What to do When Evil Spirits Are Near

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September 12, 2020
When Your Pet Visits from the Afterlife
September 28, 2020

Have you ever walked into a new place and instantly felt a feeling of dread for no apparent reason? Or perhaps you have felt drained after meeting someone new.
Maybe you have suddenly felt dizzy or nauseous in a new place when you were not previously ill.
If any of those things happen there may be a negative entity near you.

Who Are These Entities?

Just as there are good and bad people in life there are good and bad ‘spirits’. Most encounters will likely be with one of these not-so-nice human spirits who linger in between our world and their realm. Most of them are either unable or unwilling to cross over. Some fear redemption for their “sins” here on Earth, others create their own destructive path from a lifetime of bad deeds. When a good person crosses over upon physical death they enter into the beautiful energetic realm of the afterlife. This is where your loved ones exist. It is all around you in a parallel layer of indescribable beauty but not everyone chooses this love-infused realm as their eternal resting place.

What Happens When Bad or Negative People Die?

We all have a choice as to how we live our lives. Some choose the darker side of life. When bad people die they don’t magically turn into angelic beings. They tend to remain the same as they were on Earth. Some are mean, hurtful, abusive, and others are downright evil.
When a negative or bad person dies they may linger between realms and not fully cross over into the love-filled afterlife. There are many reasons they don’t fully cross over. They may have been a bully in life or maybe their life ended suddenly and they feel cheated or betrayed. Whatever their reasons, they can make you and I sick to our stomachs or cause all kinds of other problems known as hauntings and in some cases, actual possessions.

Are Evil Spirits Humans or Non-human?

Most negative spirits lived a human existence but there are also evil entities that have never had a human existence.  These bottom-feeders are low vibrational energies that are non-human and some are demonic in nature.  They feed off of your fear, depression, or anger. They are dark masses filled with hatred and their primary goal is to inflict fear in their victims.
They are drawn to those who live in a chaotic state of mind, or to those who love drama, or to those who struggle with depression or addiction.  Highly charged emotions are like an addictive drug to them and they can’t get enough.

What to Do If A Negative Spirit is Near

First of all, don’t panic! That is exactly what they want you to do. Stay calm and remember you are in control and never give your power away to anyone including unseen spirits. Start each day with a powerful prayer and meditation to allow ‘only energies of the Light’ to be near you. Surrounding yourself in God’s light, Divine Light, prayer, and warm-love infused healing energy will repel evils spirits in an instant.
If you sense something is entering your space tell it out loud or quietly but adamantly in your mind that they do not have your permission to enter your body or your space and immediately surround yourself in a ball of White Light, Divine Light, or Holy Light. Ask your angels and spirit helpers to escort any unwanted energies into the Light and to keep your energy ‘separate and safe’ at all times.

Smudging Your Personal Space

Smudging with sage or Palo Santo is an ancient ritual that invites positive energy into your space. Simply light a bundle of sage or a palo santo stick. Open a door or a window. Blow out the flame and allow the smoke to rise. State your intention to remove any unwanted energies or negative entities from you and your space. Use your hand or a feather to waft the smoke around the room paying close attention to the corners and command all the negative energies to leave out the window along with the smoke.
I order all my smudging supplies from this reputable, high-vibrational store. Click here

How to Repel Negative Energies

The chances of an evil possession are pretty slim for you and me but there are ways to protect yourself against any of these unwanted bottom-dwellers. Avoid spending time with negative people, be mindful of bringing thrift store treasures or estate sale items home, and practice powerful daily meditations for your body, mind, and spirit. When you choose a love-filled, positive lifestyle and take care of yourself you instantly create a powerful barrier around you that attracts more positive energy.  Practice kind deeds, hold good thoughts for others in need, help animals, and in general, be loving and kind.

The Bottom Line On Bad Spirits

Bad or negative spirits can be anywhere. Elevators, airplanes, old houses, thrift stores, used cars, and of course hospitals, cemeteries, and funeral homes. Don’t live in fear or you may as well roll out the red carpet for these annoying troublemakers. Instead, gather your inner strength and go look in the mirror. Take a long look at the person looking back at you. Inventory yourself, your life and your attitude and make positive, life-giving adjustments. Take back the steering wheel of your life if you have handed it over to someone else and start loving yourself and your life in a big way. Dark entities don’t like to hang out where there is a lot of love.

