Life Continues for Your Pet in the Afterlife…

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November 20, 2019
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February 4, 2020

When your pet leaves this Earthly plane…

You may wonder what happens when your pet dies and if they are okay and still near you.
Instantly, upon leaving their body they burst forth with brilliant light-filled energy as their soul ascends onto the spiritual plane. Few words can describe the intensity of the joy they feel. They are often met by your departed loved ones, both humans and animals, spirit guides, or angels as they explore their dazzling new loved-filled world.

There are a few things your pet experiences right away

With a loving guide by their side, they feel an overwhelming sense of joy and exhilaration all once. They report that their earthly pain, discomfort, or disease is immediately replaced with an invigorating youthful, vibrant soul-body, and any issues they had on Earth quickly melt away.

Your departed pet will never be lost, scared, or all alone.

The next thing they experience is how it feels to be a non-physical energetic being.  Think about the astronauts in the gravity chambers. Weightless and unencumbered by Earth’s atmosphere and the laws of gravity they dart about in a cosmic burst of energy.

You may wonder what they do once they become non-physical and the answer is simple, anything they choose!
If they loved to run and play that is likely what they are doing. If they prefer to lounge around and nap on their favorite bed, then that is exactly what they will do. They check out their new surroundings with childlike wonder just as you will when you leave your body behind.

If images of rainbows, green fields, and sunlit skies bring some relief to your broken heart you can rest assured that the reality is they are usually content and joyfully watching over you from their favorite place. 

While their new energetic body can experience a multitude of spiritual adventures, there is one place in all the world where they spend most of their time. With you. 

​​You are the most important person in the world to your pet and there is nowhere else they would rather be.
Your pet can go anywhere they want and often tag along in the car, on vacation, or wherever you go. Yet, they tell me they often follow the same routine they had with you here on Earth. Their experience is much different than ours. Their perspective is uplifting, positive, and full of love.

You, on the other hand, are gripped by grief and the pain from your loss.

Your pet wants you to move into healing as soon as you are ready as they can feel your emotions and the pain from your grief. If you stay buried under a heavy blanket of grief your pets will not be harmed nor with their spiritual journey be affected but they truly benefit when you move into a healing space. In some cases, if you stay in your grief for too long, they can feel responsible for your pain.

The best thing you can do is to honor your feelings, as difficult as that can be. Within that space, celebrate their life and the time you shared. Make their life more important than their death. They don’t want you to remember them in their worst moments. Picture them being happy, healthy, and whole as you take your first steps into healing.

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Karen is an award-winning animal communicator and best-selling author who specializes in pet loss and the afterlife. She has documented her journey with her heartwarming and inspirational books, The Pet I Can’t Forget, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures.
She also offers a free app and animal communication coaching programs for all skill levels as well as loving support and guidance for those struggling with the loss of a beloved companion.
Karen is the CEO and founder of Painted Rain Ranch Animal Sanctuary a non-profit charity that serves as a final refuge for elderly, special needs, and abandoned companion animals. Karen saves the pets no one else wants on her 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Proceeds from Karen’s books and coaching benefit the animals at the sanctuary.
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  1. Jane Pullam says:

    Hi Karen, your books brought me peace when my heart was drowning. I have had many 4-legged babies over the years. It has always been soul-crushing to lose them as I loved them more than life itself.
    Most recently I had a set of brother cats who were my loving comedy routine. I knew I had done something karmically right to deserve such healing love bugs. They died within a year of each other, the last one in October 2019. In the meantime, I have this heroic 10ish yr old pitbull with an ability to make himself laugh and a new baby 50lb mix of pit and who knows what. She is exquisitely sensitive with a zany sense of humor and lives to give love and receive it.
    When my fiance and I kiss, she enters the kiss from the side ?. She sleeps between us just like the brother cats did. One morning she awoke convinced that there was something right next to her on the bed and scrambled frantically (as only she can do) to find it..did it disappear into the bed…wait is it on the wall…under the covers…where did it go?
    Even at that early morning hour my fiance and I both witnessed this. I think it was one of my brother cats or perhaps both maybe. The cats were named Gabriel and Raphael, our older pittie is Michael and the new baby girl is Saraphina….otherwise known as Gabey, Raphy, Mikey, and Sari. They are quite literally my team of angels.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thank you so much, Jane, for your kind words. I appreciate you more than you will ever knnow. It warms my heart and soul to know that I have been a part of your journey into healing when you have lost one of your precious babies.
      I can just picture the ‘scramble’ of trying to find what was on the bed! No doubt who it was!
      With love and light,
      Karen xoxo

  2. Karen says:

    Just today was the second time my Dempsey came to visit. He passed on September 21, 2019. It felt more real than the first visit. I was just dozing off on the couch this morning when I heard a tapping so I picked up my head listened a little more carefully and heard my Dempsey eating his food in the kitchen like normal. I could hear him chomping away when finally I heard his little nail clicks on the floor ( God how I miss that sound ) and him coming around the corner with a playful little grunt. He came right up to me on the couch gave me his two front paws and let me scratch his chest and hug him. I needed that, I’m having such a hard time with his passing. Dempsey was my everything. His heart condition took him from me.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy, Dempsey. There are few words that ease the pain of a loss like yours. I have no doubt he was there having a snack and following his normal routine. We often discount these experiences as our imagination or willful thinking but these are true visitations as our departed pets are doing what they love…spending time with us!
      With love and light,
      Karen xoxo

