me. A couple of hours after we buried her, I saw a small rainbow in the sky. Could that be a sign from her to tell me she is ok now? I do hope to get other signs from her, to reassure me that she is fine and she will be waiting for me.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Carlotta. I have no doubt that she is letting you know that all is well by sending you signs such as the rainbow. In my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, I wrote about the signs and messages they send us to let us know they are still with us. I hope you get a copy if you haven’t already. Let her know how much you appreciate the rainbow and ask her to send more signs. Be sure to ‘fill her up’ with loving thoughts and memories as spiritual fuel. Sending love and healing

  42. I lost my sweet angel Jillian one month tomorrow. Her final days were spent on my bed watching bird videos and cuddling with me. I’m having such difficulty with her loss, she was with me through thick and thin for 14.5 years. I have her Sweet brother Simba, he has also felt her loss deeply.

    I buried her near a lovely stone wall and placed several bird feeders, and a wonderful bird bath. I visit daily to water the flowers, fill the feeders, and just say hello.

    I think she’s here with me. I had this talkative little bird today land all around me, looking at me chirping away.the little cutie took me from tears to a smile. I found a wee little fluffy feather, I have feather pillows, but this feather greeted me on my desk the other morning. I hear her meow, I felt her jump on my bed the other night. Simba her brother sees things, he will pop up and stare at what seems like nothing. I have one of those touch sensor flashing cat ball i bought her brother, oddly it goes on by itself as its sitting in the toy basket.

    Thank you for letting me share. Like everyone else here we are heart broken, but so grateful our little angels graced our life.

    Thank you Jillian and I love you my sweet ladybug.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved angel, Jillian. She is doing her best to let you know she is alive and well in spirit and still with you. Be sure to thank her for those wonderful signs and ask her to send more. Each time, fill up her heart with loving thoughts and cherished memories. Sending love and healing

  43. We lost our beloved dog Lara on Sunday . We were so devastated and couldn’t stop crying all day and night .
    Monday morning we went for walk with our 2 dogs to the same place we always did and there was rainbow right there without any rain.
    Then 2 days later we picked up her ashes first we took picture of the urn that we had inscribed ( on the way to pick up the ashes ) and we turn the radio and the song playing was Bob Marley “birds were singing don’t worry everything will be alright “
    We brought the ashes home and created memorial with the urn and framed picture of Lara with her collar and name tag fitted on top of it .
    We felt calmer that night when we went to bed . In the middle of the night our 10 years old dog Coco stood up in bed and jumped down and back up 7/8 times and just stood there like listening to something but not growling the way she does if she hears something strange . She never does anything like that ( if she needs to go to bathroom which is very rare she jumps gown and cry)
    My husband opened the bedroom door and she went to the hallway (that is catwalk overlooking the living room where Lara used to sleep ) she went to the guest bedroom next to ours sniffed it and then instead of going to the stairs to go down she went back to the hallway and looked down towards the living room and then just went back to our bedroom and back to bed .
    My husband said he felt something strange that gave him goosebumps.
    The next morning Coco ( our dog ) went down and instead of going to the back door as usual she went and sniffed the bed Lara used to sleep then walked to one of the sofas where I normally sit and sniffed my cashmere shawl then sniffed the area rug there and just sat there instead of going out .
    My husband went out to the backyard as he does everyday to drink his coffee and 2 birds just came and sat on the hedge next to him and started chirping. Then we looked at the table where Lara ashes were and the collar was lower down the frame to the spot halfway and looked like was on her neck .
    I know it sounds so strange and maybe it was coincidence but ..

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved angel, Lara. It sounds like you are blessed with many signs and messages that Lara is alive and well in spirit. I do not believe in coincidences. These things happen for a reason and the more you honor that the more she will send. So many people would to anything to get so many wonderful and loving signs. I hope you will thank Lara for letting you know she is with you. My book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals is full of stories about how our pets communicate with us from the Other Side. I hope you will get a copy and please opt in on my app or email updates. Just go to the HOME page of my website and opt in. Sending love and healing

  44. Yesterday my dog sugar passed away. 9-11-20 and today 9-12-20 she showed herself. She was a blonde lab 15 years old when she passed. She use to be afraid of storms and she jump around places. Weird thing is today my mom put her collar on a coffee table which is high enough where our other dog couldn’t get to it. Our other dog is a little chihuahua so she couldn’t jump and get it because it was too high to get it. I’m 100% sure sugar was visiting her home again. When we got home after a long day the collar was on the floor.

    1. I am so sorry you lost your angel, Sugar. My heart breaks for you. I’m sure she is letting you know she is alive and well in spirit by moving her collar. It takes a lot of energy to do that so I hope you thanked her for that sign. How wonderful! There are so many people who would do anything to have a sign like that! Talk to her just as you would when she was alive. She will love the attention and likely send more signs. Sending love and healing.

  45. Is there any possibility that eye floaters could be your pet? I saw random brown spots in my vision about a week after my dog died horribly. It’s been a year this month and I cry every day because I have no closure and what happened during his last minutes alive. I tried so hard to find an affordable pet communicator but was never able to afford one 🙁

    1. I am so very sorry for your loss, Lindsey. There are many ways our pets send us messages or signs so I guess anything is possible. I hope you have my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals as it will help you navigate through the grief. Sending love and healing.

