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What Others Are Saying About Karen...

  • I came across this book (The Amazing Afterlife of Animals) and the afterlife concept very soon after my dear dog departed – my grief was immeasurable – however the book, (listed now 4 times)explains everything, even for previously departed pets, the most recent previous was also a great loss, but now I know what is happening and why.
    My cat’s behavior since the departure has been erratic to say the least, doing things she NEVER did before and the book has made me realize it is probably my dog reaching out via the cat –
    My grief while still strong is tempered by the knowledge my dear pet(s) are here with me, watching and understanding my grief –
    I am now hopefully more attuned to recognizing the visitation signals – I am always watching and expecting something.

    Thank you Karen – you may just have saved my life.


  • I am so sorry for your loss, Tony, my heart breaks for you. It is the hardest thing to endure when we lose someone we love so much. I have no doubt your angel is communicating with you through the actions of your cat. This will often happen in multi-pet homes. I am so glad my book has helped you on this difficult journey. There are no coincidences in my opinion and when things happen that are unusual, unexplained or extraordinary we need to take note and pay attention. Spirit has a subtle way of sending signs. I’m honored to be a positive part of your journey. Sending love and healing…

    Karen Anderson

  • I came across this book and the afterlife concept very soon after my dear dog departed – my grief was immeasurable – however the book, (listed now 4 times)explains everything, even for previously departed pets, the most recent previous was also a great loss, but now I know what is happening and why.
    My cat’s behaviour since the departure has been erratic to say the least, doing things she NEVER did before and the book has made me realize it is probably my dog reaching out via the cat –
    My grief while still strong is tempered by the knowledge my dear pet(s) are here with me, watching and understanding my grief –
    I am now hopefully more attuned to recognizing the visitation signals – I am always watching and expecting something.
    Thank you Karen – you may just have saved my life.

    Tony Crook

  • This book (The Amazing Afterlife of Animals)was so helpful to me. So many signs and visions that I knew were real but doubted myself. I needed to understand the loss of my Papillon, Kelev, and stop feeling guilty. Thank you.


  • Thank you so much for your amazing, wonderful book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, and the Pet Loss Hope & Healing app. It has helped us dealing with the recent loss of our dearest dog and greatest love, Skye.

    Although he had a long and great life and we knew the moment was coming it was devastating to lose him and my wife and I miss him so much. Although we believe in the afterlife and that he’s till with us in a different way, it’s very hard to continue without him.


  • Thank you so much for your wonderful book “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” I read last year after my beloved Charlie passed away from Osteo Sarcoma. It was a much-welcomed relief in grief of his loss. I recommended your book to family, clients and friends facing loss who purchased your book and reported back to me with gratitude for the relief your book has offered them also.


  • On Good Friday of 2013 (or Best Friday as I’ve called it since then), I adopted a cat who was roughly 3 years old who had FIV & anxiety issues. I named him Wally (short for Walter Matthmeow) and sadly he passed away Saturday October 9th, 2021.

    I’ve lost many people in my life, from my mother when I was barely a teenager, to other family members & friends that I’ve known for decades, and none of them hurt anywhere near as much as when I lost my boy. He was truly my best friend, always a loving & sweet boy.

    I wanted to thank you for your article. If thinking of Wally since Saturday has been “filling his tank”, his tank must be overflowing. He was quite literally my world. I’ve never had any children nor will I ever have, so he was my child.

    Saturday, a matter of hours after he left me, I glanced over at the nook where his litter box is (now was) and I saw what I could only describe as a silhouetted blur. And to your article (Signs from Departed Pets) as well, I will never give up on asking him for signs as I will always want him to know I love him now, and will love him forever.

    Thank you, Karen, thank you so very much.


  • Karen, I want to thank you for your books.

    Although they made my heart ache for the three rough collies I have loved I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the 2 books I have read!


  • Karen,
    I’m beyond grateful to you for giving me this gift (an unexpected message) from my boy, Luckyduck!!

    Today marks the 37th Wednesday since he transitioned and for the first time in so many weeks my heart is heavy with JOY!

    I’m sharing this with the hope that others who are struggling with their grief will remain steadfast in their faith to believe in miracles. ❤

    You have an amazing gift of healing people in their saddest times and I’m blessed to be in such a sacred friendship with you!

    Thank you, Karen!!!!

    Beth R.

  • Hello Karen,
    I just listened to your interview with Sandra Champlain We Don’t Die; it was excellent. I also have copies of your two books, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and Hear All Creatures!, which I enjoyed immensely.

    Thank you for all you do for those who are in pain.


  • I felt the need to send you a letter of deep gratitude, as I just finished both of your books, Hear All Creatures and The Amazing Afterlife of Animals.

    We just lost our beloved kitty to cancer last Saturday and my heart has been desolate and heavy. She started showing signs of illness only a couple of months ago, and was only 12.

    I listened to your audiobooks and they were so illuminating in showing me how our sweet animals feel and think, even after they’ve left us.

    I’m so happy to know that “filling the tank” with love for our sweet girl to continue her journey in the spirit world is something we can do for her, and for ourselves.

    Your personal story and your incredible gift are so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world. Sending you much love and light!


  • I want to thank you for sharing all your wisdom. Your blog, your books, your emails from the VIP family, your mobile app, are all so helpful and full of valuable information.

    I know I can get the straight answers from you and not a bunch of ‘woo woo mumbo jumbo’ as with other communicators.

    You are a blessing in so many lives. Keep the information flowing!


  • Dear Karen,

    Thank you soooo much for your VIP emails. I would be so lost without them.
    You have helped me more than anyone else. I don’t know how I would have made it through the loss of my angel, Harlequin if it were not for your loving support.

    I Thank God I found your books and then your VIP site.

    You are a blessing to all of us who love our fur babies.

    Thank you so much Karen!


  • The level of comfort that you provide in your emails with your carefully selected words of genuine understanding is incredible, Karen since my grief is something that I live with every day without our four furry children physically with us ever since they transitioned to the spirit world. I think of you often…always with gratitude and warm, fuzzy feelings for the amazing person that you are to everyone fortunate enough to have crossed paths with you.