  3. Karen says:

    I read Karen’s books and visited her website to be a VIP and received free lessons and Karen sent a message of love to my little Benny. Her connection with Benny was spot-on correct and I have learned a lot. I have seen my Benny in spirit form a few times and I send him messages of love instantly I see his face. I have felt the presence of my guardian angel. I never believed there was an afterlife until I connected with Karen. I am truly grateful to Benny as I believe he directed me towards this belief and to Karen. If you truly believe and love your pet your connection will happen. I often hear Benny bark and I can feel his presence with me always. You can continue your relationship with your pet in the afterlife until that joyful day when you are reunited and are spirits together.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback about Benny’s messages. I believe that our departed loved ones guide us to those they know can help us on our journey. I’m so honored to be a part of your healing path with Benny.
      With love and light,
      xoxo Karen

  4. Renate Kunz says:

    I have read Karen’s book – it is really wonderful. Even it is in English and my language is German, I understood it very good. I think Karen has an immense great knowledge of the spirit world. I never got a sign so far, well, not everybody has such abilities. But I know it is possible.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thanks, Renate! I really appreciate your kind words. I hope to have my books translated into German soon. Vielen dank!

  5. Flossie ODonnell says:

    Hello, Karen. I have read your book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” and I now know that my beloved kitty, Holly, of 20 years who passed on Nov. 16, 2018, exactly 1 month shy of 20 years with her, is always with me. I have washed every piece of clothing that I have ever worn and I still find, every day, one piece of her fur on anything I wear. I know it’s her way of showing me she is always with me which makes it so hard for me to ever adopt again. I wish she would just let me know in her own little way that it would be okay. I have never experienced such knee-dropping grief in all my life when I lost her.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thank you so much, for the kind words. I appreciate hearing every one of them. I am so sorry for your loss. Such profound grief is a reflection of the powerful bonds of love that will always connect you and your beloved kitty, Holly. In all these years of communicating with departed pets, not a single one has said, ‘Don’t adopt another pet.’ Rather, they want you to bring happiness and joy into your heart as they benefit directly from the love feel for your newly-adopted friends. Don’t hold back your happiness. I’m sure Holly wants you to live a life full of love, laughter, and happiness.

  6. Paul Glicker says:

    My beloved kitty, Roswell, left our world after 16 years together. He was, and continues to be, the greatest teacher I have known in this life. He taught me how to receive and give unconditional Love between us, and others. A few weeks after his passing, turning in bed, I saw him laying just a few feet away, on the floor, facing away from me. I carefully moved closer, and could see individual strands of his fur. He slowly rose up on his feet, and leisurely walked to the bedroom wall, and disappeared. I believe he wished me to see his spirit self, and that all was well with him…

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Seeing something like that is such a gift. When we encourage them to send us signs they are near and then thank them for sending them they love that and tend to send more signs! Thanks for sharing that moment with us, Paul.

  7. I’ve had many afterlife experiences after one of my boys, Cash’s passing. Twice there was scratching on the inside of my bedroom wall, a little yellow butterfly was left at a memorial of another one of my boys, Captain, and there were feathers left in my backyard that formed the letter ‘C’ and others that are confirmed with sessions with Karen.
    It was Captain that led me to Karen in 2008, I was very skeptical about animal communication until our first session. I learned something that I would have never believed existed, talking with my boys on the other side, leaving signs and little things they do to let me know that they ‘are’ around. Karen truly is a Godsend and someone I can
    call a true friend. I have read both her books and the second book, ‘The Amazing Afterlife Of Animals’ really helps to cope with the loss of a pet and
    recommend it for anybody who has lost a pet.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Your boys are doing a great job of letting you know they are around! I am constantly amazed at how many signs and messages they send you. I appreciate your kind words and friendship more than you will ever know. You are a blessing in my life, Frank. xoxo

