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April 22, 2024

Proven Methods to Find Your Cat Fast!

Finally, a comprehensive and proven method to find lost cats fast.

Creator Kim Freeman is known as the Cat Detective and has thousands of happy clients who found their cats using her methods.

This system is based on cat behavior, and most importantly, it works. 

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Proceeds from each sale benefit The Painted Rain Ranch Animal Sanctuary

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Karen is an award-winning animal communicator and best-selling author who specializes in pet loss and the afterlife. She has documented her journey with her heartwarming and inspirational books, The Pet I Can’t Forget, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures.
She also offers a free app and animal communication coaching programs for all skill levels as well as loving support and guidance for those struggling with the loss of a beloved companion.
Karen is the CEO and founder of Painted Rain Ranch Animal Sanctuary a non-profit charity that serves as a final refuge for elderly, special needs, and abandoned companion animals. Karen saves the pets no one else wants on her 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Proceeds from Karen’s books and coaching benefit the animals at the sanctuary.
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  1. Margaret Brown says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Our Boo kitty slipped out the door about a week ago and we haven’t found him yet. I just ordered this kit and it has so much great info. We have tried everything and nothing has worked. Now I know what to do. Please keep us in your thoughts that we find him.

  2. Darin Bradley says:

    I needed this Karen. I just ordered my kit. This kit is so helpful. I just read through the first part and already know what I’ve been doing wrong. My mom’s cat Diamond has been missing for 11 days. I never thought about looking where Kim said to look. Thanks so much!

  3. Kris Martin says:

    Karen, I work for a vet clinic and I am sharing this link with our clients. It is heartbreaking when they can’t find their cats. Thank you for always sharing such helpful information. You’re an angel!

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