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Level II Intermediate - Professional Levels

Private Coaching Appointments

        With Karen as my coach I finally have the tools and confidence to move forward on my journey through animal communication.” ~ Mary Sassone - Animal Intuitive and Energy Healing Practitioner 


    Completion of a Beginner's Program or equivalent. Applicants must have a solid knowledge of the basics of Animal Communication and be actively connecting.

If you are seeking private coaching with Karen this is your chance to work with the expert herself.

Each coaching session will be tailored to your skill level and goals.

In-depth, detailed personalized feedback will boost your confidence and create a lasting foundation of knowledge for the future

Karen will provide you with detailed reviews of your work, insights to improve your connectivity, obtain more detailed messages, overcome self-doubt, and best practices so you can be the best animal communicator possible.

Coaching with Karen is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so grab this while her calendar is open.

She has conducted over 22,000 pet communication sessions over the past 25 years and will share all of that knowledge and experience with you!

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For more information or to apply click below. Karen will guide you to which program is best for you.

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Option # 2

The Animal Communication Mastery Program

For Intermediate to Professional Levels

For professional Animal Communicator


Actively communicating with animals to apply for this program and completion of a beginner's course or equivalent. 

Included in this course:

  • Initial Skill Assessment and Goal Discovery Breakthrough Meeting
  • Creating your Zen Space
  • Building your foundation for success
  • Mindset Optimization
  • Unlocking your intuitive strengths
  • How to properly open a communication session
  • How to make a clear connection with any animal
  • How to send and receive accurate messages
  • How to raise your vibrational energy
  • Uncovering your dominant ‘clairs’
  • Third-Eye Expansion for maximum results
  • How to perform energetic body scans for health
  • How to resolve behavior problems
  • Mastering Your Unique Style
  • Setting up your new business – Visibility through websites, social media, your brand and logo
  • Common Marketing Mistakes to avoid that could cost you thousands
  • Marketing and Sales – How to set up your services, fees, and products
  • Final Review and Skill Assessment – Graduation

  • How much is the Animal Communication Mastery Program?
    Tuition varies based on skill level and internet presence. 
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Graduates of The Mastery Program share their Feedback

"I've taken many courses in the past but Karen is the only coach that actually showed me how to deliver a 5-star session every time."

Melissa P.
"My confidence level is off the charts now thanks to Karen."

Rita W.

Also Included in Your Program:

  • In-depth private one-on-one coaching with Karen
  • Weekly Zooms with Karen (not an assistant) recorded for your convenience
  • Expert guidance and support from Karen
  • Practice sessions with pets and personalized feedback
  • Email Support for Q & A
  • Lifetime access to all content and resource guides​
  • Free access to new content
  • How to get paid what you are worth by providing value
  • How to attract the right clients who adore you
  • Building your subscriber list and marketing to your tribe
  • If being a Professional Animal Communicator is not your goal… No problem! Karen will create a program just for your needs
A Program That Focuses on You!
No GROUPS or admins
Work directly with Karen not an admin

Get ready to launch your natural-born intuitive abilities to a crazy new level!

Designed specifically to your individual goals and skill level.

This is not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL type of program.

A one of a kind opportunity to focus on YOU and YOUR GOALS!

There are no groups or Facebook pages where you will be lost in the shuffle.

Just you and Karen focusing on your skills! WOW!

You won’t find this opportunity anywhere else

"In six coaching sessions, I was able to improve my accuracy from 40% to 80% accuracy. Karen shows you how to get more out of each session."

Sara V.

What others are saying:

“I don't know what I expected from the Mastery Program but Karen blew the doors off with this course. She is a genious marketer as well as her untouchable skills as an intuitive. Her method of coaching took me from 'doing everything wrong' to 'doing everything right'." ~ Keri K.

"It would have taken me a lifetime to gather all the knowledge Karen shared with me in the Mastery Program. I never would have had the confidence to set up my business without Karen’s encouragement. Karen is a remarkable coach who is a master at her craft." ~ Adelle B.

"I learned so much from the Mastery Program that I can honestly say I am overwhelmed with knowledge. Karen cuts no corners on your success. She devotes her time and energy into you, sharpens your strengths, overcomes your weaknesses, and builds your confidence so you can succeed. Outstanding experience and you cannot put a pricetag on the value in this course. You just can't. Worth every penny and more!” ~ Glenn D.



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