  8. Lynette Wesselhoft says:

    Karen, thank you so much for “The Amazing Afterlife of Pets”. We lost our 16 year old Millie 2 1/2 months ago and we still miss her every day, even though we feel her spiritual presence with us. We think Millie was a Jack Russell mix (she was a rescue) and the dog on the cover of your book looks a lot like our Millie after I shaved her for the summer, so as soon as my mother gave me this book I knew it would have messages I was meant to hear. I feel a lot of guilt about the way Millie died, even though I know it was her time, because she was alone and I worry that she had pain or fear in her last moments. Your book has helped me with this.
    I wish I could see Millie’s spiritual body as some people do, but at times I sense that she is with me. And there have been other signs too. For example, one day a neighborhood friend was walking to my house to return something. The children she was babysitting had their dog, who used to play with Millie, with them. When they neared my house their dog started jumping around like she had done with Millie, and then she ran down the driveway and behind the house like she was chasing another animal……but there was no other animal in sight!
    I look forward to reading other book so you have written. And hopefully Millie’s soul will return to us some day.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss, Lynette. I can’t imagine how much you miss your sweet Millie. How special that she looks similar to the dog on the cover of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’. It must be especially difficult for you since you were not there when she transitioned. I think I would probably feel the same way. We can’t help it. They are our babies and we feel like we let them down in their final moments. But as you know from the book, what matters the most is the love and happiness you shared for those 16 years. That is what she wants you to think about. All those special memories.
      I’m sure Millie is there with you and playing with her little friend! That is so cool! Keep saying her name out loud, ask her to send you signs, then be grateful and thank her when she does. I’m working on the next book right now so you can read more about what happens on the Other Side.
      Thank you for your kindness and for sharing your thoughts and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for healing.

  9. Kathy Fiedler says:

    Hi Karen, we have known each other for a long time now and oh, how much comfort your words bring to me.
    We lost our baby boy Blu this past Monday and I have been crying my eyes out. It is ironic how God gives us what we need when we need it. This morning your email was in my inbox, and it couldn’t have been at a more perfect time.
    Thank you, Karen, we are still grieving as our love was great, but I know Blu is ok. Love you, Kathy

    • Karen Anderson says:

      My heart breaks for you for the loss of your sweet boy, Blu. There is no doubt in my mind we were meant to connect in this lifetime. Losing him must be a devastating loss and I hope I will continue to ease that pain for you. It has been an honor to be a part of your journey.
      With love and healing hugs,
      Karen xoxo

  10. Artemis Davitian Derk says:

    Dear Karen:
    I lost my Beloved Sweet Pea on October 11, 2019, and to this day, I am still crying uncontrollably every single day and miss her with all my heart and soul.
    Sweet Pea was the Love of my life and my life…I have never felt so lost or so much pain. I read your book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” immediately after she passed away and it was a comfort to read as well as read and receive your emails, blogs, and website with more detailed information as to what happens to our beloved pets when they pass away.
    I speak to Sweet Pea out loud every day and I hope and pray she can and does hear me. Thank you for sharing this most recent information, it is a big help to understand what happens and where they are and what they do. I hope that sometime soon, your schedule opens up so I can schedule that personal reading with you because I am so desperate to speak with my beautiful Sweet Pea girl.

  11. John Altevers says:

    Good morning Karen!
    John from Tucson here again! I still miss my German Shepherd Hannah terribly even after a year and a half! I kiss her urn goodnight before I go to bed and touch her photo and say “good night baby girl!” She was so special to me and definitely my best friend!
    Anyway, I wanted to share a quick story. My son and I finally went to our local shelter about 6 months ago to find another to join our family. After looking at quite a few, my son called me over to look at a terrier mix (she actually has quite a few breeds mixed in, including 12.5 percent German Shepherd!). She had such sad but loving eyes and was just lying there with her face against her cage. I talked to her and she wagged her tail but when my eyes went up to her name card it was then I knew that not only would she be coming home with us, I knew that my Hannah had a hand (or paw!) in finding her.
    The name listed was Hannah! It was a moment that took my breath away!
    We changed her name to Mollie since Hannah was just the name the shelter had given her and she really responded when we suggested different names to her – so Mollie was it!
    She is quite a lover and a real character! I have no doubt that my Hannah saw that my heart was still aching and needed another to share my love with!
    I love your books and love you for helping me “see the light” again!
    Still looking forward to reaching out with you to talk to my baby girl but I’m loving again!
    Thanks so much, Karen!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so happy to hear this wonderful news!
      There is no doubt in my mind that your beloved, Hannah, had her paw in this and helped guide you to Mollie and to healing.
      Today I celebrate all of you!
      Thank you for sharing this very special moment with me.
      Karen xoxo

  12. Leah bornhorst says:

    Dear Karen,
    Your book did offer me some peace after losing my dog of 7 years. I still have so many things going through my head over his passing through. He got out and was hit by a car. I’m a vet tech and I rushed him to my hospital and did everything I could. It was only me and one doctor there. I’m so worried he doesn’t know how hard I tried to find him or if he knows I didn’t spend his last hour holding him because I was trying to save him. I miss him so badly. Everyday I help people say goodbye to the animals they love so much and I’m traumatized by the passing of my dog and how he must have felt and what he was thinking all day lost in the cold and then hurt from the accident. All I’ve done is cry. Your book did help but I’m still so broken.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, Leah. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. When accidents happen, our pets do not blame us or hold us responsible. Those are human thoughts and I’m sure your dog knows without a doubt that you did all you could to help him. I’ve had thousands of sessions with departed pets and not a single pet blamed their human parents for their passing especially when it was an accident. They talk about the happy times and some of the funny things they did or favorite memories of days gone by. Here is another post that may help you:
      Only you can shift your perspective and realize that tormenting yourself doesn’t serve either of you and your dog will greatly benefit when you move from grief into healing. As you know from my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, all that really matters is the love you share. Those bonds of love never die. Be gentle with yourself, you’ve suffered a terrible loss. Move into healing when you are ready and remember to make his life more important than his death.