    Karen D

  • I’ve had a few with Karen during our sessions with my boys over the years but the one that really changed my life was my first session with Captain. when he asked me if I wanted him to come back, and he did. Sessions with my boys opened my eyes and I’ve now seen, heard, and felt their presence, something that I was really skeptical about. It’s just so amazing and I have Karen, my friend to thank!


  • I bought your book, because I knew my cat Kitty was diagnosed with a tumor surrounding his bladder. He was diagnosed at the end of January. The tumor was very large and the Vet gave me some medicine and said he might last for a couple of weeks. I was very sad, I adopted Kitty when he was 5 years old. I read your book, because I wanted to make sure Kitty’s transition to the other side was going to be the best for him. I talked to him every day, about how much I loved him and how happy he would be to cross into the Rainbow Bridge.
    Kitty lasted until April 11th, 2021. I took him to the Vet and kept telling him how much I loved him. I thanked him for being a part of my life for 8 years.
    I told him, he was going to be free of pain and was going to a beautiful place.
    I held him in my arms as he passed away.


  • I wish I could have a session with you to hear what my white horse Aspen has to say.
    I may not of found you if it wasn’t for the passing of my beloved black lab Rainey. Your book Amazing Afterlife of Animals was recommended by my high school teacher I had for history and psychology class 45 years ago. Your book helped to open the door to healing and pull me out of a depressed state of mind and body. Thank you and the more I thought about Rainey in a positive way the more she came to me and showed me signs that she is near me. She also told me in a moment in time while I was driving . Her words… mom it’s ok I’m in a beautiful place .


  • I’ve read your two books and they helped me so much with the loss of my Maddy and Kyra in 2020. I can’t wait for your third book. The best thing I learned from you is that they are still here with me, so I talk to them everyday until the day i can hold them again 💞💞🌈


  • You did an emergency session for me when my little Buttercup was about to transition..it gave me so much peace and his messages to me were things no one else could have known.
    Then a couple years later..you “pegged” my new puppy Gracie’s personality and gave me a message from Buttercup that proved he is still near.😍


  • Thank you Karen you have such a special gift and help so many including me xx❤️❤️


  • A life changing moment for me was reading something you wrote about what happens after our beloved pets die and that was knowing my beloved furkids never really leave me and they are right there with me always. That means everything to me! ♥️


  • Your books (which I read both within a weeks time) brought me such peace with all you amazing stories of all the people you’ve helped. From your stories of the afterlife to finding lost pets. Your white dove story brought me to tears. I enrolled in your course Karen because you are such an inspiration and made me believe in myself enough to try this path and I hope I succeed. I’m just so sad that I wasn’t able to get a reading for me for my Sammy. I understand you have so much on your plate trying to help so many people now. I was just so overwhelmed by all of your readings and all the details you gave from communicating with other babies who passed over. You are truly blessed and gifted! Thank you for this opportunity!♥️🙏🐾🌈


  • My main A-haaa moment (among several) after speaking with you, listening to you, and reading your books. It was the continuation of the relationships with our deceased babies. Death is not the end is probably the one thing that could calm me in my darkest hours. Death has always been a very scary concept to me and up until listening to you, death has meant the end. I did not know how to deal with my grief and I feel so fortunate that I found you. The depth of the comfort I found in your messages is priceless. ♥️♥️♥️


  • You were so instrumental in helping me connect with my angels when Gizmo and Shadow passed as well as my Dad! I Never have forgotten ❤️


  • Hi Karen!
    I can not wait to read your new book when it comes out. Your book The Amazing Afterlife of Animals impacted the whole world and is so deserved being the BEST seller book in the Amazon!! So proud of you!!!


  • I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Coots. There are few words to ease your pain so I am so glad you have my book to help you during this difficult time. I want to thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts with me. You are so special to do that. Please opt-in as a VIP member on my HOME page so I can continue to provide you with the loving support you need. Sending love and healing

    Karen Anderson

  • I just lost my wonderful stray cat Coots three weeks & three days ago. I have been totally devastated and having a very hard time with his loss.
    Something just drew me to The Amazing Afterlife of Animals.
    With each page I read I could feel a peace coming over me.
    Karen answered every question that I had.
    Nothing will bring my Coots back but it’s a relief to know he’s in a good place.I’m waiting for the day I’ll see him again.
    Thank you so much Karen for your amazing book and all that you do for grieving pet parents

    Jane sposito

  • Thank you for writting the amazing afterlife of animals. This book has helped me get through losing my kitty a month ago. You are a wonderful person. Thank you .


    Carla Niemann

  • Hi Karen,
    I very much enjoyed seeing you and hearing your informative, inspiring talk at the AC Summit today.

    Maybe in my next life I’ll be an animal communicator, and hopefully my soul will carry over your lessons. You looked great, poised, professional and knowledgeable.

    I’m proud to be your friend.


  • I’m watching your interview on the Animal Communicator Summit… you are so amazing Karen, you’re truly my inspiration.

    I mean that…I want to do this so much I’m trying so hard to open up to living animals and you’ve just managed to inspire me even more!!!! ❤

    Thank you for all you do you really are a gift to the animal kingdom to the practitioners and to me 😘🦄🌷


  • Karen,
    I listened to your interview on the Animal Communicator & Healer summit yesterday! I loved it’

    Thank you!


  • Not sure how to describe my journey of ‘awakening’ but….again just grateful and thankful that our paths have crossed. ‘We are all connected in some ways or another!’

    The 1st day of the Animal Communicator & Healer summit was amazing!

    All the speakers including Cara the facilitator are incredible! First it was your book, then your Facebook group and now the summit. I am part of a greater collective of awareness. Thank you for that!

    These following words come to mind after watching the 1st day of the summit…

    Trust, calmness, animals are the best teachers, listening, intuition, connection, compassion, opening your heart, thankful, grateful, forgiveness, bringing and being the light, energy, we are one with nature, message, natural ability, humility, grounded, patience, spiritual journey, awakening, we are all connected, presence (at this moment), mindfulness, awareness


  • I am so grateful for your book ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals.
    So much comfort from it.

    Paul G.

  • Thank you. Your help is everything to me.


