Your Departed Pets Will Always Be With You…

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September 10, 2021
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November 19, 2021

Your departed pets will always be near…

The pain is devastating after the loss of a beloved companion and friend.
It is a sad realization that all of the things that you did together will no longer happen.
They shared your home, your heart, and just about every aspect of your life.
The emptiness when they are gone can be too much to bear but there is one constant message that departed pets have shared with me over the years that can set your mind at ease and soften that pain in your heart.

Your pets are perfect in every way when they leave their body.

No need to worry about them they are just fine…

Upon their last breath, they will be greeted by another loved one, spirit guide, or angel and they will continue their journey as a spiritual being.
Your beloved pet will not be lost, scared, nor will they ever leave you.
Your souls are intertwined so no matter how hard you try you cannot break that connection.

Their messages are loud and clear…

No matter what happens to you including divorce, moving, new job, new baby, new pet, your beloved companions know what is going on in your life and love supersedes everything.
Your pets will never blame you for anything that happened. Blame is a human concept and is a form of self-punishment.

Your soul connection cannot be broken…

It may be difficult to sense their presence especially if you are deeply grieving. The pain causes a blanket of protection around you to prevent you from further distress. Be patient and know that your departed pet can hear you but it may take a while before you sense their presence.
Some pets are very obvious with their signs and make it very easy to sense them. Other pets don’t feel the need to make it obvious they are near as they are with you so much they conserve that energy for other adventures.

How To Invite Your departed Loved Ones…

Follow these six steps to invite your departed loved ones to visit or to send a sign that they are near.

  1. Say a brief mantra/prayer of protection before any type of communication or energy work such as this example: “I call upon ( fill in the blank with …any or all of these: my highest and most powerful angels, spirit guides, Archangels, God/Goddess, Creator) and I ask to be fully and completely surrounded in divine White Light. Throughout the day may all my energy be kept separate and safe and I will allow only other energies of the Light to come through. I humbly thank you for your protection and guidance.”
  2. Call your loved one specifically by name. When you say their name visualize them in a beautiful smiling memory.
  3. Allow your love to resonate outward to them and imagine that love melts right into their heart and soul
  4. Ask your loved one to show you a sign or send a message. Tell them to make it obvious.
  5. Send their energy back by visualizing it drawing it back inside their soul. Bring your energy back into your heart the same way. Thank them for listening
  6. Be open and expect a response. Pay attention to everything around you. Some signs appear at the strangest times or when you least expect it. Thank them immediately if you sense something and ask them to send more signs.

Your Grief and Guilt can Interrupt your Connection…

There is a time to grieve and mourn the loss of your loved one and that may cause your connection to be temporarily interrupted. Be gentle with yourself and patient as you navigate through the emotional roller coaster of your loss.
Just remember, your angel wants you to heal as soon as you can and move into healing when you are ready.
Your love is eternal and those bonds can never be broken.

Has Your Departed Pet Sent You a Sign or Message?

If yes, please share it below

Coming Soon: My new book about pet loss…

Read actual stories from clients who have experienced the pain of loss and moved through the grief into healing in my upcoming book. I’ll share actual messages and incredible signs from departed pets that will amaze you.
I’ll keep you posted on the release date, hopefully by the end of this year.

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Karen is an award-winning animal communicator and best-selling author who specializes in pet loss and the afterlife. She has documented her journey with her heartwarming and inspirational books, The Pet I Can’t Forget, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures.
She also offers a free app and animal communication coaching programs for all skill levels as well as loving support and guidance for those struggling with the loss of a beloved companion.
Karen is the CEO and founder of Painted Rain Ranch Animal Sanctuary a non-profit charity that serves as a final refuge for elderly, special needs, and abandoned companion animals. Karen saves the pets no one else wants on her 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Proceeds from Karen’s books and coaching benefit the animals at the sanctuary.
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  1. Lesley says:

    Yesterday I read a message from Karen on FB about what would I do if I could have another day with my departed pet (s). In that moment all I could think of was hugging them and cuddling and let them know I think of them every day.
    Gibson was my heart dog and this morning I dreamt I was hugging him. I saw his beautiful face and felt his warmth. It was so wonderful. ♥️

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Lesley, I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Gibson. It sounds like he is with you as we speak and letting you know he is near. Cherish those dreams as a visitation from your sweet boy. Be sure to thank him for that dream and invite him to do it again. Thank you for sharing and I send you love and healing.