  13. Kerry Robinson says:

    Hi Karen!
    I listened to your book on Audible recently and loved it. I needed it. I had to make the impossible decision to put my sweet little Fuzz to sleep. I never imagined it would be so difficult and was drowning in my grief. He passed Jan 9th and I prayed for a dream visit something I could acknowledge, and never received it.
    I had a dream about him but didn’t feel like it was a visit dream. Then one night, last week my other two cats were asleep at the bottom of my bed and I heard the sound of a cat jumping down off the bed (when their feet hit the floor)
    I looked down and both my cats were on the bed. I just sat up like, it couldn’t be!!! I wonder still if that was him. My other two cats won’t sleep on his spot on the bed either. I hope that means he is still there visiting!!
    Thank you for giving us an outlet and support to work through our grief.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Hi Kerry,
      Thank you so much for the kind words about my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals on Audible. I’m so glad it is helping you with the loss of your beloved, Fuzz. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is an impossible decision but one we make with the best of intentions for our fur-babies.
      That is so cool to hear about your afterlife visit!
      Don’t doubt it! Believe it! It is real and the more you acknowledge those visits the more it will happen. Be excited and thank Fuzz for making the effort to let you know he is near.
      There is nowhere else he would rather be than with you!
      Sending love and healing…

  14. Linda Notorgiacomo says:

    Good evening, Karen,
    It’s 1:30 a.m. and I’ve been thinking of my sweet, Lily. I just needed reassurance about things so I am re-reading your emails.
    I am so glad you are writing another book focused on the Other Side. I know how much comfort The Amazing Afterlife of Animals brought me two years ago when my beloved, Shady, passed. I hope you will let us all know when your new books become available!
    It’s been two months since I lost Lily and my heart still aches. I lost her just as I was finally able to talk about Shady without crying. Despite all of her health issues for the past two years, Lily hung in there, I truly believe, until I was ready.
    Something amazing happened the day of and the day following her passing. You see, for as long as we had Lily (10 yrs), the vet always felt that Lily was just a bit off neurologically-speaking, she seemed to sometimes just be in a fog. Prior to us letting her go, I went to make arrangements with the crematorium. When I came out to my car, I noticed a large white feather stuck to the front wheel, the driver’s side…couldn’t miss it. Odd.
    After Lily’s passing that evening, I kept thinking and worrying that Lily wouldn’t understand how to let us know she was ok. I had signs from Shady in the past but I just wasn’t sure if Lily knew how to do it. I kept repeating to Shady, “I NEED you to please show Lily how to ‘talk’ to Mommy. You’re a smart boy, Shade. Show Lily how to do it”, literally until I fell asleep.
    The next bright, sunny afternoon, as I was purposefully sitting down at the opposite side of the table from where I used to sit (with Lily on a chair next to me), floating right in front me was the tiniest, daintiest little white feather! So small, in fact, that after I managed to pluck it from the air, I got a magnifying glass to confirm it was indeed a feather. YES!! I have absolutely NO doubt that it was from Lily, she KNOWS how to ‘talk’ to Mommy!! And I can’t help but feel that the large feather stuck to my car the day before was a message from Shady that I was doing what was best for Lily and maybe even perhaps, “Look for a feather, Mom.” There were signs all week!!
    I thanked Lily for letting me know each day and I thanked Shady for being a great teacher! I wouldn’t have considered or acknowledged moments like these if I had not read your book nor spoken with you, Karen. Thank you for opening my eyes and heart to receive those messages. Yhey’ve been tremendously comforting. I look forward to working with you again, Karen…I can’t wait to hear what Lily is up to!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      You are a very lucky lady to have such an amazing experience! There are many people who would do anything to get a sign, let alone signs that obvious! I am elated for you and so honored to be a part of your journey with Shady and Lily.
      The best part of my work is connecting with beautiful clients like you!
      Yes, I am working on the next book and it will be all about the afterlife and helping to heal broken hearts.
      Keep asking for more signs!
      xoxo Karen

  15. Gisela Kayfus says:

    About 1.5 yrs after my sweet corgi transitioned, I attended an Alaskan cruise workshop with Brian Weiss, the past life regression doctor. While there we a took a long hike in the rainforests of Juneau. It reminded me of my dog Fergie and our daily walks off leash on a wooded trail. My husband took a commemorative photo of me on the trail. Once back home it took me awhile to go thru my vacation photos but once I did I could not believe my eyes! In the photo of me standing in the woods, you can clearly see my dog Fergie sitting at my feet in full color, as clear as day! I have the photo to prove it. She is right there with me 1.5 yrs after she passed. I only wish I could attach the photo for you to see it.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this incredible moment with us! The photo you sent is amazing and proof that your Fergie was right by your side. Wow! I attended a conference with Dr. Brian Weiss many years ago when I first started my journey and it changed the way I viewed life, the afterlife, and past lives. It was a game-changer for me as I’m sure for you too. For anyone who questions whether their departed pets are still with them your photo would the solid evidence that they are right by our side.