  • Karen, you’ve touched my soul. Thank you. You continue to help me as you share your experiences and what you know.


  • Hi Karen,
    Just thinking of you and (the loss of) your Lilly and wishing I could do more than care and feel your pain when you have done so much for me. In my experience in life — there are a select few people with whom our paths cross for various reasons that make an indelible impression who you will never forget. You are one of those people for me and in fact — you are the most important of those people for me.

    Your wisdom and your gift of communication with animals in the spirit world is information that I cling to like nothing else on an everyday basis. I am a very strong-willed person that doesn’t relate to religious explanations or the like and only what you have shared directly from my furry children resonated with my soul. I truly hope you know the gravity of what you have done for others. Especially at this time when you are grieving a loss yourself of yet another beloved animal…your lovely Lilly.

    What you have done for others is a legacy to be so very proud of.


  • Hi Karen,

    I want to add my love and deep sympathy, and send to you all good wishes for healing. May knowing and feeling the love you share with Lilly give you comfort, peace and joy. I hope you are connecting in Spirit! <3

    Thank you so much for the abundant help and support you are giving us all – you describe the pain and the grief exactly as I felt – and still feel – after our beloved Rama’s passing, and your kindness and care in sharing your gifts and wisdom with the world are truly a blessing and a life-raft to keep going, with faith in the love!

    Thank you, and much love to you, with all my heart!


  • Hi Karen,
    I thank you for your encouraging words and thank you for all that you do.

    Lots of love Sofi’s mom ❤️ blessings

    Sofi's mom

  • Oh Karen,
    I am so sorry for your loss
    I know how much it hurts .
    I hope you will be ok soon
    I am very sorry 😞.
    I love you

    Brenda Hansen

  • 5 stars from Audible!
    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    This book is so special, I had purchased the book after my dogs had passed. I was having a hard time getting over the loss, so I got the book to help me answer some questions I had. I found it very difficult to get through the pages in the book where as I would start crying and just couldn’t read the pages and so it was very difficult. With this audible book, it made it easier to feel my emotions while still continuing to listen. It made the book come to life more than I ever thought it could. I value this book very much and I will keep it around for the next time. It has been over 2 years since the passing of Chase and 3 years since the passing of Whatsit, my heart dog. My life has taken a downward spiral and with everything going on in my life I have found it impossible to move on from my grief, because everything is so sad and I would do anything to have my boys back with me. This book has helped me get a lot of the answers that I needed and I am now praying that I can move on from the grief. This is a very special book, I absolutely love it and I will tell everybody I know about it.

    Laurie Thomson

  • 5 Stars from Audible!
    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    I loved it
    I love this book. It helps me understand why my dog had to leave. even though my heart is broken.

    Diane Callejas

  • 5 Stars From Audible!
    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    I needed this so very much
    Having just lost my beloved feline companion Artemis just two days ago, I desperately need what Karen Anderson had to say. I am completely lost in my grief and her stories and words were comforting. She gave me hope and will help me be at peace, eventually as I continue this awful process. Loss of a pet is on a whole different level of pain that has been very difficult to endure however Karen has made it a little easier. Thank you so much .

    Meghan Barron

  • 5 Stars From Audible!
    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    What I Needed
    Only 3 days since my pup has passed. I’m needing a lot of guidance. Reaching out for all comfort I can find I came across this in Audible after searching “dogs go to heaven”. It is a good start. I will read more of Karen’s work.

    Amy Marie Erickson

  • 5 Stars from Audible!
    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    Great book
    loved this book! I love animal stories and spirituality. great listen. down to earth narrative

    Brian Jones

  • 5 Stars From Audible!

    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    This book greatly helped me realize that my dog is ok on the other side. I felt comfort knowing that he is always with me. It also helped me get in touch with my own spirituality.

    Lil d

  • 5 Stars From Audible!
    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    If you’ve just lost a pet, have a sick pet, or just love animals, this book is for you. Our beloved dog recently passed away and this book was such a comfort! Anderson so lovingly addresses all questions and concerns you may be having. It truly felt like a loving heart to heart chat with a friend. I cannot thank her enough for writing this book. ❤️

    The narrator also did an excellent job!

    Cali Clarke

  • 5 Stars on Audible!
    Having lost my beautiful Teela to cancer. I had to make the difficult decision to free her from her Earthly body. I hoped she’d understand and forgive me. I now know that she did. I believe she has returned to me. it took me realizing that I did what was necessary for her. Teela was also there to help my mom’s partner cross and that was all I needed to know that they were together. I also believe in reincarnation as my boyfriend’s 16 old year old Pekingese passed shortly after they arrived. About a year and a half later, I was scrolling through Facebook and this little girl caught my my eye. What are the chances that out of all of the millions of people on Facebook that I’d be the first to ask about her? Fast forward to the end of the week. We had this little fluff butt and she was showing mannerisms of my boyfriend’s Pekingese that had passed. She just turned 3 and I hope to have a lot more years with her.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn what I needed to know.

    Michele Baumel

  • Five stars from Audible!
    The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

    I absolutely loved it. Thank you for writing it saved my life thank you so much. I was in a very dark place I was even thinking about suicide after my baby girl loss, and this book was amazing I can’t say enough thank you I recommend this book.

    Michael Moore

  • I am so glad I found you, my baby boy a red Labrador only 2 years has gone too soon. I got your book The Amazing Afterlife of Animals yesterday and finished it today. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me with this tragic, painful loss. To think that he is here with me still helps immensely.

    I am forever grateful for your wonderful gift

    Karen T

  • My wife and I found your books after our two dachshunds died within weeks of each other. We have never known so much pain. Although we read many books about the afterlife and pets dying your books really spoke to us on a level we could understand. Your explanation of euthanasia, the afterlife and reincarnation made so much sense. I find myself going back through the chapters to read through them again. We are anxious for your next book to come out and we will be ordering more of your books for family and friends. Thank you so much.

    Doug & Misty

  • I just wanted to let you know that your books have helped me stop thinking about suicide. When my soulmate Angus died in my arms I wanted to die. Thank you for writing your books and helping me through the darkest days of my life. You are a blessing, Karen.