Got Ghosts?

If all else fails and you are still being visited by an unwanted negative entity contact a professional medium or paranormal team who specializes in cleansing and spirit removal.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Your messages are so very helpful. Unfortunately I cannot access your app as my iPhone is older

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so happy to hear my messages are helping you, Lesley. The app does require a certain ‘newer’ smartphone. I hope that will change soon and make it accessible to all smartphones. Sometimes technology is a challenge. Sending love.

  2. Michelle Blanchard says:

    Hello, Karen!!
    I used to think I was imagining the ‘negative” spirits, but I can say that my father still causes me trouble even though he’s been dead since 2004. He was emotionally and verbally abusive, a bully, (he gave me the nickname of ‘Tumor’). I could go on but I won’t waste another electron on him. I tell him to eff off and he backs off.
    The interesting thing I learned, and you corroborate it, is that ‘things’ can be ‘evil’. Years ago, my husband and I were driving through Nebraska (we went to the Rowe Audubon Sanctuary in Kearney, Nebraska to see hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes). Outside of our hotel was a bunch of boulders, about head-size, used to ‘decorate’ the motel’s exterior. Right by the motel’s dumpster was this BIG boulder, solid soapstone. I LOVE soapstone and have picked up dozens of small ones. I use them to calm myself by rubbing them with my thumb. You can’t NOT rub good soapstone, it just begs for it. I think now that someone else had dumped it because it was the only soapstone rock there. So I thought, well, it is outside, so I picked it up…and got the strangest feeling, as if it said, leave me alone. Did I listen? No. I put it into the truck and as we were leaving, my husband suddenly doubled over in agony…a back spasm, a BAD one. He couldn’t straighten up, never mind drive, so I drove, boohooing at his pain and wondering, is he having a heart attack? But I knew it was muscular. For the next three days, we had nothing but bad things happen to us.
    We stopped at a campground in Texas to spend some time, by this time, Dennis could stand and walk a little but was still in pain. I opened the back of the truck to get out some lawn chairs…and I swear, that bloody rock was looking at me with no eyes, in malevolent triumph. It was the effing ROCK. It might be soapstone but it’s not worth the bad things it’s done to us. I put on some gloves, picked up the rock, and dumped it alongside a trash can.
    It didn’t seem happy, but I don’t care. From that moment on, NOTHING bad happened to us. Dennis improved quickly and we made it home without further incident.
    So now…when I see a nice rock (I collect ’em) I ASK it if I can take it home. I know, strange. And I listen for the answer, and if it says no, I obey. And if you’re ever in a Texas campground and see a lovely…yet malevolent soapstone boulder the size of your head, LEAVE IT ALONE.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am not the least bit surprised to hear this. I’m so glad you got rid of it! Spirits attach themselves to all kinds of things from rocks and jewelry to furniture.
      I love searching for treasures at estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores. Years ago I found an old dresser at a thrift store. It was in great shape and came with a ‘musty’ scent as some old furnishings have. Shortly after I put my clothes in it I would have a sudden onset of dizziness and severe abdominal pains. Being in very good health I couldn’t figure out what the problem was but soon realized that the pain would start every time I opened the drawers to this dresser. During one of the more severe attacks, I heard the word, ‘preeclampsia’ in my mind. I had no idea what that was so I looked it up.
      This is a serious condition that pregnant women suffer that can be fatal. The symptoms include dizziness and abdominal pain. I realized that a spirit who was connected to this dresser was sharing their pain with me.
      I opened up to her energy and she shared a very sad experience of how she and her unborn baby girl died from preeclampsia (formerly called Toxemia). The dresser belonged to her. She told me she was desperately trying to reunite with her unborn child in the spirit realm and needed my help. She knew I was a medium and could help her. She was trying to get my attention and boy did she succeed!
      I called in the cavalry of my spirit team, angels, and her departed loved ones and I was able to help her cross over and reunite with her child. After that, I smudged and cleared the dresser and I never had any unexplained pain or dizziness but I decided to part ways with the dresser just in case.
      Since then, I make sure I cleanse and clear any objects I bring home.
      Thanks for sharing your story, Michelle, and I hope no one finds that soapstone!

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