  46. I just lost my girl after 8 years. It is really hard for me, I am trying to tell myself I done everything I could but, be real, we always can do more. Last year I was a lot of stress, no time, two jobs, and who suffered. My kid and my two dogs. But happiness is in the small thing for which I didn’t have time or understanding sometimes. So my girl (dog) had a problem with the stomach (she never had any problems). So the doctor said it is her spine, but I did tell them few times but stomach! And so, after one month we end up with blow-up tumors and blood everywhere. She didn’t make the after the operation, so I lost her in 5h!!!! For her I can just be better for her brother, but I should have been that way before she was alive and obviously, because of the late lifestyle, she got a tumor, because she was really sensibly girl,really! Special one. If she is still around me, is she confused cause we don’t see her? Cause she had only me, and in the afterlife, I don’t know who can help her be there for her? arent they better at peace and not around us? And the last one, does her brother eventually forget about her, is he going to be better..he is also devastated.. thank you, and regards from Croatia. Sorry for my English

    1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. I’m sure you did the best you could and she knows that. Many of us look back and wonder if we could do more for them. We are meant to love them forever and do our best. We aren’t always meant to heal them. Keep talking to her as if she is right by your side. She will not be confused she will be so happy you are thinking about her. Sending love and healing

  47. My darling cat passed away at home, that night I dreamt he was waking up in the bed we had laid him peacefully to rest In.

    Days following I felt a cat brush pass my leg, whisker in my ear, claw noise on the floor.

    But interesting was he used to play with the blanket on my bed before sleep, the other cat never did this. The night after he passed the other car jumped up and did exactly what my cat used to do. The cat walked out the door then came back in as if to say what on earth just happened. It was like his body had taken his over.

    Are these visits?
    I find the other cat doing things he did with me even though the other cat never has done this before
    I haven’t heard from him for a few weeks now, I must ask him to visit me will this help?

    1. I am so sorry for your loss, Catherine. It sounds like you are one lucky lady to have all of those visits! Never doubt them and be sure to thank him. The more you pay attention the more you will sense. You can always invite him to visit. Some will make their presence known and others won’t. It is not a lack of love if they don’t some who are with us all the time don’t feel the need to spend precious energy by sending messages when they are right by your side. Sending love and healing

  48. Karen, my family, and I had to flee our home due to the wildfires. Our fur baby has now gone missing, we have done all we could to look for her including door to door flyers with no luck. my family thinks she has passed but I refuse to lose hope. I feel like I’m losing it and I’m emotionally drained 😪. Is there any way you could help bring closure? Our fur baby name is Tinker a small teacup chihuahua. Any help you could bring will be greatly appreciated 🙏

    1. Trini, I can’t imagine how devastated you must be and I am so sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Never give up hope that you will find your angel. Miracles happen and hopefully, Tinker is alive and well. I’m so sorry but I do not offer lost pet consultations but I will hold a sacred space in my heart for Tinker’s safe return.

  49. My cockapoo dog passed away on Sept 15th 2020. I miss him so much. I keep asking him to let me know if he’s okay. I haven’t got no signs from him. I just want to know if when he passed away was he peaceful? 🙁

    1. Hi Mandy, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, to help you on your journey through grief. As you will read in the book, some pets send signs and others do not. It is not based on love or if they are okay so never doubt the love your angel has for you. Trust he is alive and well in spirit and wants you to heal as soon as you can. Sending love and healing

  50. Hi Karen
    Where do I start but with absolute heartbreak and every day I walk with a very heavy heart. I hate waking up each day without her. Mia my Dalmatian passed away 2 weeks ago. She suddenly was very sick and I took her to vet and said she had cancer and had a good chance it could be on her spleen but when they operated it was inoperable and be kind to let her go while she was under I’m completely broken.

    She never came out I can’t get my head around it what am I going to do without her it was just us for 9 years my heart hurts so much. I had her cremated and brought her ashes home I take her up to bed with me every night and light a light candle as we always did as she slept better then downstairs in the morning or outside if I’m having a tea. I’m normally a very spiritual person and have seen a lot.

    A robin comes every day but they do anyway and I think of Mia but I don’t seem to feel her around me why? Every morning I use to sing you are my sunshine and I still sing to her every day and talk to her every day. I have been looking at moving near my sister before Mia passed away had to be the right house for us but I’m so scared she won’t know where I am, what if I leave her there or she lost gets lost I find my self not wanting to move just to be with her please help I don’t know what to do just broken.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Mia. There are few words to ease your pain so please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. Please get a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It will help you understand so much about what happens now and going forward the many ways she may communicate with you with signs or messages. A robin is a very obvious sign from the Other Side so be excited and happy to receive those precious messages from her. Mia will always be connected to you no matter where you live. Her love for you is so strong those bonds will never be broken. Talk to her as if she is right by your side. There is nowhere else she would rather be than with you. Sending love and healing.

