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January 17, 2019
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The 8 Main ‘Clairs’ – The Extra Senses Used During a Pet Communication Session

We all come into this world with psychic or intuitive abilities. Eons ago as humankind was evolving these extra senses were likely needed for survival. These psychic senses kept early humans alive and out of harm’s way. As the centuries passed, these intuitive abilities were no longer needed and slowly faded. These long lost senses are the primary tools used during a pet communication session and are often referred to as the main clairs. Most people are usually dominant with one of the clairs and use a few other clairs to somewhat of a lesser degree. For instance, I am primarily clairaudient, which means I psychically hear the animals speak with my internal ear, but I am also clairvoyant, meaning I can see images, objects, numbers, and other symbols during a communication session. These images flash in my mind or swirl around like a mini-movie.

How can pets share such detailed information?

You may think that the human alphabet, language, or our numeric system is something only another human can share. How is it possible that a pet can share such information when they don’t speak English? The simplest explanation is that I work closely with my spirit guides and have developed a strong connection with them to help me understand the incoming messages. My spirit guides work as interpreters as they translate the information from each pet. Spirit guides are discarnate helpers we all have throughout our lives that guide us on our spiritual path. They are an integral part of my psychic work, and they make sure the messages appear to me in a format I understand.
The following is an excerpt from my book, ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals”,  which explains the use of the main clairs used during a pet communication sessio

The Main Clairs

The six main clairs are known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairalience, and clairgustance. Most psychics rely on these extrasensory perceptions for their work. One clair is not necessarily better than another, and these abilities may shift or expand with time. Pay attention to how you receive information to determine your most dominant clair.
Clairvoyance — Clear Seeing
Clairvoyance is when you see images flash through your mind, much like a daydream, of things you shouldn’t otherwise know about.
Clairaudience — Clear Hearing
Being clairaudient is when you hear words, sounds or thoughts in your mind, in your own voice, but you know they aren’t your thoughts. Psychic sounds and spirit communication can also come through in someone else’s voice.
Claircognizance — Clear Knowing
Claircognizance is when you sense things about people or events that you would not normally know. Premonitions or a strange, unsettling feeling that something is about to happen is an example of claircognizance.
Clairsentience — Clear Feeling
If you feel another person’s emotions or physical pain, that is called clairsentience. Empaths or those naturally sensitive to emotions are likely clairsentient.

Clairalience — Clear Smelling
If you have ever caught the scent of a deceased loved one’s perfume, cigar or cigarette smoke, that is called clairalience. When there is no natural source to produce these smells, it is our psychic abilities tuning into a spirit’s presence.
Clairgustance — Clear Tasting
This is the one clair I try to avoid when I’m working with animals. I don’t need to know what it tastes like when a dog gets into the trash. A cat shared the taste of a mouse with me one time. Needless to say, now I make sure that never happens again.
Each of us has the ability to tune into our extra senses. Over time, you can sharpen one or all of your senses. It is merely a matter of practicing and paying attention to how you receive incoming information.

How Animals Send Human Words

Learning the language of the animals is just like learning a new human language. When you go to a foreign country and are not fluent in the language, you have to learn what each word means. The translation process can be slow and tedious, as you have to look up each word one by one. The more time you spend in that country, the more fluent you become.
With practice, the translation process becomes easier, and the new words begin to pop into your mind. Your memory stores the new words and symbols you’ve learned, and you can draw from that stored memory and begin to translate words and sentences more quickly. The same process applies to learning how to understand animals.
When an animal sends a message, it contains an energetic property or an impression. That impression, which is just like a thought, is sent to me telepathically — similar to an email message.

How Can Animals Speak English?
Well, that’s all fine and dandy for learning a human language, but animals don’t speak English. How can they send human words? Simply said, a translation process occurs because I have developed a relationship with my Spirit Guides, and they present the messages to me in a format that I understand.
Spirit Guides are discarnate beings that watch over us and help us navigate through our lifetime. We all have Spirit Guides, even if you are not aware of their presence. Some Spirit Guides are assigned to us before we are born and stay with us until we die. Others are temporary and join us when a particular situation presents itself. I have three main Spirit Guides whom I work with, and each one has a different task or specialty to help me connect with the animals.”

End of excerpt 
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The Psychic Toolbox

Each time I communicate with an animal I utilize all of the clairs to achieve the most accurate information possible. It’s like having extra tools in my psychic toolbox. Each pet is unique and may communicate using one or more of the clairs. Some pets are great communicators, and others are not. Some have a higher level of wisdom and understand complex situations while others don’t. For instance, a deceased cat sent the word, ‘hospital’ during a recent session and I saw a hospital room.  He did not know what a hospital was nor could he tell me anything about it but he knew it somehow involved his human mom so he sent the message. It turned out his mom had just been in a car accident and spent several days in the hospital.
During another communication session, a departed dog said, ‘My mom has a broken nose.’ When I asked his human mom if she had broken her nose she said no, but she suffered from severe allergies, and her nose was constantly red, running, sore, and she had no sense of smell. We chuckled about it because to her dog her nose was broken because wasn’t working properly so he sent the ‘broken nose’ message.
I have developed an acute understanding of the language of the animals yet still learn something new from each communication session. Your pets can send you similar images, sounds, or words as you awaken and develop your psychic senses.When you set your intention to communicate with your pets incredible messages come through. With practice and patience you can expand and sharpen each of one of your clairs and soon be on your way to understanding the language of the pets you love.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Thank you for this interesting info. 4 months ago I lost my little dog. That first night without her I was numb. As I drifted in and out of sleep I heard ” I will always be with you mummy” I was shocked ! It popped into my head and was so clear. I feel blessed but alas I have heard nothing since and I’m gutted. As I woke the other morning I had a quick pop of an image and it was her bone that she liked to bring me. I’m ok but still sad. I’m trying to develop clairaudience. I’m fascinated by it. Miss her so much and I’m crying alot still.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your precious angel. Her message to you was bright and clear. That is exactly how I receive them too. Sharpening your natural intuition will allow even more messages to come through. I encourage you to discover all the resources I offer from my books and online Animal Communication course, to my practice group on Facebook and booking a session with my colleagues. Many more life-changing messages await you!

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