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When Your Pet Visits from the Afterlife

  •    September 28, 2020
  •    Karen Anderson

Has your departed pet ‘visited’ you? Maybe you felt them walk across the bed or you sensed their warmth near you. Maybe you heard them walk across the floor or the jingle of the tags on their collar.

Afterlife visits are always positive, loving, and vivid…

A real visitation will be an incredibly memorable experience especially if you were visited while you slept. Your departed pet will choose a time when you are most open to receiving their messages and that is usually in the late hours in the evening or early morning hours of sleep.

You will wake up feeling like you actually held them or were greeted enthusiastically by them. It will be so vivid you may even look around the house just to make sure they didn’t reappear!

A real visitation is a beautiful reunion of your two souls…

It will never be a negative experience or a replay of a traumatic event. Those disturbing dreams are your subconscious mind working through grief, remorse, or other emotions after a loss.

I’ve had many clients reach out to me after experiencing a nightmarish dream involving their departed pet. They worry that their pet is in pain or lost on the Other Side and they feel utterly distraught and helpless. I reassure them that they do not need to worry one bit about their pets on the Other Side. There is only the purest love-filled beauty in the afterlife.

So rest assured, your departed pets are safe, happy, and balanced in the afterlife. Your souls will continue to meet during your dreams even if you don’t remember them. If you are lucky enough to remember these incredible visitations be sure to thank your pet and ask them to visit again soon.

Your departed pet can be anywhere in the Universe and beyond and they choose to be with you. That’s pretty special don’t you think? If you haven’t had a visitation that you remember don’t be too upset. Your pet is likely around all the time so it is more difficult to sense their presence.

Ask them for an obvious sign and be sure to let them know you will honor every message they send you.

Getting a message from a departed loved one is joy and a blessing but what do you do if you have a negative entity near you? What does that feel like? How do you get rid of them?

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Karen Anderson is a Chief Stall Mucker, nature-lover, French Roast coffee drinker, and is affectionately known as the ‘Treat-mom’ to over two dozen very spoiled animals. During the week she fancies herself as the CEO and founder of Animal Communication Planet, an intuitive and spiritual growth center, and Boom! Business is Booming, a personal development center for super motivated entrepreneurs, like herself, who want to launch their dream business.  After 23 years of translating messages from departed animals and most people thinking she was crazy, she was dubbed with another eyebrow-raising title of award-winning Afterlife Expert.  Karen’s two books have earned her yet another title of award-winning and #1 international and national bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. During daylight hours, Karen offers signature coaching programs and hosts several Facebook groups for those who find her strange gifts as fascinating as she does.

Karen and her husband work tirelessly on their 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest tending fields, fixing fences, and relaxing on the deck. Her interests include sharks, ancient Egypt, paranormal investigations, and playing the ukelele. Karen holds multiple degrees in herding cats, chickens, gardening, and roasting marshmallows.

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  1. We lost our two beloved dogs within a six month period. The night after the loss of our second dog, while sleeping, I had a vision where my wife and I heard a noise in our living room. We went to investigate and found our second dog laying on the floor with a toy in his mouth. He looked up at us and when he did, our first dog appeared from under the coffee table and she took the toy away. That started a wonderful routine of playing chase that lasted for several minutes. After romping, they settled down, looked at us, and faded away. I told my wife about the experience and we both found great comfort with the visit. We’re looking forward to more.

    1. Wow! What an incredible experience! I hope you know how special that was. It takes so much energy for them to manifest and play! I’m so happy for you. Be sure to invite more visits and be so grateful when it happens. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience with me. Sending love and healing.