  16. Kristine Gray says:

    My sweet Molly passed away on September 20, 2019. We shared 11 wonderful years together and had a bond that I have never experienced before.
    Shortly after she passed, I was in my bed sleeping and was awoken by a single loud bark. I immediately knew it was Molly. She used to bark like that sometimes in the middle of the night to wake me up so that I could let her down from my bed so she could go get a drink of water. She was a shih tzu and was not able the jump on and off my bed.
    Shortly after that experience I had another one. I was laying in my bed one night and I heard the sound of Molly walking down my hallway towards my bedroom
    I could hear the clicking of her nails on the hardwood floor and just knew it was Molly coming to bed.
    When these two experiences happened I thought it was Molly but wasn’t completely sure if I had imagined them or not. Once I read your book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, I knew for sure that those experiences were real and that Molly had indeed come back to visit me.
    Your book has really opened my eyes up to the afterlife. It has confirmed that my experiences were real and that Molly is ok. It is also helping me get through the grieving process.
    I am eagerly awaiting your next book!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me! It warms my heart to know that my book has helped open your heart and mind to the afterlife. I love that she is letting you know she is near. I appreciate your kind words so much and may each chapter of my book bring you closer to healing. The next book will be even more in-depth and filled with many more stories!

  17. Andrea says:

    Hi, Karen! You say that when they leave their bodies they burst forth with energy. I have a question around this.
    At the moment our very beloved cat Dexter was hit and killed by a car a few blocks from our home, our electricity went out for a few moments. Could this have been him? He’d been lost (we’d just moved into a new home) after escaping the house late at night, for 18 days, and despite our desperate efforts to find him we weren’t able to in time. The grief and guilt are overwhelming. A few months later we got a rescued kitten and decided to not let him outside for his safety. We built a playpen on our deck for him so he could lay in the sun and enjoy the fresh air. After dreaming of Dexter rubbing his wet nose all over my face like he used to, and literally having the same itchy reaction, I asked him for a sign that he was still around, and the next day I found a large feather inside the kitten’s playpen. It was like a sign that he approved of the new kitten and that he is indeed still around.
    Since then, and after having experiences of being able to connect with relatives who have passed on, I’ve worked on connecting with other pets we’ve lost. I feel I have been able to get messages from them. We put one cat to sleep after she’d been suffering from dementia, as she always seemed frightened and didn’t recognize us anymore. She was nearly 18 years old at that time. I asked her if it was too soon to put her down and she replied to me in confusing, stuttering fragments, saying the same thing over and over again with long spaces in between, and I wondered if she was showing me how her thinking was; confused, forgetting what she’d just thought, and fearful. Is this how we can expect pets to communicate or was that likely imagination?
    Thank you for all of your insights and if you’re able to answer my questions! With love, Andi

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Hi Andi!
      I am so sorry for the loss of Dexter. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. It is hard enough when they go but when accidents like that happen it amplifies the pain and grief. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss.
      I was so touched by your story about the feather! That is truly a sign! Pets will often send little messages and signs to let us know they are near. From tufts of fur, whiskers, toys, butterflies, the list goes on and on! How wonderful to know your sweet boy is alive and well in spirit.
      As for your other cat with dementia, please don’t ever think it is your imagination. If you woke up that morning and said, “I’m going to imagine my departed cat talking to me in fragments” then that is your imagination. To receive those fragmented words/feelings is true communication. Be blessed and honored she shared that with you.
      Typically, animals do not like to talk about their illness or health issues as it is a sign of weakness in the animal kingdom. This is why so many pets will hide or cover up their disease or illness and by the time we notice it can be too late.
      They are masters at covering up what makes them appear weak and vulnerable. So for your kitty to share this with you is a huge compliment and she trusts you with this information. Thank her for being so open and honest and let her know you heard her, understood her, and send her an image of what she looks like being completely healthy, happy, and whole. Always think of your pets in terms of healthy and happy especially if they are ailing.
      Our thoughts are real things to our pets and if all we do is think about them being ill or sick they will absorb that and it can make them feel worse. I’m not indicating that you did this I am just offering this as insight for you and others who read this.
      Be excited, grateful, and humble and ask for more messages!
      Thanks for sharing your story with me.

  18. Susan Moss says:

    Karen, it is always so helpful to read your words on what our pets experience after they leave us. The first time I spoke with you was after my soul-mate kitty Charlie had passed. Your messages from her gave me so much comfort. I recently lost my cat Tessa and hope you have appointments open soon! Love your books and all you do!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry to hear of your beautiful, Tessa. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. It warms my heart to know I have helped you on your journey through the grief and pain of your losses. Thank you for the kind words. Sending healing hugs to you.