  • I came across Karen while searching for animal communicators after my cat Lola died. I read her Topics and Tips on her website and knew I had to get Karen’s book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. It changed me from a skeptic to a believer. I believed humans went to Paradise and continued their journey through spirit form. I still do, but was unsure about animals. I learned so much from Karen and her book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. I have since had five vivid signs from my cat Lola and two short visitations when I was falling asleep and another waking up from sleep. Anyone who has suffered the loss of a pet, get Karen’s book, listen to her podcasts, read her blog. Karen has changed and inspired me to believe in The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. Thank you, Karen.

    Victoria Dahl

  • Hi Karen,
    I’m Mandy I’ve just read your book The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. May I say what an uplifting book. I lost both my baby girl Yorkies, Littlefeet and Amber which left me devastated as I had just lost my dad, mum, and sister, then my husband, and they gave me a reason to hold on.

    I took Littlefeet to the vet to have teeth removed only to be called an hour later to say she was riddled with cancer. What’s beating me up is I told her as I handed her to the vet that mummy won’t be long as I walked towards the door it was like I knew id never see her alive again.

    I’m sitting here crying writing this. I wake out of my sleep thinking that I can hear her crying to get picked up as she couldn’t get up on the bed on her own. I want to say thankyou to you for writing the book I’ve actually given it to a few others who are hurting so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Kind regards mandy xx

    Mandy Duffy

  • I learned about Karen Anderson through a spirituality summit and ordered her book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. I had recently lost two cats who were my best friends and this book helped me feel so much better about their passing. I’d never heard of an animal communicator before but the book gives good examples and made a believer out of me!


  • Karen, your book The Amazing Afterlife of Animals is for anyone who has ever had the joy and privilege of loving an animal.

    It’s packed with Karen’s actual cases of communications and scenarios; insightful information to help create a greater understanding from the animal’s perspective, which is different from ours; and compassionate guidance to help you through the devastating grief process when you lose a fur baby. It lends to creating peace and closure versus grief and suffering. The stories will warm your heart, put a lump in your throat, and even bring you to tears.

    This book is loaded with information but is skillfully written with short chapters and photos, making it an easy, comprehensible read. It leaves you knowing you are still connected with your animals that are no longer with you in physical form, and better connected to the ones you live with now.

    It’s no wonder Karen’s book has received so many awards. It really is a masterpiece!


  • What a beautiful and insightful book! Karen is super believable and likable. Within the context of unlimited communication gifts, she is also the first to say, ‘sometimes I miss things too.’ Which, in my mind, makes me trust everything else she shares that much more. Just wonderful, true and inspiring stories that shed light on how it all works — for our beloved angels in non-human bodies, as well as with us. Count me as one of your many fans!


  • Karen, I can not be more grateful to have listened to your book The Amazing Afterlife Of Animals. I have lost my beautiful 16-year-old dog just 4 weeks ago, and I have been struggling with grief that I didn’t know before, and had no idea how to manage.

    The assurance that my beloved girl Charlotte is with me, would help me to go through the hard times, and give me some of the amazing love I received from her. I would love to communicate with her one day through you when the opportunity of a session opens.

    God Bless you and the work you do.


  • Hi Karen,

    I have received the email from you regarding the fact that I was brought to your pages by the Secret. As it happens, I’ve read The Secret and seen the video and it is very good. I believe there is no such thing as coincidence.

    I recently lost my lovely boy, Goldie who passed on 12 December aged 14. He was my purpose and my life. I’m lost without him by my side. I was drawn and found you and indeed have had messages on your Facebook Animal Communication Practice group, which have been so comforting.

    To hear from him again and to know he’s OK is lovely, and I can wait to be with him again. Thank you Karen for the emails.


  • Dear Karen,

    When my 6 year old poodle died in my arms in the vets office, I was very sad, but I believed I had to hold it together for her housemate my 15 year old black standard poodle. He was so grieved, he stopped eating. We tried everything to encourage him, hand feeding him, etc., but his heart just would not go on.

    My husband and I sat next to him and sobbed while he took his last breaths. We couldn’t stay in the empty house so we took a small trip. On the road, there was a stuffed white poodle with a red heart in the back window of the car in front of us. I felt it was a sign of love from them. I remained grieving, crying and mourning them. My black standard appeared to me on a dream. He was curled up on a bed I believe. He said to me, “ mommy, please stop crying. I can’t rest because you are so sad.”

    Six months later, there was a rescue site that came up on my computer. A sweet, creamy standard poodle was available at our poodle rescue. We were supposed to be at a concert, but we knew we had to go and see this little girl. She was about 2 years old and had already had at least one litter. She was so excited to see us, came right in the house and sat on the sofa. That was 11 years ago. I believe my other two found her for us…the stuffed poodle in the back car window. She is the love of our life.

    Thank you for your work. I don’t feel like a crazy woman anymore🐩


  • Dear Karen:

    I read your book, Amazing Afterlife of Animals. Thank you. It has helped me greatly in my grief of losing my cat Lola six months ago. Since then, I have received some obvious signs from Lola.

    Thank you again for your wonderful book. I look forward to your other books in the future and hope to have a session with you one day.


  • Hi Karen!

    I lost my 14 year old crazy bff yellow lab just yesterday and the only thing making this easier is your book and podcasts. Thank you for all this as it is an absolute godsend and I don’t know how I could get thru it without you and your material.

    I just hope that with the absolutely insane bond we had, that she is near me still and that she does hear me when I am talking out loud to her here at home when I look at her pictures. I just want to be certain that she hears me and is near me.

    Thanks for everything you do!


  • I have just finished reading your book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. My tears were flowing from time to time throughout. My spouse gave it to me for Christmas as we are both still missing our darling dogs who crossed over within two weeks of each other. A devastating loss for us.

    Anyway, your book did so much to cleanse my remaining grief I needed to just get this out to you. You made a profound difference. I have been talking to both girls all along, kissing the urns and smiling in rememerance. This just makes that all the more important now that I know they do hear me!

    Thank you!