  51. I lost my sweet boy my best friend Jimmy on Monday he went in for what should of been a routine operation and he didn’t make it home with us. Me and my partner are devastated he was like our little baby he would let us pick him up and cradle him cuddle him, he had such a little personality. He waited on the toilet seat lid when I would come out the shower and nuzzle me till I picked him up, he would jump on my back when I would do yoga I just can’t get over that I had to say goodbye to him.

    He was only 5yrs old. All the events that led up to his passing I hold so much guilt for and I really want him to know that I am so so sorry and all I wanted was to make him better at the vets.

    I sit alone at night and wait for him to visit me I feel like I am sending him signs and talking to him in my head should I be speaking out loud? When will he come to see me, is he happy where he is? Is someone looking after him. I cry everyday for him and my heart is so heavy. We’ve got his brother Tom who is also feeling the grief of losing his best friend.

    We’re all empty.

    I love him so much I’d love to know he was with me.

    1. Lauren, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet angel, Jimmy. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It will guide you through this difficult time and help you understand where he is, who he is with, and how to sense his presence. I can’t imagine how devastated you all must be. It is so hard when we have to say goodbye. I’m sure your angel loves you so much and wants you to move into healing as soon as you can. Sending love and healing

  52. My darling cat passed away three days ago, in his sleep as far as we could tell.
    Up till then he was perfectly well.
    He and I have been together 24/7 for the past 12 years.
    This morning I was was sitting staring out a nearby window, unfocused without my glasses, and I saw two tall entwined white whisps of something near the adjacent sofa where he frequently snoozed. I blinked and didn’t see it again.
    Was it a sign from him or my eyes, quite red from weeping?
    Did he pass peacefully?

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel kitty. It was most likely your boy letting you know he is near. Passing peacefully in their sleep is the best way to transition and much less stressful for them. I hope you have many more visitations. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It will help you so much during this difficult time. Be very grateful when he visits and ask him to keep visiting! Sending love and healing.

  53. Hi karen . I don’t know if you’ve read my 1st email 2 days ago 23rd sep 2020. I know your probably very busy . 2wks ago Mia my dalmatian who was 9yrs old was suddenly very poorly taken her to the vets and discovered she had cancer it was a very silent one where you wouldn’t of know they said it would be worth given her a chance and if the cancer was on the spline they could remove it but when they operated the cancer was on her kidney they got a 2nd senior in to look but said nothing could be done it be kinder to let her go while she was still under . Omg I’m so so heartbroken karen and feel so guilty she went in and never came out I feel so lost my home so empty I walk everyday with a very heavy heart and I physically hurt so bad I can’t stop crying and I hate waking up without her there just don’t know what to do my head just can’t get round the fact I’m not going to see her again what am I going to do what’s mai going to do with it being a us after 9yrs on our own . I been looking at moving before mia passed away near my family and the house had to have large garden side entrance etc now I’m to scared to move incase I leave her there or she can’t find me I dont know what to do I’m so broken I can’t think .mo

  54. Karen, thank you for your reply and your condolences. My heart hurts so much and my life is so empty without Mia. I talk to her every day and still continue to sing “You are my sunshine,” even though she has taken my sunshine away with her. And have ordered your book as recommended. Karen, I had Mia cremated and brought her home is it a bad thing to do, and does that affect her in her afterlife? I could never forgive myself if it will.

    1. It hurts so badly to lose someone you love. My book will help you understand how pets feel about euthanasia, cremation, burial and so much more. It will help you navigate through this difficult time. Mia wants you to be happy and to move through your grief and pain as soon as possible. She will love you no matter what as the bonds of love never die. Sending love and healing

  55. Hi Karen
    I’ve worked in dog rescue for 20 years and have always had a pack of three and often a foster. Last week a friend asked me to help re-home a dog who’s owner’s life situation has taken a serious turn and was not able to provide the attention her pet needs. Due to COVID, most shelters are not able to take in as many dogs. I really had to work hard (by calling in a favor)to get this darling 7 yr.old Dalmatian mix named “Boo” into an excellent shelter. They agreed to take her, and yesterday the owner and I brought her in. Very emotional for the owner to surrender her beloved companion. It was a very teary ride home for both of us, and I was exhausted and anxious last night.

    A year ago, my husband and I lost the last dog in our pack. We rescued Lucie, a poodle/bichon mix when she was 11 yrs. When we got her she was obese, needed tons of dental work, and had other medical issues. Within a year, she was at the proper weight and all her medical issues had cleared. We had five wonderful years with this angel baby. Her passing hit us very hard and I still get choked up at times.

    Last night, I woke up because I felt Lucie’s presence. She was quietly laying on the floor (fully manifested) next to the bed. I laid down next to her to stroke her and buried my face in her fur–I could smell her. Within seconds, she faded away. I know this was her way of reassuring me that she was with me and that Boo would find the right family. I miss Lucie so much and am so thankful for the gift she gave me last night.

    1. Paula,
      Thank you for sharing this incredible visitation! You are one lucky lady to have this experience. A full manifestation is so rare! Wow! I’m so happy for you. I hope you thanked Lucie for that special moment and asked her to keep visiting. Those bonds of love never die and it must feel so good to be able to connect with her on that level. Thank you for all you do on behalf of the animals and fostering those in need. Sending love and healing

  56. Hi Karen,
    Thank you once again for taking the time to reply. I’ve read your book and it’s a great comfort. Do you do telephone consultations please I’m so desperate to see if Mia is ok as I heard her yelp downstairs last night like she did when she was in pain before taking her to the vets I’m worried she still in pain? I came downstairs and chatted with her then slept on the sofa to be with her or even if you can feel a message from her anything please help.