  2. Stacy M says:

    I needed to read this today. It has been four long weeks since I lost my beloved terrier mix, Alfie. Karen, you have helped me so much with this horrible pain I feel in my heart. Your words mean so much to me I cannot thank you enough. I lost him suddenly and never felt like I got a chance to say goodbye. He has made me who I am and has made me such a better person. Alfie, I know you hear me…I love you and miss you every day of my life. Karen, I thank GOD for you. I would not be here if it were not for your books and your messages. Bless you

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy, Alfie. The pain must be overwhelming and it seems as if no one understands the depths of a loss like yours. I am honored to be a positive part of your journey and I thank YOU for sharing this today. You help me realize how important my work is. To keep sharing these messages so those who are struggling can take that first tiny step toward healing. I’m sure Alfie is with you now and wants to heal your broken heart. You are so courageous for moving forward and know I am here if you need me. Sending love and healing.

  3. Donna ray says:

    Thank you so very very much for this information!! I have had severak signs from our boy Winston and it is so obvious that it was definitely HIM as it came thru so clear to be him…

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I would love to hear more about your signs from Winston if you want to share. How wonderful for you! May you continue to be blessed with his presence near you. Sending love and healing

  4. Roger says:

    I am absolutely a better person because of the dogs in my life. Yes, they were challenging at times but the years of love and companionship make up for it. I’ve had three shepherd mixes all rescues and each one has changed me in so many ways. I get a few signs from them such as their doggy door moving and a tuft of fur on my bed. I am grateful that you have shown me how to thank them for those signs and invite them to leave more. Nothing takes away the pain but knowing they are still with me sure takes the sharpness out of that pain.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for all of your losses. You are right, nothing takes away the pain entirely but sometimes it softens. I am honored to walk this path with you and I thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing your story. I’ll bet they are smiling now and so happy when you think about them. You are fortunate to have experienced those signs as it takes a lot of energy to do so. Sending love and healing

  5. Sheila Carden says:

    When my dog Alex was euthanized I was with him in the room with the Vet, the Vet tech and my sister. All of a sudden I felt a tingling inside me and heard the words “everything is going to be ok”. I wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen. I knew it was him telling me good by. It was after this happened that I started reading more about the afterlife of pets. He passed away on May 3, 2002. I have never forgotten that day.I also thank him for that gift

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Alex. Saying goodbye is so hard. What a beautiful message he sent you! When you aren’t expecting it like that it is really shocking and powerful. He gave you the most beautiful gift for sure. I’m so glad you got to experience that precious moment. Thank you for sharing. Sending love and healing…

  6. Beth says:

    My grief has been absolutely unbearable until I found you and your books. I was so broken after the loss of my 19-year-old cat, Melvin. He was my world and my everything. I have gotten many signs such as a whisker right on top of my pillow that had been previously washed and I heard his distinct, MAOW, very clearly one night. But the biggest shock was the other day I was at the doctor’s office and a phone call came in while I was at the desk as I was looking through my phone at his photos. The front desk lady answered the call and said, ‘Is anyone here expecting a call from Melvin?” I just about fainted. That is not a common name! I knew it was a sign from him! Thank you, Karen for helping me see past my tears and grief. You are an angel

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so very sorry for the loss of your angel, Melvin. It is devastating to lose someone you love so much. And that is an amazing experience for sure! Wow! I think I would have fainted too! Thanks so much for making my day and sharing this wonderful story. I am so glad you were guided to me and my books and may each day bring healing closer to your heart. Sending love and healing…

  7. Ken Turner says:

    So my little girl Maggie (12yo sheltie) was undergoing yet another surgery to remove a cancerous growth this past Monday the 18th. I was speaking to a friend about her and Micky, my sheltie who passed in 2009 and how much I still missed him and still occasionally shed tears from time to time when I think of him. He is the reason I stuck with shelties (I also foster failed another sheltie…Vinny) Micky came from an abusive situation into my life at 10 months old in 1995. Anyway, when I got home his urn had moved from its spot about 1.5 inches and stuck out over the edge of the shelf it has been on for years. I am the only person in my house and there was no reason for it to have moved…absolutely none. I look at that cabinet almost everyday because I charge my phone on the top shelf of that cabinet so I would have noticed it having moved and certainly not have left it hanging off the edge if I somehow moved it.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Mickey. It is so painful to say goodbye to someone you love so much. I love your story about the urn moving. I’ve had similar experiences where you think you are going crazy because you are the ONLY one there! How wonderful for you! I have no doubt Mickey was letting you know he is with you and loves you so much. Be sure you thank him and invite him to send more signs. He will love that you acknowledged his efforts. Thank you so much for sharing and I send love and healing…