  • I just completed Karen’s Animal Communication Mastery Course and I am so incredibly blown away by everything I have learned. I know the real work starts now but Karen’s generosity with her knowledge is simply outstanding. She was so supportive and goes above and beyond the call of duty. If you are hesitant to apply, don’t be! You will be treated with love, kindness, and genuine support from Karen. Karen is a dedicated coach who truly cares about you even after the program ends.


  • Karen, I bought and read your book,The Amazing Afterlife of Animals… it was great help. I am so happy I found you. Your words in each chapter comforted me and now as a VIP I love the caring support you provide. No one else seems to understand the pain so thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.


  • She saved my sanity fabulous book for all those who have loved and lost ❤️

    Mandy Duffy

  • Hi Karen,
    I’m Mandy I live in Scotland. I have a friend in America who was speaking to another friend on social media about the book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers so I said nothing and went straight to Amazon. The first book that came up was your book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. I bought them both. Just to let you understand, I lost my baby girls, Amber and Littlefeet I have never come to terms with losing them but had to move on. I lost my husband suddenly seven years ago I was only forty-three devastated was an understatement but recently I’ve been hearing Littlefeet crying during the night as she was too small to jump up on the bed so she would whine till I woke up. Firstly, I want to thank you for writing the book but now I know I’m not going crazy thank you sweetheart from the bottom of my heart. xxxx

    Mandy Duffy

  • Karen, I loved your 2 books that I have on my kindle and I want to read them again soon.
    You came through a very hard time and now help others to find their way with life and achieve their goals. I appreciate the person you are. I too feel that I was meant to know you and for that I am grateful.


  • That was really good


  • You are a beautiful and special person, Karen, and I am grateful for being led to contact you,
    and for your sharing you wisdom with me. Those who are in your everyday life are so
    very fortunate. The Amazing Afterlife Of Animals has quite a list of credits, and I believe
    all richly deserved. I have enjoyed it to the extreme.


  • Hello from Arizona, a huge shout out to your healing and kind words that share with us. When reading your comments or quotes, it always puts me in a better place.

    Thank you


  • Thank you for caring so very much. You really saved me, when my dog drowned. I was so sad so upset. But you fixed me with you kind words and heartfelt thoughts for me and my little boy. I will always appreciate you and all you did for me


  • My heart is just overflowing with such Love and Gratitude to you for bringing true meaning back into my life!


  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these inspiring emails you send me that are filled with messages of how to deal with the grief and loss of my Charlie. Just want you to know how much I appreciate it. Especially in a time where I feel very lost and empty. It does help to be reminded of what was so great and happy and how to accomplish feeling that way again as I learn my new normal.


  • I just finished reading “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” while on my vacation. It has helped me through the grieving process of losing the only pet I have had in my lifetime. She came to live with us when my oldest daughter was in middle school. I always said she was an angel sent from heaven to help my girls through tough situations. Years later, she took me under her wings when I underwent radiation treatments. She never left my side. This has been a tough loss. Your book is helping me look at her death in a different way. Thank you.


  • I read your article about how we send agonizing messages to our departed pets. I just wanted to thank you for this. It helps me when I feel I’m falling backwards into the guilt. It brings me out of that mode and I feel refreshed and am able to focus on sending love and picturing memories. I have been receiving many messages since I have been talking with Lexi about our life together and also just small talk. I feel so grateful to have found you, Karen. ❤


  • Hi Karen,
    After my sweet little bunny girl, Julie passed, I received many signs from her. I wasn’t sure of all I saw and what it meant until I read both of your books. I knew then what I was seeing was real and that animals could communicate to us just like humans after they pass. The night after she died I received a very clear vision of her in an open field with sunshine and her jumping around and doing binkies. At the end she couldn’t walk and lost sight in her good eye. For her to send me this, gave me so much joy knowing that she was a whole bunny again! If it wasn’t for your books I probably wouldn’t have understood why I saw this vision. Thank you, Karen! You are truly a blessing!


  • Hi Karen!
    Maybe we are meant to be connected?? I can tell you this, after reading your book I truly believe we are here for a purpose not only for our loved ones still with us but also for those we have sadly lost.


  • I’m a huge fan and I love your 1st book I got it when my Tigger crossed the Bridge 💔😿 along with 2 other books and read yours entirely. The other 2 were a little different. But I have a rescue and he’s always looking next to me like something is there ???? It makes me wonder if it could be Tigg They were jealous of each other lol ❤ Stay safe and I’ll try to be a better fan ❤😸😷

    I would love for you to get messages from Tigg for me but I k no is that’s impossible
    Take care ❤🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 the rest of the gang and me too 😸


  • I just lost my dog Gypsy who was a Jack Russell and my companion for 18 years 6months. I have your book The Amazing Afterlife of Animals which really helped me when making a very difficult decision to end her life. It was only a few days ago and I miss her so much.
    Many thanks


  • I just finished reading “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” while on my vacation. It has helped me through the grieving process of losing the only pet I have had in my lifetime. She came to live with us when my oldest daughter was in middle school. I always said she was an angel sent from heaven to help my girls through tough situations. Years later, she took me under her wings when I underwent radiation treatments. She never left my side. This has been a tough loss. Your book is helping me look at her death in a different way. Thank you.


  • I just had an EMAIL PET COMMUNICATION SESSION with my dog who passed away. Before the appointment, I was having moments of sadness and anger. I don’t always feel him or get signs he is near and that makes me sad, but now that I got confirmation that he is with me, hears me talking to him and is ok, I feel a little better. A little sad he won’t be reincarnating.

    Just yet if at all but he is with me in spirit that’s all that matters. All the messages from him were right on and that’s how I know he is still here.

    I feel at peace hearing from him and it was nice to hear how much he loves me too. If only I could physically see him again and smell his “Frito” feet. 😊 (Karen said he kept showing her his feet/paws during the session)

    Thank you so much! You made my day! You have a true gift to be able to talk to our fur babies on the other side.


  • I love your Boom! Business is Booming mobile app! The Daily Tips are great and have helped me with learning about Animal Communication. I’m looking forward to the new 6.0 version! Thank you!