    1. Mo,
      That must have been quite a surprise to hear Mia’s yelp. I promise you it was not that she is in pain. Only living creatures experience pain. She was likely just trying to get your attention. They leave their pain behind when they transition to the Other Side. My book goes into that so be sure you go back and read through it again. Sometimes we miss things when we are grieving. I’m so sorry but my calendar is closed at this time and I only release my calendar to my VIP family. The best way to stay informed is to download my free app or opt-in for updates. Just go to the HOME page and opt-in. Sending love and healing

  57. Karen,
    I can’t believe what is going on, I’m floored. I lost my best friend (dog) on 7/5/17 a long story short, I was recently attacked inside my home by another tenant. I only have lived here a month, the guy knocked on my door and strangled me. He is now in jail and has been charged with strangulation…here’s my thing…my dog has been here since it happened. I hear him walking (his legs snapped the last couple years) he licks himself, follows me in the bedroom at night, he itches. I’m starting to worry they maybe he couldn’t cross, I don’t want him to feel my pain. Please tell me if this is something you’ve seen or heard before.I’m not crazy and I’m being honest, he’s here all day/night. The bathroom door will open when I go in without shutting the door completely. He always followed me in the bathroom. I’m in shock, is this normal…to stay like this..please get back to me. God Bless.

    1. Bridget,
      I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for you. It sounds like your beloved dog is with you. It is quite normal for departed pets to linger in familiar spaces and he is likely just watching over you because he loves you. Rarely do pets fail to cross over into the Light. They are so pure and so closely connected to God our creator they immediately transition into the Light. Trust that he is alive and well in spirit and just keeping an eye on you to make sure you are safe, happy, and healthy. He will feel your pain but it won’t harm him. Just live the best life you can and he will benefit from that. Be sure you are taking good care of yourself and let him know you appreciate his visits. Many people would do just about anything to have experiences like you so consider yourself very fortunate to have so many visitations. Sending love and healing.

  58. I lost my dog jeyo and we saw a dog that looked liked him on Facebook and I said OMG ITS A MIRICLE and well I miss him now😭😭😭😭r.i.p jeyo

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Jeyo. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. Each chapter will help you move closer to healing. Sending love

  59. Hello, Karen,

    I ran across your site while researching how I might be able to communicate with our beloved Golden Retriever, Logan, that just passed early this morning. It was very sudden, so we have been desperately struggling to make some sort of sense of it. I worry if I made the right decision to euthanize him, based on the vet saying he had fluid around his heart, likely coming from a Hemangiosarcoma tumor that burst. We just can’t believe he’s gone. He was fine Friday night up until about 9:15 pm, then he didn’t want to eat (not even a slice of cheese, which he loves), began acting lethargic, and when he walked he would slightly wobble. My daughter and I raised Logan from the time he was a baby (6 weeks) to the moment we had to say goodbye. It was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do, and I am deeply concerned about my daughter’s pain right now. She is 23 and lives with me. She is inconsolable right now. It has been hitting me in waves, but I’m mostly still in shock.

    We have been through a lot over the years, and Logan has done so much to provide the unconditional love and comfort we needed. I hope he knew how much we loved him and why we had to do what we did. I’ve read that it’s important to try to be calm and strong when saying goodbye to your pet, but we sobbed and were full of fear and anger and so much confusion. I hope the vet was right about the diagnosis and that we made the right decisions to let him go. I want to believe the doctor knew what she was saying and that she wouldn’t have recommended we talk about and of life care.

    He was 8 years old and would have turned 9 on 11/29/20. We miss him so much. I was hugging his neck and chest as the doctor administered the drugs that put him to sleep. He made short snoring sounds and then my daughter said “mommy, no…” as he closed his eyes. It was so hard to see our beautiful sweet boy laying there lifeless. He was always bursting with love and fun energy. I hope he will visit us and understands why we didn’t what we did. We are devastated.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Logan. I cannot imagine how devastated you and your daughter must be. Losing a beloved member of the family is so painful and the grief hits in waves. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It will help you during this difficult time and going forward. Also, I hope you will opt-in as a VIP member for ongoing pet loss support that I provide to my VIPs. I’m sure Logan knows how much you love and miss him and is near you all the time as there is nowhere else he would rather be. Sending love and healing.

  60. My 16yo dog Tipper, passed very recently 3 weeks ago. He had rapid spleen cancer….last week we got his ashes back and I took home one of his paw print casts with me. Later that night, I had a dream that he was at laying my bed side. I only saw his backside and heard his regular panting and distinct yawn he would make.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss, Angel. It is so hard to say goodbye. I hope you have a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals to help you during this difficult time. It sounds like you had a dream visitation from Tipper! He was letting you know he is always near and loves you so much. I hope you thanked him and invited him back for more visits! Thank you for sharing.