  8. Didi says:

    Karen, I have not received any signs since I lost my sweet girl, Ellie. She made her transition last month and I have not sensed her near me or noticed any signs. After reading this article I believe it is my grief that is blocking me from sensing her. We were so bonded and you are right in the fact that nothing will break those bonds. I hope that in time when my grief is not so profound that I will be able to sense her and know when she is near me. I thank you for giving me that hope and I am going to invite her just as you instructed. Thank you Karen. You are so kind to those of us who feel so alone and so misunderstood

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Ellie. With a loss as recent as yours, it only makes sense that your grief is blocking any signs or messages. Grief will make us completely numb as our body goes into ‘self-preservation’ mode to protect us from any more pain. I am sure that Ellie is with you now and there is no way those bonds will ever be broken. Please be patient with your progress. Ellie is with you and always will be. When you are emotionally calm and feel more balanced those messages have a greater chance of getting through. Even though not all pets will send messages like the ones who are with us the most don’t feel the need to…but …trust that she is with you and say her name out loud. She will hear you and will be so happy you are thinking of her. Sending love and healing…

  9. Maddie's Mom says:

    I lost my kitty, Maddie three months ago. We rescued her from a high-kill shelter and only had her for 7 years. I don’t know what it was but we bonded immediately. When I think about our time together it was more like a lifetime of love. I am so grateful I found you and your books. The pain from losing her has devastated me. I was like a zombie wandering aimlessly around the house. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t do anything nor did I want to. Your books helped me by answering so many questions. I’ve been following you on Facebook and in your practice group too and the amount of love, support, and you give to all of us is amazing. Your words speak to my heart and make so much sense. None of the other books I read or the other experts I followed have helped me to understand my grief and my journey as you have. You really get it. I still cry every day but I feel like those tears are not as sharp. I asked Maddie to give me a sign, any sign, and within a few days I found a heart shaped rock on my walking trail. Every photo I have of her is framed with hearts. I know it was her letting me know and thanks to you I trust that message. I am so grateful for you. God bless

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Maddie. That bonded feeling is likely due to you having many past lives together. It is indescribable and not everyone experiences it so I am so happy you have. Losing someone you love is devastating. They are a part of us. A part of our heart and soul. Their absence is utterly devastating and I can so relate to that zombie-like experience. I am so honored to know that I have been a positive part of your journey. I have no doubt that she has guided you my way. I thank you for sharing your beautiful story and may you be blessed every day with precious memories of your girl. Sending love and healing

  10. James P says:

    Thank you for this article about moving and divorce. I’ve done both and I have been worried that my cats wouldn’t be with me at my new home. They belonged to my ex too so I always wonder who they will be with me or her. I love them all very much but I was closer to Tiara, a snowshoe kitty so I’m sure she is with me but I wonder about the other two, Oscar and Felix. My ex had them before we got together. Can they be in both of our homes at one time? Is it wrong to want them to be with me?

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of all of your kitties. Losing one is hard enough let alone three. My heart breaks for you. A departed pet is pure energy and that energy can be in more than one place at one time. They are not bound by the physical limitations we are bound by. It is quite common and normal for them to be in several places at once. They are naturally drawn to places that are light-filled, positive, and loving. So if there is a lot of drama or stress that can be a deterrent. That is why it is so important to honor your grief, take your time on your journey, and move into healing when you are ready. No one wants to hang out in a dark, depressing place. It isn’t wrong for you to want them with you just remember the more positive, loving, and balanced you are the better. They will probably check in with both of you and that is perfectly normal. They can feel your positive emotions and your love and that will draw them near. Thank you for sharing your story and I send love and healing…