  • When I lost my sweet Otis in December of last year, I was so heartbroken and devastated. I didn’t know what to do. I then decided to read both of Karen’s books. They made me feel so much better knowing there is life after death. I knew I wanted to have a reading with her. I had an email reading. After she connected with him his personality came through and I felt a sense of peace knowing he is happy and with my grandmother. I would definitely like to have another reading in the future.

    Thanks so much Karen


  • My beloved dog, Linda, is in the final stages of her life. First, both of Karen’s books were an enormous help in calming me down, helping me to enjoy my remaining time with her physically, with the assurance that our relationship will continue. Then I had an email “session” with Karen.

    After sessions with 2 other animal communicators that left me with terrible mixed feelings and uncertainty regarding their accuracy (which is really important when dealing with your animal’s end of life), I kept my questions very general.

    I was astounded at the messages from Karen. My sister, the ultimate skeptic, suggested that she may have known these details from Facebook. Honestly, yes, she could have gotten some info from that but she could not have been able to accurately describe Linda’s immediate surroundings during the session–“the brown, tan and beige” carpet that her favorite bed is placed on top of and other specifics.

    Then Karen surprised me with the information that a female energy was often around with the letter “M” in her name.

    Unfortunately, I am a bit “slow” and wondered who that could be–it took me a bit to realize it is my mom! Her name is Mary! This information was wonderful and unexpected, to know that my mom is around me (and Linda!) in this difficult time.

    Thank you, Karen!!


  • I love your mobile app! The Daily tips are great and my daughter loves them too. Thank you for putting all this wonderful content right at our fingertips.


  • I downloaded Karen’s mobile app Boom! Business is Booming and won a free Audible of Karen’s The Amazing Afterlife of Animals! First, I never win anything, and second, I was completely devastated after the loss of my two dogs one passed right after the other. It was a double hit and over a few days my whole life went numb.

    I cannot even begin to say how wonderful this book is and how things are totally shifting for me.

    I’m not just saying it because I won it, I mean it is totally an awesome experience if you have a pet that is in their final stages of life or if you have lost a pet. It answers so many questions and I loved the narration! A beautiful book for any pet lover.

    Thank you, Karen! You’re an angel!

    Gracie and Stella's mom

  • Karen brought me peace when no one else could. I found her books after I lost my beloved cat, Tiki, after 20 years. The healing is slow but is has begun and I even got a sign from my beloved angel the other day! I never would have noticed it had it not been for Karen’s books. Thank you from Tiki and me!


  • I thank God every day that I found this amazing lady and her books. I was completely lost without my Beau and she helped me from a very dark place. She cares so much about you and offers a healing hand. She is gracious, generous, and a true shining star in this world.


  • Karen has been part of our lives for 14 years and has helped us through many difficult losses. We have such peace of mind knowing the connection with our pets lives on. Thank you, Karen, for being so kind and guiding us through the pain.


  • Karen, your unique abilities have given me comfort while healing from a difficult loss. Connecting with my beloved kitty through your work has lifted my grief so I can reflect on our time together with a feeling of peace rather than sadness.

    I enjoyed hearing the specific details my kitty brought to the session with Karen, they were extremely accurate and highlighted some important people and places in our lives.

    Thank you for this gift!

    (Winner of a Free Pet Communication Session)


  • After two of my dogs passed within a short amount of time, one of the ways I coped was by reading every book that I could find about the animal afterlife. After 10 books I can say that Karen’s books “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” and “Hear All Creatures” were the most well-written and comprehensive. Karen was also kind enough to relay a quick message to my dogs after they passed for no cost, which is a testament to her kindness and dedication to her work. I look forward to scheduling communication sessions with her in the future!


  • A review for: The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side

    I did not read the book, I literally devoured it.
    I think I finished it in a couple of hours in which I cried for 3/4 of the time.

    I lost my fantastic puppy suddenly a few weeks ago and Karen Anderson managed to answer many, many, questions I had in mind.

    I cried, yes, but basically, it was a sort of “liberating” cry. I know that Phoebe is with me and that she is well; thanks to this book I have also started to “read” some of Phoebe’s messages, small events to which I had not given weight, now I not only became aware of it, but I look at them with a smile, finally, on my lips.

    Phoebe loved stealing my socks and in the morning she often had one in her mouth when she came to wake me up and in these days, often, when I wake up, I find one of the two socks a few feet away. Phoebe is with me and wants to remind me that I’m not alone.

    Thanks, Karen, thank you so much.

    Elena Bartolacci

  • Karen’s book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals helped me more than I can express after losing my best friend, Harley.

    After losing him, It was hard for me to do even the most simplistic tasks. Her book gave me comfort knowing that he was still with me just in a different form. I absolutely cannot wait for my appointment with Karen and even with her beyond busy schedule she made the time to send a message of love to my boy which absolutely made my year!!

    Thank you for all you do for the animals and all of us who love them!


  • I just finished reading Karen’s book “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” and all’s I can say is WOW!

    I just lost my precious cat Simba in December and even though I have 2 more beautiful loving cats losing Simba took a part of me with him. Reading this book clarified what I already believed in but took it to another level.

    I was searching online about pet’s life after death and was on a lot of other web sites of animal communicators but something kept telling me to keep searching. When I found Karen’s web site I knew this was where I needed to be.

    I just ordered her other book as well “Hear All Creatures” and can’t wait to read it. Karen is the REAL DEAL and is so personable I’m looking forward to having a reading done in the near future. I found what I was looking for and now I’m on the right road to healing my heart.

    All’s I have to say is THANK YOU, Karen, for all you do for animals and people and may God bless you and your family.

    Anna Phillips

  • Karen’s Book Marketing and Profit Maximizer Course was worth every single penny! Looking back to before my course with Karen began, I cannot believe how much I have accomplished–thanks to her. She assisted me in creating every aspect of marketing for my self-published book, from writing an expert book description to creating my own website. She was with me every step of the way from start to finish.

    Marketing a book is such a daunting undertaking, but I knew I was not alone. Her knowledge in this area is priceless. I have purchased book marketing books, but none of them ever helped me the way Karen was able to.