  61. My beautiful baby Sage passed away 2 months ago at 15 years old and we cremated him and scattered his ashes along his favorite hiking trail. I miss him so much every single day, and the only thing I wish is that he is happy wherever he may be. He always used to come to my bed in the middle of the night and snuggle up next to me, and about a week after he left us, I felt something snuggle up to me and lick my chin like Sage always did. I opened my eyes and there he was, blue eyes staring at mine but he disappeared when I tried to pet him. My next experience was maybe a month after. I always left treats, water, and his favorite dog toy in his crate after his passing as remembrance of the happiness he brought to the entire family. I woke up the morning after to find that the food was gone along with some of the water. The water had some of his white fur in it and the toy was missing. I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts or afterlife but this has convinced me that our baby knows how much we miss him and he will always be with us no matter what happens.

    1. Brianna, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Sage. You had quite an amazing experience and if that doesn’t make a believer of you that their spirit is alive and well I don’t know what would. So many people would do anything to have that happen. Just getting one sign is special so you are very lucky! Sending love and healing

  62. I just lost my best friend, my baby, my cat Clark (though I usually called him Clarkie) on Monday afternoon. The transition was horrible! It started when I heard him crying out loud (like he had been really hurt, not just looking for attention) when I turned my head, it looked like he was paralyzed and couldn’t use his two left feet, but he was still trying to get to me. I picked him up and cuddled him to my chest, petting him, and he stopped crying in just a little while. I tried to help him walk in front of me, just because I couldn’t process what I was seeing. My sweet boy tried to do it for me (he would always do anything I asked) and when I saw he couldn’t stand on his left side, I just held him. He curled up in my arms, opened his mouth as big as it would go, and started panting heavy. I thought about trying to rush him to the vet, but as I thought it through, ‘I could throw him in the carrier, which he hates, and sling him all around the car as I take corners on two wheels, and it’s rush hour on top of everything, so I probably wouldn’t get through it all in time anyway.’ So I decided to just stay put and keep him where he was comfortable, at home. He was drooling as he panted, and then for a few seconds, he got up, walked across my lap, and laid down like everything was ok. Then he meowed one more time, and a minute or two later he started seizing up. He was curled up in my arms when he finally went still.
    I switched him to Active Senior formula dry food when he was 10, and when I noticed him getting skinny last winter I started giving him wet food twice a day in addition to the dry food. He went from weighing 14 pounds (he was pretty big for a cat, not really overweight) to just 6 pounds. I tried to give him kidney support chews, but he absolutely hated them and would not eat them, no matter what I did. I got him a drinking fountain to get him to drink more water, and he loved it- once he got the hang of using it. When I saw his fur getting all matted and dull, I started brushing him every day. I tried to justify it to myself by saying ‘well, what good would I be to him if I can’t keep a roof over our heads? Cats, especially older ones, don’t do well being homeless.’ I feel so guilty, because I couldn’t afford to take him to the vet like I should have, and I was in such denial about how he was declining over the last year.
    He was about 3 months old when we adopted him, and I was only 14. He was there for me through EVERYTHING, from high school and being raised by an overcontrolling narcissistic father, going to college, moving 400 miles away, watching both parents die quite suddenly 6 months apart from each other, and meeting a man that I can see a great future with. He was about 16 years and two months old, and it was 16 years, almost to the day we brought him home, that he left us. When we first went to the shelter back then, we were only going to adopt one cat- his brother. As soon as my eyes met his, I knew that he had to come home with me. So I begged my dad, with my best daddy’s little girl voice, “but daddy we can’t leave him behind, all by himself…” The animal control officer on duty that day jumped in really fast and said that we could adopt the two of them for 10 dollars less than the fee for one, which made my cheapskate dad agree. I was the one who named the two of them, Lewis and Clark, because cats like to explore and those names go together. (Lewis later had to be rehomed so he would be the only cat in the house). I held Clark on the way home, and he was so small back then that he could sit in one of my hands.
    I miss him so much… but I can see now how much pain he was in for the last year. I’ve seen a couple signs from him. On the way home from work on Wednesday, I saw a delivery truck on the highway from a company called Clark’s White Glove Delivery, but from a distance all I could see was Clark’s. Thursday night when I was just laying down to go to sleep, I swear I heard him licking himself next to me in bed. Now that I think of it, my phone has been discharging faster overnight than usual.
    Thank you for taking the time to read all this, I know I’ve been rambling.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Clarkie. He is so lucky to have a mom like you who loves him so much. I hope you have my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals to help you through this difficult time. It sounds like you have a lifetime of memories to celebrate together. I have no doubt you sensed him near. There is nowhere else he would rather be. Sending love and healing.