  11. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing this Karen! I am going to try this. I’ve been a big fan of yours and just about everything you have written about has come true or happened to me at some point. I was a skeptic until I lost the love of my life, my yorkipoo, Jellybean. We spent almost 18 years together and I thought my life ended when she died. Now, thanks to you I have received several signs from her like her favorite yellow ducky squeak toy made a squeak all by itself. No one was near it. We both heard it and know it was Jellybean. She has also sent huge butterflies to me even during cold weather when butterflies shouldn’t be around and my favorite number, 3, will pop up everywhere. I got her on 3/3/03 and my birthday is 3/3/73. I see 3’s everywhere since she transitioned. I would have missed all of this if not for you and your books. Now, I want to actually connect with her using your animal communication methods. As you can see, I am no longer a skeptic! I am a grateful believer.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Jellybean. Eighteen years is a lifetime of love and I cannot imagine how devasted you must be. I am truly honored to be a part of your journey and I have helped you discover the amazing afterlife of animals. I love all the signs you have received and you are so lucky that your angel sends such clear messages and signs. I have no doubt she is with you now and smiling as we write about her. I understand skepticism as I was a police officer years ago and needed facts and evidence before I would believe. You are in good company! Thank you for sharing and I send you love and healing…

  12. Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for all of these messages. I just called out my pets who have been my beloved companions over many decades. I still miss them so much and am so grateful for every one of them. Ivan, Tex, Heidi, Hamlet, Jana, Gilda, Druid, Magick, Lulu, Michael, and more precious beings — who were the catalysts for most of my growth, as I contemplate their having been in my life. I continue to learn from them as I have insights now, even though they are in spirit forms. I love you all so much and cannot wait till we are together again.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      You are so welcome! I am so sorry for your loss and it sounds like you have as many as I do on the Other Side. I’m happy to hear you have called out to your angels and how grateful you are for all the spiritual blessings they have given you. And, yes you will all be reunited one day. Thank you for sharing and I send you love and healing…

  13. Valory says:

    We had a very special kitty join our family in 2013. She showed up in our neighborhood, lost and hungry, and although she was timid, my husband was able to gain her trust and she finally came inside. We took her to a vet and she was chipped but not registered so we were able to keep her. They told us she was a healthy one-year-old. We had three other cats, but Egypt fit right into the group. She had a lot of fun at our house and formed a special bond with our male cat, Ziggy. In 2019, Egypt became sick and we took her to another vet, saying that she was 7 years old. He told us, “She’s older than that, maybe 10 or 11.” He did blood tests and we were devastated to learn that she had advanced diabetes. By then it was nighttime so we drove her to the emergency clinic at UC Davis Veterinary School to see if she could be treated. They told us she was actually an elderly cat, probably in her teens, and that she was critically ill. We were shocked to realize her age because she was our smallest and most playful cat, still like a kitten. By this time we knew we had to let her go peacefully. I felt so terrible because I had missed the signs of her illness and I grieved deeply. One week later, very early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, I woke up in bed and felt like I had a cat laying on my stomach. I was holding a floppy little pillow that I always sleep with, but in my hands it had formed into the shape of a small kitty. I could feel one hand on her head and one on her back. I was so amazed because I knew it was a message from Egypt. She always used to lay on us like that. I laid there in bed for at least 10 minutes, not moving, because I knew as soon as I got up, it would turn back into a floppy pillow and the magic moment would be over! I still miss her, but that experience really helped me, knowing that Egypt was OK, and she cared enough to come back and comfort me.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so very sorry for the loss of your angel, Egypt. I cannot imagine how devasting this was for you. I’m so glad you got to share time with her and give her the love she deserved. I have a diabetic kitty so I know the rollercoaster ride that goes with that. It is easy to blame ourselves for missing the signs. I love how she visited you that day. Truly remarkable! A special moment to be cherished forever. I’m sure she wants to be there for you just as you were there for her. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience and I send love and and healing…

  14. Don Naffziger says:

    I’m very lucky My Angel Cat Grazee has sent me many signs and the best one was two months to the date of her transition I was in so much Grief and basically crying 24/7 to the point of believing I wouldn’t be able to keep living without her. That night she found a way to show her new spirit form a beautiful white glowing orb and she told me not to be sad and she said look what I can do, and she did a backwards somersault. And I was crying and then when she did that I started laughing and everytime I would start crying she did another backwards somersault so I would stop crying and start laughing. I must be one of the luckiest guys in the world.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      This is so amazing, Don and I am not surprised that your angel, Grazee is with you. It has been a devastating loss for you and I am so sorry. What a joy it is to know that she is creating that special white orb and letting you know she is near. You are lucky indeed but I think Grazee is lucky too to have you in her life. Thanks for sharing! Sending love and healing…

