You May Be the ‘Problem’ in Your Pet’s ‘Behavior Problem’

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August 18, 2020
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September 12, 2020

Is Your Pet Behaving badly?

YOU may be the problem, not your pet

If your pet is acting out or misbehaving ask yourself these three questions:
1) Am I expecting my pet to ‘figure out’ what I want?
2) Am I sending confusing messages of what I DON’T WANT to my pet?
3) Am I stressed out about other things that my pet may be picking up on?
If you answered, ‘Yes’ to any of these you may be the problem, not your pet.
1) Set your pet up for success. Don’t leave it up to them to ‘know’ what you want or ‘figure it out’. They are animals, not humans. Provide the environment they need for the end result you want. I’ve had many clients say, ‘They know they aren’t supposed to be on the kitchen counter.’ Okay, not really. What they ‘know’ is you leave them in a room where they can get up on the counter where there are yummy things to eat which is a powerful motivator to do what you have set them up to do. What they ‘know’ is you get upset and react to them when they jump on the counter but they don’t understand how the two things connect. They don’t reason like humans.  They do things because you allow them to and expect them to ‘figure it out’.
2) You may be sending mixed messages to your pet which can confuse them and make matters worse. If your pet is destroying things or not using the litter box your thoughts are real messages and when you think about what they have done in the past that goes out to them. Imagine how confused your pet is when they get reprimanded for doing exactly what you envisioned! Think about what you want not what you don’t want.
3) Pets are the barometers of our life. If you are happy so are they. If your home is balanced so are they. If you are nervous, anxious, stressed, sick, scared, etc your pet will absorb that energy and likely act out. All they know is your energy is unbalanced. They don’t understand it is your job or your kids or the bills.
For the best results, do this:

  • Be proactive and provide an environment that sets your pet up for success, not failure
    Be clear in your thoughts and think in terms of what you want them to do not what you don’t want.
    Stay balanced, healthy, and calm and your pet will follow.

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