  19. Katie Marcucci says:

    It’s so perfect that you sent this e-mail today. You have done two readings for me, once on my girl Poppy who passed in 2018 and a second time shortly after I rescued Koda also in 2018 while she was alive. Koda passed less than two weeks ago and it’s so strange to me that I can count on one hand the number of times I have KNOWN Poppy was with me and had communicated with me. However, in the last week and a half I KNOW that Koda has been with me constantly. It’s a blessing since her passing was very sudden from an illness she was healing from. What surprises me and confuses me is that while she has made herself known to my family by signs around the house, she has made herself known to me via my dreams. I dream very vividly, in color and remember them in great detail. Sometimes this is to my detriment.
    However, the last two nights I have been visited by my Koda in my dreams. I have woken up knowing she was there. This morning I wrote down what I remembered because I am confused. In both dreams Koda was fearful, appeared to feel shame, she warned me several times in the first dream of danger and instead of barking at me, a couple of time she verbally spoke the warning to me. I have had several emotions running through me in the last week and a half since she passed and sometimes they are anger over how she was treated in life before she chose me, sometimes they are other emotions I’ve just struggled with like saddness and loss, but overall the emotion has been thanksgiving I was able to have her and give her the best time of her life filled with love and comfort and peace.
    I’m wondering if my emotions (as you spoke of above) are influcening her behavior and messages in my dreams? I have been reading your advice and been working on communicating two questions to her that have no relation to anything really, but I keep getting her fear and warning. Should I be taking something more away from these communications with her than I realize? The questions I’ve been trying to communicate with her was “did you ever have puppies?” and “what would you like me to put in the garden (plant) to memorialize you? do you have a preference?” Sounds like silly questions, but I’m wondering if I’m asking her the wrong ones.
    Any ideas?

    • Karen Anderson says:

      It must be very confusing to get unsettling messages or warnings from her during your dreams. We want our babies to be safe, secure, and infinitely happy in spirit. When something like this happens it can upset us and cause all kinds of doubts and worries. My recommendation is to not overthink the messages you received. I am not a dream expert so I can only speak from an Animal Communication standpoint. There is absolutely nothing to worry about for those who have transitioned to the Other Side. Dreams can reflect our innermost doubts and fears and cause them to surface in ways that you described. It may very well be just your own doubts or worries finding a way out so you can move forward and let go of anything that no longer serves you. Try this…before you go to bed ask her to send you loving and happy messages in your dreams. Or write a note to her and put it under your pillow that you would like to know she is happy and see if she will answer those questions you have. As disturbing as it may have been for you, rest assured she is doing just fine.

  20. Wilma Riddell says:

    I have finished reading both of your books, The Amazing Afterlife of Pets and Hear All Creatures. Every word I read began healing my broken heart and soothed my soul. I never wanted to say goodbye to my Muchni or any of my other dogs. I wish I could see them through a window or peep hole. I will probably continue to read your books over and over again since it is all that I have that brings me comfort. How I wish I could touch Muchni and the others once more. How I long to hear from Muchni and the others. I love them so much. After extensive research on the internet, I came across your book and it pulled me like a gravitational pull. It is hard to describe what I felt but it was real. I even researched other mediums such as John Edward’s, Echo Bodine, etc but as I found out, animals talk to you and you also communicate with humans too. My mom and dad are on the other side. Someone or something drew me to you like a magnet. This is where I need to be. You must have been God sent. All I can say now is thank you and I pray to have a pet communication session with you soon!
    Many warm hugs sent your way!
    Wilma Q. Riddell
    Muchni’s Mom

  21. Carrie says:

    Karen, your book The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, is what is helping me right now. I am thankful I found you and your words.
    I am still reeling from the sudden, tragic death of my beloved border collie, Lexi. She was 13. I have guilt and sadness that is taking over my life. I left an empty box of cereal next to the trash can. I do that all the time so as to not take up so much room in the trash. She has never messed with the empty box. I was gone for 45 minutes. When I returned, I looked everywhere for her. I finally found her in a place she doesn’t usually go. The laundry room. The bag from the cereal box was over her head. She was gone. We tried to revive her to no avail.
    I feel like I cannot breathe sometimes. The pain is so overwhelming it is hard to function.
    We were so close. She was my best friend, and I hers. I would so love a message from her. Until then, I will join all I can of your groups in hopes of obtaining a session with you.
    Thank you again for giving me hope that she’s still around me.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Carrie, I am so very sorry for your loss of your angel, Lexi. What a tragic accident. I can’t imagine how devastated you must be. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss. The pain must be overwhelming and I can only imagine that you are blaming yourself for leaving the cereal box next to the trash can. There is another blog post that you may be interested in. Click. While there is nothing that can take that gut-wrenching pain away, I’m so glad you have my book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. .
      I’m sure Lexi knows you love her so much and doesn’t blame you one bit for her decision. We feel responsible as their parent/caretaker but sometimes accidents happen that are beyond our control. I’m sure she wants you to let go of any blame and is around you all the time helping you move through this difficult time. You are both so lucky to have each other in this lifetime. I’m so glad you found me and can learn and grow from my groups and resources. Hopefully, we can work together someday and connect with your beloved girl. Sending love and healing

  22. Stacey says:

    I have already listen to your books. They brought me so much peace but still I horrible pain with guilt. Would love to just make sure my sweet girl knows how sorry I am.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so glad you have my books. I wish I could make the pain go away and all those thoughts disappear. In time, it will get easier. Until then keep telling her out loud how you feel. Keep making her life more important than her death. It was not your fault. It was an accident. A terrible and unfortunate accident. Sending love and healing.

