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My New Rescue Kitty, Jasper… and a ton of book orders!

  •    November 20, 2019
  •    Karen Anderson

Look at this! Just from the last few day’s worth of orders!

This shipment going to the post office today so thanks for your patience if you have placed an order in the last week.

I have sold out every time a new shipment arrives which is a VERY GOOD PROBLEM to have!

Thank you to all of you who have grabbed their free copy of, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, and Hear All Creatures!

You are keeping me very busy filling orders!

Plus, I got a super cute mousepad with my book cover on it!




Meet my newest rescue kitty, Jasper!

This sweet boy is a senior at least 10+ years old

He was so sick when he was brought into the shelter.

Dehydrated, malnourished, underweight, severe infections in his mouth, matted, deformed ear.

They extracted all his teeth except the canines, treated him for stomatitis, and crossed their fingers that someone, ahem like ME, would fall in love with this gentle soul and give him another chance.

Black cats are often overlooked in shelters but I personally LOVE THEM!

Even after everything he has been through he is so sweet, gentle, and loving.

Do you have a rescued pet? If yes, send me a pic I want to see them and THANK YOU for giving them a new home!



Thanks for stopping by!

I read every comment and appreciate that you will take the time to share your rescue story with me.

I’m off to mail all these books. Woohoo!

xoxo Karen

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Karen Anderson is the CEO and founder of Animal Communication Planet, an intuitive and spiritual growth center, and Boom! Business is Booming, a personal development center for entrepreneurs to launch their dream business.  She is also an award-winning Afterlife Expert and coach with over 23 years of experience helping clients just like you start their Animal Communication journey.  Karen is an award-winning and #1 international bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. Karen offers signature coaching programs and a private Facebook group for women entrepreneurs, BOOM! Business is Booming!. Karen and her husband reside on a 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest with the animals they love.
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    1. Ahhh…thanks, Debbie! I agree. Just a cutie and super friendly even after all the challenges he has faced. He is my hero!

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