  2. Hello Karen,
    I hope to see or feel my little boy around me real soon. I miss him so much. Karen, it was only thanks to you that I was able to get through this. you were so comforting and sweet, and you knew just what to say. You, Karen are AMAZING to me.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Very Respectfully
    Donna Pollock

    1. Donna. It is my honor to be a part of your journey. Thank you for shining your beautiful light into my life. Sending love and healing

  3. Thank you Karen, you have touched my soul sharing your life experience and beautiful journey. I have read your book and I am grateful to have found you. I was able to find my “heart” dog, Ellie, and she is the closest living creature that has ever crossed my path. She transitioned in June after a tough battle with cancer. This has been the most devastating loss of my life. Ellie began reaching out to me the day after she transitioned. She has visited me almost every day since by turning on the light that has a motion sensor. I took a picture only 1x and I was able to see her beautiful soul adrift in the photo. She has reached out to me many other ways, also. I have heard her bark through my radio once, and she visited me in my dream….and I now understand what you mean with the beauty of the visit. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced and was a totally different feeling than I ever have had. God Bless You for following HIS calling and helping so many people. I hope to talk with you soon when you start to work again with your spirit partners. All My Love and a Big Hug. Jeff

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Ellie. It must be so hard to go through the day without seeing her sweet face. I’m so happy you have read my book and understand how Ellie can communicate with you now that she is in spirit. You are blessed to have this sweet girl sending you so many signs! That is amazing! They are truly incredible experiences unlike any other. Thank you for shining your beautiful light into my life. I know your angel, Ellie will be right by your side and watching over you. Sending love, blessings, and healing.

  4. Hello Karen,
    I can’t thank you enough for your books and the emails I get. I lost my Great Dane, Gracie in June. Due to wobblers taking care of her was my full-time job. A job that I loved. When she died I felt like I lost my purpose in life and the pain was unbearable. But your book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals . It started the process of my healing.

    1. Michelle, I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Gracie. Your purpose in life continues on even though she made her transition. Your beautiful connection with Gracie has launched you onto your spiritual journey. I’m sure Gracie wants you to open your heart and expand your perspectives so you will receive her messages and signs. That is all part of your purpose and it is all part of the journey. I have no doubt she led you to my book. Thank you for sharing and for allowing yourself to grieve and move toward healing. Sending love.

  5. My sweet Dixie who was 13 crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 2017. We had rescued her when she was only 3 mo. Someone had thrown her out on the side of the road. I was devastated when she left me. After a few nights, I had the most amazing dream.

    I heard Dixie running into the bedroom & felt her jump up on the bed by my feet. She walked next to me touching my body up to my head. I could feel and smell her. When she got to my face she gave me one of her Dixie kisses. She then curled up around my head & went to sleep. It was so real! She has visited both of us in our dreams since.

    We had Dixie cremated. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting her in the ground. The day I went to pick her up it was raining. I cried the whole way there and back. When I pulled in my garage Brooks and Dunn song You’re My Angel was playing. I held her box crying. I played that song several times sitting in the dark. Then I got the most peaceful feeling. I know she was with me helping me.

    I still miss her every day. I talk to her and tell her I love and miss her. We haven’t been able to adopt another dog yet. We tried once and it just didn’t work out. I know one day the time will be right….just not now.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Dixie.

      It is devastating to lose someone you love so much.

      I’m so happy you experienced a beautiful afterlife visitation! It really feels real, doesn’t it?!

      I’ve had such a powerful visitation that I have gotten out of bed and gone searching for that pet. It truly feels like they are right there because they ARE!

      When the time is right you will know and maybe then you can welcome someone new into your life. Sending love and healing.

  6. Dear Karen! iam from Hungary ,iam looking for an answer to my question for years and i know you can help me .Iam a pet resucer ,i love cats mainly,2 years ago my beloved furbaby passed away ,i miss her so much we lived 13 years in symbiosis together,can i meet her again in after-live?Are my dear cats waiting for me?last month my 3 cats were killed by my neighbor :)please help me looking forward to your answer and whis you all the best with love Éva

    1. Yes! You will all be together again someday! They will be waiting for you. I’m so sorry about the loss of your three cats. My heart breaks for you. Please keep positive memories and think of them as being happy, healthy, and whole in the afterlife. They do not take any pain or sorrow with them when they go. They are perfect in every way. Sending love and healing…

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