    Before I started my course I was selling “0” books. Yep, not one! With Karen’s guidance and a lot of writing and re-writing my marketing material, I finally did a second launch of my book. In two weeks I sold over 40 books! In my Amazon Category, my book jumped from #850 to #250 and then to #10! I plan on continuing my marketing journey, and now that I know what I know…thanks to my wonderful mentor Karen…I know that I will succeed.

    Ellie Hansen - Author of "Fly to Me; Extraordinary Lessons of Life and Death from a Little Dog

  • I just started the Business is Booming program with Karen. All I can say right now is WOW! She provides everything in a step by step process. I am blown away by the amount of content she shares, how much I never even thought about, and how willing Karen is to help me every step of the way. I didn’t know what to expect but she has surpassed my expectations thoroughly. I’m still working on my foundation but I have more confidence than ever that I will succeed! Thank you Karen, you have given me the tools and support I needed.


  • Thank you so much, Karen, for sending out your book!

    I plan on passing that book on to a dear friend of mine that lost her little buddy last month. She’s struggling and I really think your book will bring her comfort as it did me!

    Losing Patches in November was and still is, really difficult for both my husband and I. Your book brought me great comfort and opened my mind-made me more aware of the signs he is sending me/us.

    It has brought me much joy, the few incidents that I know was him communicating with me!

    I can’t Thank You enough for helping me through this difficult time.


  • Where do I begin? I just recently lost my beloved Zeus. I promised him I would not let him suffer since he had the onset of myelopathy. I was lucky to learn of this early. I was able to have one more summer with him camping and being together. He was a big guy being part malamute and wolf. So my bond with him was a special one. We were connected spiritually, and we spent every moment together. When the day came that he could not walk anymore, I know I had no other choice then to let him go with dignity. Our last day, he spent eating all his favorite foods and hours of hugging and me crying non-stop. When the vet arrived, I knew my time with my best friend was coming to an end, and now it was going to be minutes left together. I picked him up and held him in my arms and kissed his face and head and told him how my I loved him and that now he’d be free to run freely without pain on the other side.
    As I felt his last heartbeat, I knew my friend had gone peacefully and surrounded in love.

    Now the silence set in, and the house no longer was full of his presence. I prayed that my dogs before him to please come and help in over to the side. In my grief, I found Karen’s books and then her audiobooks as well. After reading them and listening to her audiobooks numerous times, I felt a sense of relief. Yet, I knew that I had more questions, so I reached out to Karen and told her of my story and how much I was hurting. To my surprise, she responded and said, “Do you have someone (feels female) with an ‘S’ name connected? Or another dog with a ‘T’ name connected to you and Zeus by chance? I keep hearing ‘T’ is here….” I was in shock and in complete amazement. The female was my girlfriend Sue, who was Zeus’ mama, and “T” was my malamute Thunder of 14 years that I had prayed to please come to meet Zeus and help him over.

    Since we had numerous back and forth, emails and I can only say that I can rest easy now knowing he is with my pack that has already passed over and that he is still around me from time to time. I look forward to when I can meet my fur family again at the Rainbow Bridge.

    I love you for your kindness Karen and how you found the time to help me through a difficult time. You are an angel, and I’ll always be grateful for you.

    Robby BAtes

  • Karen,
    Thank you for the free lessons you have been sending. They have been wonderfu! I also want you to know because of you last week was a milestone in my journey of grief and enlightenment. It has rippled beyond my grief into other aspects of my life and to others I care about. Thank you!


  • I read this book two days after I chose to euthanize my dog instead of performing an emergency surgery for a ruptured mass in her stomach that would have only prolonged her life for up to six months. I was devastated! This book really helps the healing process and confirmed everything I believe in as far as my dog coming back and the way she visits me in my dreams. I got the kindle version on Amazon but then ordered the paperback as well because I liked it so much.

    What a wonderful book!


  • Karen, I am so thankful for the wonderful work that you do for animals and people.

    During a time that I was paralyzed with grief after losing my beautiful beloved furry friend BJ, I opened Facebook and the first thing that I saw was your book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals and wondered if BJ orchestrated this.

    I then bought and read the book which I found to be excellent.

    There were so many questions and thoughts that added to my grief, specifically around euthanasia, was she sent to a better place, wondering how she would feel about cremation.

    Not only did your book provide more clarity and answered these questions, but I am also starting to slowly heal.

    I also loved reading about your discovery of your journey from childhood when you discovered your gift wit animal communication to where you are today.

    After reading this book, I sent it to my sister who experienced several pet losses past and present. I look forward to having this copy that I can reference on an ongoing basis, especially during times that I start to struggle with my grief.

    Thank you again, Karen, for all that you do.


    Heather Hackney

  • i just finished reading Karen Anderson’s wonderful book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals.” Last December I had to euthanize my precious shih tzu, Tiger, as his gall bladder was on the verge of rupture. I’ve had a hard time dealing with his passing. The decision to euthanize him was devastating. I was comforted by Karen’s description of it as “the ultimate gift of love.” It never occurred to me to look at it this way! I remind myself of this daily as I continue on my journey of healing.

    This is the first of Karen’s books that I’ve read but it certainly won’t be the last! I also liked the structure of the book. Karen starts out telling us about herself and her background leading up to her where she is now. I felt this gave me an opportunity to ‘know’ her a little. I found the chapters on animal communications very interesting and informative which I didn’t know anything about. What a learning experience. Then the stories of communication sessions with various pets was heartfelt. I like they way Karen included pictures of them. My favorite parts were those on euthanasia and dealing with the grief of pet loss. I loved her beautiful poem at the end of the book.

    I would recommend this book to any and all pet parents. Thank you, Karen for your wonderful book!

    Karen Nelson

  • I had a phone consultation with Karen about my rescue dog who gave many indications of having been abused prior to my adopting him at 13 months of age. Karen was incredible in how she was able to connect and communicate with his spirit. Everything was right on with what I knew and I was able to totally trust what she learned and told me about his life as a puppy. My poor boy!

    I learned how he felt about being my baby and how much he was emotionally healing now. I learned that we had many prior lives together and that sure did explain this very special connection I have always felt with him and the almost magical way we came to be together. Karen also described parts of my land, parts of my past, and other things with tremendous accuracy.