  23. Debbie Rendek says:

    It’s been 17 months since our little dwarf rabbit, Julie crossed over. The grief and pain of losing her, especially in the end how she lost sight in her good eye and couldn’t walk, was heart wrenching because she was a very happy and energetic bunny. Right before she passed, she tried to lunge forward off my lap. I caught her and then she went limp. After reading your books and reading this article, it gave me comfort and peace knowing that she is a whole bunny now, happy, running around, doing binkies and being able To see again! Your session with me and your books have helped me so much to lessen my grief and find peace! Thank you so much!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry Debbie, I know how bonded you two are and will always be. I love that she is a whole bunny now too. So glad I could help you and ease your pain during this difficult time. Love to both of you

  24. Carrie says:

    Thank you, Karen. The article on blame and guilt really helps. I’m moving through the grief. I feel I’m moving in the right direction.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so glad this is helping you. One day at a time. One step at a time. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’ve suffered a terrible loss.

  25. Renee says:

    Since my precious girl, Zoe Abigale passed on July 14, 2020, I’ve read both your books, started the beginner class on pet communication and have explored this app. All of them, along with both Facebook pages have helped me tremendously in dealing with the physical loss of my canine companion.
    Thank you so much for providing me with a multitude of ways to remind myself she is never far from my side.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Renee, I am so terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your angel, Zoe Abigale. There are few words to ease your pain from grief. I am so happy to hear that my books, my online course and my FB pages are helping you on your journey. You are in the right place for healing and I will do whatever it takes to get back your smile. Thank you for finding me. Sending love and healing

  26. Peta Naake says:

    Hi Karen, I just lost my dog Gypsy who was a Jack Russell and my companion for 18 years 6months. I have your book The Amazing Afterlife of Animals which really helped me when making a very difficult decision to end her life. It was only a few days ago and I miss her so much.
    Many thanks

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Gypsy. It is devastating to lose someone who has been your companion for over 18 years. I’m so glad my book is helping you through this difficult time. I’m sure she is with you now and wants you to know she loves you with all her heart. Sending love and healing

  27. Shana Collett says:

    Hi Karen, I bought your book and read it cover to cover one afternoon. It did help my heart some and I am grateful I found you. I just wanted to thank you for that.
    I hope and pray to have a session with you soon if it is meant to be. Our 10-year-old chocolate Labrador, Gunner left us on August 4th. He had a tumor in his heart and we were doing everything medically we could do but his heart stopped as my husband and son held him.
    To say we are crushed does not even begin to express the pain in our hearts every minute of the day. We just feel lost without him in our family. Sort of just feel like we drowning in grief.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Shana, I am so sorry for this devastating loss. Gunner is so lucky to have you all. It is so hard when their time with us ends. Drowning in grief is an understatement when we lose a part of our life. I am so glad my book has helped you and I hope we can work together someday.
      Grief is a process of immeasurable pain and anguish yet one we must endure. I hope you opted in as a VIP as you will receive more grief support and guidance as a member of my family.
      Sending love and healing hugs….

  28. Katie Marcucci says:

    Hi Karen,
    When my girl Koda passed it was very quickly and unexpectedly as I have mentioned before. I have often felt that she was in great distress during those last hours of her life, when due to COVID it was difficult to find the medical services needed to let her go.
    I have been blessed to have some contact with her since her passing and have some questions answered by her. I wondered how she felt being transitioned from this life and being released of all her earthly struggles. I felt that she clearly was happy and healthy.
    Last night, I had a very sharp image cut through my sleep of Koda in a great deal of pain. It was horrible and woke me up sick to my stomach. I’m scared something could be wrong with her in Heaven. Is that even possible for our animals?

  29. Nella Coiro says:

    Hi Karen, my basset hound crossed over on 9/19/20. It was unexpected and we’re heartbroken and since we don’t have children, we treat our fur babies as our children. I read your book in one day. Couldn’t put it down, and it was very comforting. Thank you. I run a Facebook group for those recovering from the loss of their animal companions and recommended your book to help others. I hope to get a reading with you when you’re available.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Nella, I am so sorry to hear of the sudden and unexpected loss of your angel. My heart breaks for you. Without human children of my own, I know the depth of pain when we love a beloved animal companion. I am so happy that my book helped you during this difficult time. Thank you for passing it along to those in your group. The more hearts that can heal from my books the better. Sending love and healing

