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We know how healing and powerful messages from your companion animals are.

Karen’s calendar closed for appointments in 2019 but she has hand-selected the practitioners on this directory.

Each practitioner has a unique style and level of ability.

They have invested countless hours and in some cases years honing their craft and honoring their passion.

Review their background and training and connect with those whose energy and style you resonate with the most.

Services for your pets include:

  • Resolve your pet’s behavior challenges
  • Afterlife Communication – Connect with departed pets
  • Discover the purpose your pet is with you
  • Find lost pets
  • Energy healing
  • Create a stronger bond to your pet
  • Discover health issues
  • Help you introduce new pets to your home
  • Vacation checks

Human Sessions include:

  • Energy healing
  • Afterlife Communication for departed human loved ones
  • Angel healing
  • Reiki and Distance Healing
  • Psychic Insights for health, relationships, career

Animal Communicators - Psychics - Energy Healers - Tarot - Reiki

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Location: USA

: (740) 500-0858

: messageswithmelinda.com

Whether your pet is here or in spirit, I can communicate with them to make both of your lives happier.


Melinda Donaldson

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium & Energy Healer
Graduate of Karen Anderson's
Animal Communication Mastery Program

Location: USA

: deeprootconnections.com

Together we will create a sacred space for you and your beloved animal companions for balance, healing, and understanding

Kara Daniels

Animal Communicator & Nature Infused Healer
Graduate of Karen Anderson's
Animal Communication Mastery Program

Location – New Zealand

: +64 223832159


Serving Clients Worldwide

Want to know what your pet is feeling? Or discover your own unique SuperPower? I’m devoted to empowering, transforming, healing both you and your animals

Bernadette Gavin

Author, Healer, Animal Whisperer Graduate of Karen Anderson'sAnimal Communication Mastery Program

Location: USA


Whether it’s loss, wondering what they need, or need advice, I can help restore peace of mind. Bridging communication to create a deeper relationship with our pets.

Shelley Ferguson

Animal CommunicatorGraduate of Karen Anderson'sAnimal Communication Mastery Program

Location – Port Jefferson, NY USA

Serving Clients Worldwide

: mary@energyworksforwellness.com

: www.energyworksforwellness.com

Activating wellness for you and your companion animals.  Energy-based healing remotely or in-person. Live your best life!

Mary Sassone

Energy Medicine Practitioner for Humansand their Animal Companions
Graduate of Karen Anderson's
Business Mastery Program

Location: United Kingdom – Serving Clients Worldwide

Email: Melodyshealing@yahoo.com


I work on a higher vibration so your departed pet may bring through soul to soul messages from his or her higher self/higher consciousness.


Rhian Clark


Location: USA – Serving Clients Worldwide

: (217) 649-1091

: Fur Angel Communication

: https://furangels.carrd.co

I offer messages with love and healing from your departed pets.

Carrie Purcell-Smith

Animal Communicator
Graduate of Karen Anderson's
Animal Communication Online Course
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