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April 9, 2019
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June 6, 2019

This weird time-warp thing happens to me when I go into a crystal and gem shop. It feels like I have only been inside for a few minutes looking at all the pretty colors, shapes, and sizes but then I suddenly realize hours have gone by.

One can never have too many crystals

I use the powerful energy of crystals for my work as an Afterlife Expert. These gorgeous powerhouses of chalked full of energy that allow me to make connections with the spirit world and Universal knowledge.

Some of my favorites are:

Amethyst – For the ability to enhance spiritual awareness and promote a higher state of consciousness.

Quartz – Amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it and continues to radiate that energy during my sessions and into the etheric realms.

Black Tourmaline -Aids in the removal of negative energies, cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration and is also great for grounding.

I recently sat down with a dear friend of mine, Karen Frazier, who just happens to be a crystal expert and has written many books on the topic including,

“Crystals for Beginners; The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals”

A #1 Bestseller on Amazon

She shared some of her wisdom and insights with me:

Karen Frazier: “Rose quartz is a really good crystal for love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. If you need healing in these areas of your life, wear a rose quartz pendant so it hangs over your heart center.”

Karen Anderson: What about grief?” I asked. “Are there any crystals or stones for healing from a loss? I just lost my 18-year-old boy kitty, Mookie Moo. What do you recommend for grief?

Karen Frazier: For those who are grieving, Apache tears, which are rounds of obsidian, are excellent for helping with grief. It can help you experience the grief in a healthy way so it can move through you instead of getting stuck.

Karen Anderson: I love all of your books especially this one: “Crystals for Healing” A Complete Reference Guide.

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Karen Anderson: How and when did you get started on this path?

Karen Frazier: “When I was in my early thirties, I’d had a
persistent sore throat that lasted for over a month. I went to an
energy healer, although I didn’t realize she was an energy healer because she was also an M.D. and she did some Reiki and crystal work on me.

I felt something give while I was on her table and I burst into
tears; I cried for three days and had a serious emotional release.
My sore throat went away. It was my first “ah ha” moment that
there is more to health than just the body.”

Karen Anderson: What benefit do clients receive from working with you?

Karen Frazier: “I work to empower my healing partners, readers, and students so they can heal themselves.”

Karen Anderson: Tell me about your books, upcoming events, or
ongoing projects.

Karen Frazier: “I am releasing three books in the fall and winter of this
year: The Crystal Alchemist, The Little Book of Energy
Healing, and a book about dream interpretation that doesn’t
have a title yet.”

Karen Anderson:
What is ONE THING you would like to tell my
readers? A big takeaway from your work, philosophy, or life lesson?

Karen Frazier: “Intention is everything. With it, you have the
power to heal every aspect of your life.”

Karen Anderson: What do you do when you aren’t working?

Karen Frazier: “I like to travel, read, make music, and spend time with
my family and pets. I also like to read and cook.”

Karen Anderson: I love to find humor in day to day life. Can you
share an ‘OOPS’ moment, embarrassing moment, a funny moment, or a big boo-boo you have had?

Karen Frazier: “I tend to not be the most grounded person on the planet, particularly after I’ve been doing my work.

Since I work a lot, my life is often a series of ‘oops moments’, like losing
my keys, wearing clothes inside-out… and leaving the house that way,
walking into walls.”

Karen Anderson: Glad I’m not the only one! I thought I was looking
really good one day as I was out running errands and I was getting all kinds of looks and glances from other shoppers.

It turned out I had a laundry dryer sheet stuck to my shirt!

Ah, yes instantly humbled!

So go out and find a crystal shop near you. Sometimes you just have to hold it in your hand to feel the powerful effects. Crystals will bring healing, balance, and spiritual awareness into your life. Just beware of the time-warp once inside.

If you aren’t sure which crystals are for you grab a copy of Karen Frazier’s books.

Happy crystal hunting!

Karen Frazier is an intuitive energy healer, author, and psychic medium specializing in Reiki, sound healing and crystal

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