  63. On Sep 14, 2020, my sweet loving fireball had passed. He was sick, we took him to the vet the first time and they said he had fluid in his lungs. He loved to play, loved seeing me smile, he would follow me everywhere I go, and he let me pick him up a lot he loved that. From the first time I got him when I was 5, he was a kitten.
    We saved him and his sister from a fire. He never had breathing problems bad until he got sick. My Dad was bringing him to get put down on Sep 14 I was outside but when I came back in that’s when I heard them talking about it I didn’t want to let go of him they pulled me away and told me he would be happier and in a better place after. But, then my mom got a call from my dad just down the road saying he didn’t make it in time.😔 He came back and I saw fireball for the last time before we buried him he had a smile on his face😭. When we buried him and there was a rainbow. (Maybe rainbow bridge)

    Then the next couple of days after there were more rainbows. I miss him every day he was everything to me😥. All the time I see his pictures or someone says his name I cry🥺 Any advice on receiving signs from him I tried everything😕. He was an angel 🕊❤️

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy. It is so hard to say goodbye. The best advice I have is to read my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals so you know what to watch for. You can also opt in to my Animal Communication Planet Facebook practice group to learn how to receive messages. Signs come in all forms such as in your dreams or sending butterflies, hummingbirds, fur, feathers, numbers, and each pet is different. It may be that he doesn’t feel the need to send signs because he is always near. Each pet is different and some send many signs while others don’t. It is not due to a lack of love so don’t worry if you don’t receive any signs. Just keep asking and keep paying attention and be sure to acknowledge him if you do receive a sign. Sending love and healing.

  64. Our family pet dog had to be put down in February of this year. It was the hardest and most painful thing I’ve had to go through in years. Right after her departure I was in bed for days crying and not able to eat a thing. I started to feel her at night when I would go to sleep she would come to me. When she was alive she would always walked by my room at night on her way to bed, She would push my door open and put her big beautiful head on my bed. I felt it was her way of saying goodnight. I would feel this a couple of times a week right after her departure. I haven’t felt her for a while now. I feel like it was her way of comforting me and helping me through those painful months. I still miss her so much and I can’t believe it’s been so long and the pain is still there.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel. I hope you have my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, to help you during this difficult time. It is so beautiful that she has given you signs that she is there. The signs may become more subtle over time but she will always be with you as there is nowhere else she would rather be. Sending love and healing

  65. Hello Karen,

    This post it is going to be a bit long but, Im sure it will help other people. If only to spot similar symptoms and how to deal with it. Plus, what I think, it might have helped me to recover quicker. Although, everyone is different and have different circumstances in life.

