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October 16, 2018
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October 24, 2018


Has a pet saved your life?

Sometimes a pet will come into your life at exactly the moment you need them the most.
These four-legged angels often help us through our darkest hour and keep us going when nothing else does.
There is no coincidence when this happens and I often hear from my clients that if it weren’t for their beloved pet, they would have never made it through a difficult time in their life.

Perhaps you went through a difficult divorce or a break-up, maybe the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job.

There are actual pet heroes who alert to danger, fire or some other disaster.

Some pets are there for us when we lose our battle with addiction.  


Has a pet that helped you through a difficult time?


There have been two times in my life that my pets have saved me.

Once was when my ex-husband (an alcoholic) tried to strangle me after consuming massive quantities of alcohol on the day we were supposed to move into our new home. Instead of getting the moving truck he went home and started drinking. When I got home, he became belligerent and attacked me, grabbed me by the throat and tried to kill me. I had two cats at the time, brothers from the same litter, Toby and Monroe. On that fateful day, while I was being attacked, Toby heard me screaming for help and rushed into the room slashing with his claws until my ex released his grip on my throat. Battered, bruised, and scared to death, I was able to flee with my cats and filed for divorce.

I’d love to hear your story and how a pet saved your life. 

I am so grateful to the pets that were there for me.
I don’t know what would have happened if Toby had not come to my rescue that day. Toby died many years ago but to this day I thank him for helping me that day. I was so grateful I dedicated my first book, “Hear All Creatures”  to him and his brother, Monroe. Those two amazing cats were there for me when I felt completely alone, hiding behind the shame of being a battered wife. The term ‘domestic violence’ was unknown at that time as this was many years ago back in the mid-1980’s.  I felt like I had nowhere to turn for help and Toby and Monroe were the for me as I struggled through therapy, depression, and the ensuing divorce. Those two cats saved my life.
Please send a private message if you do not wish to post a public comment.
I’m here for you.
xoxo Karen

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Karen Anderson is the CEO and founder of Animal Communication Planet, an intuitive and spiritual growth center for psychic development. She is also an award-winning Afterlife and Pet Loss Specialist with over 24 years of experience helping clients struggling with pet loss. She offers coaching programs for Animal Communication for all levels.  Karen is an award-winning and #1 national and international bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. Karen’s VIP Members enjoy many perks including discounts and special offers. She also offers a free private Facebook practice group open to all levels called Animal Communication Planet. Karen and her husband reside on a 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest with the animals they love.
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