  15. Valory says:

    Thank you, Karen; Egypt’s passing was what prompted me to search for some answers, and that’s how found you. Your stories and experiences with animals are so comforting and inspirational; I will always be grateful!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I love that you are following her lead. Thank you for sharing your experience and how Egypt continues to guide you from the Other Side… sending love and healing…

  16. Ginna says:

    I emailed with you after my pet passed and was upset because I had not gotten a sign from her. You told me in an email that it would be about 3 months before my pet would come to me. One night I was lying in my bed and I felt footsteps on the sheets and felt her lay down against the small of my back like she always did. I knew it was her. It brought me great comfort even though I still miss her. I did rescue a 6 month old puppy. She is completely opposite from my dog of 13 years. She is the happiest dog I have ever seen. She makes me laugh everyday. My sister told me that God must have sent me what I need now in my life. All animals are special.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Calie. It is so hard to say goodbye to someone you love so much. It must feel so good to get a sign like that. Consider yourself very fortunate as so many of my clients would do anything to have an experience like yours. Beautiful! Perhaps your angel wanted you to have a new puppy as all of the love will benefit her too. Enjoy every moment…Sending love and healing

  17. December says:

    Thank you for your messages Karen. I’m doing all I can to heal every day. I lost my dog Simbie 3 months ago. Losing her also threw me into being completely empty nested after raising my daughter as a teen mom. I’m struggling with so much in this empty space. There have been a few instances since she died that I have been gifted some messages. I’m pretty open to the spirit world but I agree with some other people here, we often don’t get messages when we’re in deep suffering.
    The day I ended simbies life I was at home with her and my daughter and two close friends. We brought 2 of simbies friends as well so they would know she was leaving. The two dogs were on opposite sides of the living room laying down. A bit freaked out and/or sad. The moment simbie took her last breath the vet gave me the nod she was gone. I buried my head in her neck and cried harder. In that moment when my head was down, my people said both dogs stood up at the same time and looked up above her body and watched her leave. It lasted long enough my friend was able to take a picture. In the picture you can see the silhouette of a dog floating above the window. I missed it all but everyone else in the room witnessed it.
    Since then, I’ve heard her get up off the floor and throw herself down on the floor like she always did, to lay down cause her joints hurt. Sometimes when I’m ugly crying and I yell her name, I swear I can hear her get up from another room. It always startles me. But it keeps me talking to her. Cause I know she’s around.
    Thanks for letting me share my story. My world is so raw right now. Nothing feels real or good. I’m just trying to find life without my every day all day long love affair. #SimbieLou

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Simbie. It must be overwhelmingly painful to lose someone you love so much. How wonderful for you to experience those moments. Wow! They are amazing and powerful signs. It is a slow and painful journey after a loss so I send you my love and healing hugs. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. Dawn Cogen says:

    Yes, Kahlua Luey, My Constant, My fur Son Passed away at 2am on the first day of Spring. 7 months ago. At 11am the same day I decided to hose down the patio to Get the greenhouse ready for planting. All of a sudden, where I had hosed appeared the most perfect Heart. Like someone drew it in the concrete. I took a picture of it and framed it. It disappeared in about a week. He’s left messages a few times, in different ways, that let me know. My heart still aches, but knowing he loves me enough to show me he’s here let’s me know I was a God mama to him.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Kahlua Luey. It is so hard to lose someone you love so much. It sounds like you received the most beautiful sign from him. I’m so glad that you were able to experience that and hopefully ease some of your grief. He is letting you know he is always with you. Sending love and healing…

  19. Linda Mc Gregor says:

    My wee dog passed on June of this year. After about 6weeks I felt him on my bed just before I had gone to sleep and I feel him every night directly after I have switched the light off. I am not asleep at all and have felt him at my back, on my legs, my feet, even on my neck. My wee dog and I were so close, he is a Shih Tzu and was nearly 15 yrs. I feel great comfort when he is near and thank him every night for his visiting me. I am sure he waits for me to put the light out and come even before I put my head on the pillow. It is a beautiful feeling.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      It is a beautiful feeling! I’m so happy for you that you were able to experience that. Thank you for sharing.

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