    My dogson, Charlie, an amazing Jack Russell, passed away on the 19th of Oct 2020, seven days ago now. I am devastated, to say the least. But, incredibly, after only 1 week, I think Im healing. I refused to suffer this way for something I cannot fix. He isnt coming back and that is that. He was a very unusual Jack Russell. People ALWAYS asked if he really was a Jack Russell. White and Tan, beautifuly shaped, amazing markings. Large one on the back clearly as Mickey mouse head shape. His personality and temperament was so unlikely for a Jack. Calm, never ever snapped, silly, obedient, one of a kind. People that have met him, strangers or not, inmediately fell for his charms, looks and sweetness. At the same time, clever and sharp mind. I wouldnt say this if it wasnt true. Absolutely everyone, is devastated to know about his sudden and not to old age passing. Im amazed myself! He has left me so sudden. Friday, his last walk, he was perfectly fine and then Saturday he started being sick. Called vet on Saturday evening and said, not an apparent emergency. He never made a sound to let us know that he was in pain, as other times. Only stopped eating and very slow moving. Came out to the garden very slowly,every 30 mins or so to try to poo but nothing. Then we noticed while lying down, he had strange contractions every 15 seconds in his lower abdomen. I gave him his painkillers I had previously when he had muscular pain. Calmed him down and almost stopped doing it. Next day Sunday, he started again but drank water by himself. Vomited all shortly after. I then took him to emergency vet. He said, could be 3 things. Colitis, ulcer, unlikely but possible, or a more sinister thing… Recommended me to leave him for observation overnight and have ultrasound and sedation next day monday early morning. I refused to leave him. I couldnt cope with the idea. And thank god I didnt. The vet gave me super strong painkillers, Temgesic 200mg, and some antibiotics, Metronizadole. His final diagnosis was colitis. This painkiller knocked him out completely, sedated him big time. He stopped drinking by himself as was almost irresponsive. I though, oh well, vet said it would do this so I helped him with a syringe. Then gave him antibiotics in a liquid form that he swallowed with difficulty. He passed the night like that and started breathing strangely at times and crying a bit only once. Monday morning, he was very gone and moving very very little. I went to shower and the time for his 2nd dose of antibiotics at 7 am came. When I went, he was almost gone. Half open eyes, not making a sound, moving little and I could see those weird look in his eyes. Kind of opaque and as if he had some kind of membrane of fluff. I tried to clean them with saline water for eyes. I kind of knew. Rushed him to the same vet to no avail, as he died in my arms in the car half way. He looked and me and took 3 sharp and deep breaths and his heart stopped.
    Now, after constantly looking on internt,before and after, what can possibly could be the cause of his death, I couldnt find anything quite the same. I of course blamed myself. What if I caught it earlier, what if I left him in observation as advised, was he poisoned?, what, why, how, when, where!!! The vet came out on arrival and talked to me. I bombarded him with questions. He then said… unfortunately, the mass I felt on the left side of his lower abdomen wasnt just inflamation, was a mass/tumor that developed very quickly and bursted. Then he said that, even if I left him there as he advised, most probably the outcome will be the same. They couldnt do the ultrasound till that Monday morning anyway so it would have been to late. I begged him to be honest and dont try to ease my pain saying that. He replayed… it was to fast. No possibility to safe him. That did give me a bit of comfort but I wanted to do postmortem regardless. Everyone told me, the vet too, that was no point really. After changing my mind several times, as they allowed me to have him in one of his freezers for a few days, I reluctantly opted for not to do it. Maybe affraid in case he could have been saved…??
    I have read post and forums and I know now, this things happen in many different ways. They are ok and suddenly gone. He was going to turn 11 years old on the 27th of November. Not too old for his breed at all. Gave him the best foods and treats, exercise, care. I blame it on genetics and that it was his time.
    Seven days on, Im feeling ok??? Kind of accepted his leaving, although, Im still sad. Watching videos and photos almost constantly.
    My pain was tremendous and awful. So, what did I do? I took other people advice. I comfronted all the first days. Full on.
    I cried as much as I wanted and needed. I spoke to people about him, I went to all the places I have been with him by myself and talked to him, I went to our usual park with his lead and walked around remembering him and how much he enjoyed it, I have hugged his beds, his blanket, his little outfits. I watched all his videos and photos every time I needed, still doing it. After all this, I find myself soothing, and sad yes, but much better somehow. I have read that he would like me to be happy and Im sure of that, coz of his reactions when I was sad. So sorrow give way to sadness and melancholy. I feel more at peace.
    I consider myself to be an sceptic over matters of life after death, more in animals. But reading forums, such as this, I like to believe, that not everyone is crazy or lying about signs, some more clear than others, that maybe he is still with us here.
    I would need some kind of very very strong and unmistakable sign from him for me to really believe it. Im to racional for my own good. But, and here is the odd part.
    Two days after his passing, my partner and I were in the kitchen and then, my landlady’s 4 dogs, came downstairs to the garden, we share it. I inmediately opened the door. I can say with absolute certainty that I saw my Charlie coming at me. His face. It was half a second if at all, and then I realized it was Spider, the dog that looked similar to him bit different shape, face and long hair. It transformed for a sec. I was spooked but happy?? I then turned to my partner and he was pale and said before I said anything…Have I just seen Charlie? Then I had real goosebumps. He said, he saw him passing by. His short hair his body his markings. Him!
    Was this for real? My mind tells me, it was a trick of my mind and I got confused with the other dog. But then, 2 people seeing it at the same time? We were not even talking about him. Just watching a programme on tv. And if I may say so, my partner is the least spiritual person in the face of the earth. Or he thought so up until that day.
    Another funny thing is that he says that he is ok because he feels that he still here but cannot explain. He cried and still have his moments but he seems more at peace. I am the one asking for signs, more signs. More irrefutable signs. Nothing for now. Except little coincidences here and there.
    I hope I get eventually a good one. I starting to believe. In fact, I have just purchased Karen’s book on Amazon, because I really think it will help me to go through grieve completely. Needles to say, that I miss him terribly, that I love him more than words can say. He was my dogson!, my family, friend, my life, my world, and I will give everything I have to have him back. Now Im waiting for his ashes. Bought a very nice box that can keep his pic and his possession. I think that will help me. Also, Im getting a piece of jewellery,a bracelet, made with his ashes to carry him everyone I go. Considering also a tattoo with his pretty Mickey marking and his name on it.
    I really hope this can help people to get through this awful and painful lost. We are all different as said above, but in my case, it has worked to face all at once the first week. My advise… dont leave it for later if you can. It is painful but comforting in an odd way. Also, super important, talk to people. I am the one saying… so sorry, maybe it is only a dog to you, while crying my eyes out. Because we all know some people think this way. Either because they are morons or just never had the experience of having such wonderful creatures by their side for years! It is like loosing a human being. Full stop!! Now I do believe it. To my surprise, absolutely everyone, pet owners and not, said the same exact words. NOOO, IT IS FAMILY, YOUR BOY, YOUR SON. All!!! That is very nice and soothing. But regardless of what people say or think, live your pain the way you want and need. It does help a lot!!
    And last. I am being told to get a new dog. Stupidly, I kind of think I will betray my Charlie. Also, Im not ready as he was so special and we had a very strong bond. It will be unfair and unrealistic to expect that other dog or pet to be exactly the same. I have decided that, if afterlife indeed exist and he is here, he will make his way back to me by putting in front of me whatever pet. I like parrots, cats and dogs. He will let me know. And when I encounter it, and I feel the connection, I will get it. Whatever the animal or breed. After all, when I got Charlie, I went to the petshop looking for a rabbit. And there he was. In a litter of 9, the only one that was calling us on his two little legs. I dont even remember the others. I didnt bother. Sooo cute and gorgeous.I always wanted the dog from the movie “The Mask” and there he was. To the point that people call him Milo!! But way more beautiful. One of a kind. Even Jack russell owners used to say it when saw him. Rest in peace my most beloved!

    All the best.

