Karen’s New Book: The Pet I Can’t Forget

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February 22, 2023
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November 17, 2023

Now available on AMAZON, Kindle Unlimited and Audible 

My latest project has been completed!

Coming soon – May 2024

My voice will narrate my new book on Audible

Hear the stories just the way I wrote them. 

With depth, emotions, and a few tears. 


The files are still pending review but coming soon!


Recorded at Perfechter Studios Spokane, Washington

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You may love all your pets, but there is one companion who holds the key to your heart.


The Pet I Can’t Forget

Finding Hope and Healing With Signs From the Afterlife

Embark on a healing journey and discover how you can receive profound messages from pets who have passed away.



Are you struggling with pain and grief after the loss of a cherished pet? 

  • Do you feel there’s no way to move forward and find peace?
  • Or do you wish there was a way to receive messages from pets who have crossed over?


If yes, then this book is for you.

Beautifully written with a mix of authentic personal stories, spiritual wisdom, and heartfelt advice, The Pet I Can’t Forget invites you to join author and talented animal communicator Karen Anderson as she transports readers on a path to healing and closure after the loss of a beloved pet.

Featuring real-life stories from pet parents who have received healing messages from the afterlife, you will uncover profound ways that you can communicate with the spirits of animals and tune into the subtle signs that your companions are still with you.

This book shares a unique and uplifting perspective which gently reminds us that death isn’t the end – along with a range of simple methods to sharpen your intuition and awareness so that you can become more in touch with your companion.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

ExploreThe Fascinating World of Afterlife Signs and How You Can Begin Receiving Them

  • Practical Strategies For Overcoming a Sense of Guilt & Finding Self-Forgiveness
  • Dozens of Unique Signs That Show Your Pet Is Still
  • Communicating With You
    Identifying Messages in Music,
  • Numbers, Names, Dreams, Other Animals & More
  • Real-World Stories of People Receiving Signs From Their Animal Companions
  • Practical Steps For Raising Your Vibrations To Find Healing & Closure
  • And Much More…

As a must-read for anybody who is struggling to move on after losing a cherished companion, The Pet I Can’t Forget offers you a transformative new way of looking at death, empowering you to stay in touch with the spirit of your pet as you develop a positive, balanced approach to grief.

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Karen is an award-winning animal communicator and best-selling author who specializes in pet loss and the afterlife. She has documented her journey with her heartwarming and inspirational books, The Pet I Can’t Forget, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures.
She also offers a free app and animal communication coaching programs for all skill levels as well as loving support and guidance for those struggling with the loss of a beloved companion.
Karen is the CEO and founder of Painted Rain Ranch Animal Sanctuary a non-profit charity that serves as a final refuge for elderly, special needs, and abandoned companion animals. Karen saves the pets no one else wants on her 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Proceeds from Karen’s books and coaching benefit the animals at the sanctuary.
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  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you

  2. Diana says:

    I just finished reading this book and I cannot thank you enough. It has been three months since the joy of my life, Ashley died of cancer. I have not been able to function at all since that last day. The pain has been overwhelming. Your book has changed all of that. I feel like I can breathe now and I have even gotten a sign from her! I found a feather on my favorite chair on the deck! I know she is with me thanks to you. Karen, you are such a gift to us. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. I have ordered your two other books too. I can’t wait to read them!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am thrilled to hear you loved my book. May each chapter bring healing to your heart and soul. Thank you for ordering my other books too!

  3. Norma says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful book. I devoured every page and through the tears, and joy, I couldn’t put it down. My sweet angel, Leo passed away a few weeks ago and I miss him so much. Your book showed me to send loving messages and celebrate his life. I was so focused on his death and that does not honor him. I bought five more copies for my family and friends. What a beautiful gift you are to this world.

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m sure your sweet boy Leo is by your side as there is nowhere else he would rather be. I appreciate your kind words so much. I will never get tired of hearing you are buying more copies. Thank you so much for sharing my book with others in need.

  4. Destiny Thomas says:

    Karen, I laughed and cried and loved every bit of this book!

    The chapters on signs opened a whole perspective for me. I had no idea that my cat Asia was sending signs until I read this book. Thank you thank you!

    • Karen Anderson says:

      I’m so honored to be a positive part of your journey! How wonderful that you know the signs are from Asia now. It is amazing how many they send us. Thank you for the kind words.

  5. D. Patten says:

    I loved it! I’m reading it again. Every story was so heartwarming and there are many that resonated with me. I loved the story about Congo the parrot and the glass of red wine from Argyle! Beautiful and so well written. Blessings…

    • Karen Anderson says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I am thrilled to hear you loved the book and all the stories. So many amazing messages and signs. Blessings to you as well.

  6. Maria says:

    Karen, your book was in my mailbox when I got home from work just now!

    I just read the dedication and forward – it’s beautiful! Can’t wait to dive into it.

    This comes at a very special time because Sadie transitioned on Oct 22, 2021, and October has become a difficult month for me,
    but I am excited for your book to help me through.

    Thanks for writing it and much success with it — I know it will be a hit!

  7. Rhonda Weiland says:

    Thank You for all the wonderful information Karen. I have all 3 of your books, 3rd one was a signed copy. I will forever cherish them.
    I know My Zoey is always with me, she has a way to let me know. I’m a firm believer that she’ll be there to meet me. She never left my side when here on earth. She was a great protector.
    Plan to practice and later take your course once I retire this month and things slow down so I can focus. Your a great inspiration! ❤🐾

    • You are so very welcome! I’m sure angel Zoey is with you. There is nowhere else she would rather be than with you.

      I am excited to hear I get to be your coach in the future! Yay!!! And CONGRATS on retiring! woohoo!

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