  30. Victoria Dahl says:

    Dear Karen:
    I read your book, Amazing Afterlife of Animals. Thank you. It has helped me greatly in my grief of losing my cat Lola six months ago. Since then, I have received some obvious signs from Lola.
    I have a question which has been bothering me about that day she passed.
    It was a beautiful, sunny July afternoon. The vet took Lola outside and placed her on a picnic table. My two sons were with me. Due to Covid 19, we all were masks. Lola was laying down on the table, faced away from me, but facing my two sons. She did look up at me, then laid down. I held her, petted her, talked to her, and I placed my hand near her face so she could smell me. I talked to her, kissed her head, patting her, keeping my face close to her head, my hand next to her face as she transitioned.
    Did she know I was there, even though she was facing away from me, and did she recognize me even with my mask on? I hoped she could smell my hand, and hear me talking to her. I also had her wrapped in one of my tee shirts.
    Thank you again for your wonderful book. I look forward to your other books in the future and hope to have a session with you one day.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so glad my book has helped you during this difficult time. Yes, Lola knows you were there. Animals sense our energy and are more aware of their surroundings than we are. She knows she was surrounded by your love and that’s all that matters. Sending love and healing.

  31. Kenny Leonard says:

    Hi Karen!
    I lost my 14 year old crazy bff yellow lab just yesterday and the only thing making this easier is your book and podcasts. Thank you for all this as it is an absolute godsend and I don’t know how I could get thru it without you and your material.
    I just hope that with the absolutely insane bond we had, that she is near me still and that she does hear me when I am talking out loud to her here at home when I look at her pictures. I just want to be certain that she hears me and is near me.
    Thanks for everything you do!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. There are few words to ease your pain but I am so glad that my books and podcasts are helping you on this painful journey. Your sweet angel will always be near so keep thinking about her, saying her name out loud, and letting her know how you feel. There is nowhere else in the world she would rather be than by your side. Sending love and healing

  32. Karen says:

    Dear Karen
    I am so glad I found you, my baby boy, red labrador, only 2years has gone too soon, I got your book yesterday and finished it today, I cannot tell you how much you have helped me with this tragic,painful loss. To think that he is here with me still helps immensely
    I am forever grateful for your wonderful gift

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your baby boy. It is so hard to lose someone you love so much. It warms my heart to know my book has helped you during this difficult time. I am forever grateful that you are here, guided to me by your boy so that I can help you move through the pain into healing. Big hugs…

  33. Vikki says:

    Hi Karen,
    I had to say goodbye to my mastiff, Harley, of 6 yrs a week ago, one day after his birthday. He was diagnosed with Lupus 2 yrs ago and the pain was starting to show. We could not let him suffer. The next morning before leaving for work my female/his companion sat next to me on the couch, she looked back to his favorite spot and extended her paw for me to caress, My Harley only did that. I feel he made his connection through her! After that, I have read your books and it helped me greatly. I have learned how to connect with him, with the volume on tv he lets me know he’s here. He also visited me with my deceased father in my dream. Thank you so much for the inspiring information you give!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so very sorry for the loss of your angel, Harley. How wonderful it must feel to know he is near you and sending you signs. They will often visit us through another pet just as you experienced. I’m so glad my book is helping you heal. Thank you for sharing your story. Sending love

  34. sharon sajkiewicz says:

    Hi Karen,
    I lost my little 15 y.o. Benny who is an esky pomeranian in Sept. 23. He was such a strong little guy as he had many issues. He powered through them. Was so well mannered, never tried to bite anyone or any other dog. Very gentle soul. My constant companion. He just passed out one day and never regained consciousness. The pain is soul crushing and some days it’s very hard to go on. The silence in the house is deafening as I am also retired. Watching your videos is helping. I also just purchased your books and am looking forward to reading them. The night he passed I sat with him until morning until we could take him to the vet. On my camera I saw a very bright twinkly little orb around my feet. I know that was him. Thank you for all you do for all of us

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Benny. It is devastating to lose someone you love so much.

      I’m sure he has guided you my way to help you through this difficult time. I’m honored to be a part of your journey and hope to see you opt into my VIP family for ongoing support. Just visit the HOME Page and click the blue Begin Here button. Sending love and healing…

  35. Aliya Aguilera says:

    Dear Karen,
    I’ve just read your “The amazing afterlife of animals”. Couldn’t stop crying about all your experiences and people and their losses, about our loss of Sheila – the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met in the life. She made me a better person enlightning my path, we love her more than each other with my daughter, it sounds strange, but it is like this…
    I couldn’t stop crying while reading, but also kissed and pressed to the heart your book, so dear and full of love it was. I felt my soul cleaner and lighter after reading it and you answered all my questions. It helps a lot.
    Thank you so much from the bottom of the heart for what you do.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your precious angel, Sheila. It is utterly devastating to say goodbye to someone you love so much. I am honored that my book has helped you through such a difficult time in your life. My new book, The Pet I Can’t Forget, has many more uplifting and incredible stories of love, signs from the afterlife and so much more. I hope you get a copy! I appreciate your kindness and may each day be brighter. Sending hope and healing

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