    Monica C

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope this helps others. Sending love and healing…

  66. My baby boy taz passed a month ago from kidney failure, he was such a loving boy, I miss him and love him so very much. I was sleeping one night, I woke myself up petting the pillow saying aww your such a good boy. I just know he was right there. That day he passed he had a bad seizure, I was the one that had to hold him during the car ride. It was the most painful experience, to watch, I tried so very hard to help him, he finally came out of it. By the time we reached the hospital, the dr ran some tests found out he was in the worst state of kidney failure. Breaks my heart everyday.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Taz. It is a devastating loss when we lose someone we love so much. I’m sure you did the very best you could for Taz and he knows that. He will always be near as there is nowhere else he would rather be. Sending love and healing…

  67. My best friend, Jack, passed away after a battle with Hemangiosarcoma. He was only 6 and a very special boy. I’m deep in grief right now, and I so badly want a sign that he is okay and knows how much I love him. Is it better to speak out loud to him or can he hear it if I’m speaking to him in my head?

    1. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss, Jill. It is so hard to lose them when they are older but when we feel they are too young to go it is even more painful. My heart breaks for you. I hope you have my books which will help you on your journey into healing. He can hear you if you speak out loud or if you just think about him. They hear with an internal sense much like in your dreams. They absorb your energetic ‘words’ telepathically. So it won’t matter which way you do it I promise you he will hear you! Say his name often…he will love it. Sending love and healing

  68. My dog Frazier recently passed, on monday it will be exactly one week since then, and it completely broke me, he was the only dog i had ever had and I genuinely don’t believe i will ever have the same connection with another animal like i had with him again in my life. He was one of the goofiest dogs id ever met, my grandma called him a crazy circus dog, because he would jump on high tables and counters and would walk on his back legs like a human during half of his walks. He was my best friend and was probably part cat based on some of the skills he had before even being trained. He unfortunately had a lot of health problems, specifically involving his heart, he had always had a heart murmur which was never a big problem until in his older years when he started getting sick and they found out his heart was actually 3 sizes larger than a dog his size should have had (called an enlarged heart), and this presented some difficulty in his life, he had to get put on 6 different medications, but the problem was that there was never anything the vets could do for him other than keep him comfortable which is what the medication was doing. Then he started to hack constantly as if he was choking on his own heart and trying to cough it back up and shortly after the hacking started he had several syncopal episodes (where something either in his heart or brain would stop working properly for a few seconds, causing him to collapse and go unconscious while losing his bowels and bladder simultaneously. Then he began to have fluid buildup in his stomach and this unfortunately is what lead to us having to put him down because of how much pain it cause him, he basically was being suffocated by the fluids in his belly, like he was drowning and could never catch his breath. But man was he always a fighter, its like he would have happily went through years of suffering if it meant he could be with us a little longer. After every syncopal episode he had the second he regained consciousness his tail would start pounding on the ground and staring up at me, then the confusion of having just reawakened would set in, but his happiness to see me by his side never faded. When we had to put him down they had to give him two shots before the actual euthanasia shot because he did not want to go to sleep, it wasnt even like he was laying down fighting to keep his eyes open, he was standing up still trying to climb on top of me (something he always did when he was anxious, which he was due to a noise trauma that he developed because of a smoke detector beeping all day when nobody was home but him). Losing him was the hardest thing i have ever had to go through in my life, but it makes it a little easier every time i get a sign from him. Today only about an hour ago, i kissed his box of ashes goodnight and stood for a second, looking at his picture beside the box and the other reminiscences we have surrounded it, one of which was his dog collar and tag. After saying goodnight to him and kissing the box i turned around reaching to turn of the lights when i heard a very quick jingle of his tag. Immediately i turned around to look at them and saw them completely untouched. He was there in that moment i believe it with all my heart, he was saying goodnight back to me, just like we used to when he was alive.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet boy, Frazier. He sounds like an incredibly amazing boy who you love dearly. You are so lucky to have such an incredible sign from him. I hope you thanked him for doing that! Please get a copy of my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals if you haven’t yet. It will help you on your journey through the pain. Sending love and healing.

  69. About a month after my cat I had ever since I was a baby was killed by a dog, I saw her (ironically her name was Spirit) she was a ghostly white cat figure (her original color was white) she looked at me meowed then walked through a fence and on the other side was a dog it was barking (remember Spirit was killed by a dog) until she walked towards it and then she just vanished. After I asked and only one other person saw her the person sitting right next to me saw Spirit’s spirit. Every time I think about her of her anyone say or write spirit or ghost it makes me sad because I miss her sadly this is the only time she showed herself, but I have felt Spirit and her beautiful fur multiple times.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Spirit. It is such a blessing for her to visit you and let you know she is near. So many others do not have this incredible experience so that is wonderful for you. Sending love and healing

  70. I lost my Miniature Pinscher, Lady, 3 weeks ago. She was 16. We did everything together. She had pulmonary issues and when I took her to the emergency hospital Covid prevented me from going in with her. A stranger, vet tech, came in and took her from my car. They ended up keeping her for four days. I got a call that she was not doing well and went to see her. I always told her “Mommy will never leave you.” I just wish she knew how much I love her. I want her to know that. My heart is SO broken.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet, Lady. My heart breaks for you. There is no reason you cannot tell her how you feel right now. There is no time on the Other Side so no time has gone by for her. Just speak to her as you normally would if she were right there by your side. She will hear you. I hope you get a copy of my book as it will help you through this difficult time. Just go to the HOME page of my website and opt in as a VIP. Sending love and healing

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