    I listen to the recording of our session periodically as it helps me to totally appreciate having my dog in my life and also my land, how wonderful it all it. I am able to thank my dog, love my dog and talk to him in the most appropriate way and appreciate and thank my land, all thanks to what Karen was able to pick up and communicate to me.

    Beth Berry

  • I had the privilege of having my first ever psychic reading with Karen. It was truly a life changing experience. I was so excited and a little nervous. She immediately put me at ease by clearly explaining to me what to expect during our session before we got started. Talking with Karen was like talking to a close friend.

    After my sweet dog, Cassie, crossed over nearly three months ago, the ache in my heart and emptiness I experienced was overwhelming. She was my whole world, my child, my heart and soul. I did not know where to turn. I can honestly say, I felt like a part of me died. Then shortly after, as if Cassie led me to Karen, I found her wonderful book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals. Learning how our pets never actually leave us, their energy is just in a different form and we can connect with that energy is so comforting! I also loved learning about the signs that our animals send us to remind us they are right here waiting for us to acknowledge and connect with them! This started me on my path toward healing. I read this book so quickly and could not wait to find more books by Karen! I was so glad to find, Hear All Creatures, another fantastic book. Through many touching and enlightening stories, Karen takes the reader on a journey through her life as an animal communicator. She truly has a gift!

    After reading both of these books, I just knew that I had to have a reading done by Karen. I was so intrigued by the stories of how she connected so accurately with other people’s pets and I had to experience it with my beloved Cassie! During our session, Karen was thorough, positive and compassionate. We had such a lovely conversation and she was right on with all the information that Cassie was giving her. I could not wait to find out what I was going to hear next! Not only did I hear from Cassie, but my two Grandmothers and Great Aunt also came through with Cassie, which blew me away! They came to let me know that they are with Cassie now, and that they met her the instant she crossed over. Learning this was more than I could have asked for! Karen, thank you with all my heart for connecting with my girl and making her feel so comfortable communicating with you. Her personality and energy came through to you exactly like it did when she was physically here! It was an exceptionally special reading! I would highly recommend having a reading done with Karen! It will absolutely change your life!

    Carolyn R.

  • Thank you so much, Debbie. It was so special to hear all the beautiful messages from Julie. She is one of the amazing souls that will shine in your heart and memories forever.

    Karen Anderson

  • Today I had my first pet session with Karen. It was such a positive experience and has helped me to find some peace from the difficult passing of my sweet bunny girl, Julie. I have read both your inspirational books and look forward to your next one. I sincerely recommend Karen to anyone interested in communicating with their pets. You truly have a special gift! Thank you so much!


  • Our Session with Karen was truly amazing! We had lost our Scotty last Fall and had been feeling down and concerned about what happened to him. We had read Karen’s book and attended several of her webinars but we were not prepared for the actual experience of the session. We heard not only from our beloved pet, but also from my parents, who have been gone for years. Knowing that they were all together, brought us peace and comfort. Karen handles the session with grace, humor and compassion. We are thankful for our experience and highly recommend her services!

    Bruce Robinson

  • Dear Karen,
    Our session with you will be cherished by my family forever. I appreciate your commitment to helping us through the intense struggle of saying goodbye and learning to live without our very best friend.

    I’ve read your book numerous times and will continue with your webinars. I speak with Bella several times a day thanking her for being such a special, sweet, joyful friend. Turning my grief into joy and expressing gratitude to Bella has helped me grieve and recover with the greatest amount of gratitude. I feel close to Bella and hope she can feel all my love and happiness just like she gave me every minute of her life. She was the absolute very best.


  • Karen – thank you sooo much for your time. It was my first psychic communication reading and I was blown away! It was such a positive experience for me after losing my young kitty in stressful circumstances. My grandfather also came through and the whole experience was life-changing in a way. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is interested in communicating with their pets or loved ones. Amazing! Thank you again!


  • We had a reading this week and I have to say, we were kind of skeptical at first, but Karen hit it right off the bat with things that our Zoey was telling her about that there was no way Karen could have or should have known! It was very helpful in our healing process of losing Zoey to have Karen tell us things that Zoey was communicating to her about! I have recommended Karen to 3 people already that have lost their fur babies and I will keep telling people too!

    I was looking for books on Audible to help with the healing process and tell me if Zoey was in Heaven. Karen’s book just jumped out at me and all I can say is that Zoey wanted me to get it and have a reading! Best thing I ever did!

    Thank you so much, Karen! You really have a special gift!

    Dave Ryan

  • Karen!
    You did a reading for me last summer when I was in crisis with my relationship. My relationship miraculously changed for the better and you told me my energy healing practice would greatly improve by March-April of 2019. Well, here I am! Ready to quit my day job and just do healing work! Everything just fell into place. You are so accurate! Thank you!


  • My session with Karen was amazing. I scheduled for the sole purpose of communicating with our precious little Shih Tzu that past suddenly at a young age from a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Our baby told us many things that validated Karen’s wonderful talent but there was one thing that didn’t make sense. She told Karen someone was having heart problems. I didn’t know what to make of it since my wife and I were in reasonably good health and no heart issues on either side of the family. So I let it go and didn’t think about it much after that day.

    We have a house full of Shih Tzus and love them all. They range from one year old to our oldest Lilly who is thirteen. About three weeks later Lilly was acting like she didn’t feel well and was doing a lot of coughing. My wife insisted we take her to the Veternairy hospital which we did. To our shock after being examined and x-rays the Vet said she was in heart failure. From that day she has been on three different heart medications and is stable. Our baby from the other side was trying to tell us about this but we didn’t know she was talking about Lilly.

    David Westrick

  • Karen,

    In some ways, I don’t know what to say and at the same time, I have so much to say.

    Thank you so much for your honesty and kind, compassionate heart.

    Your way of communicating between me and my love kitty, Malcolm, was one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences I have ever had.

    I love how much he shared with you and you were able to share with me.

    And I know much of that is because of your beautiful spirit.

    I am so glad my husband encouraged me to do this as he was spot on about your grace and love.

    lauren Ornelas

  • Hi Karen,

    I found your most recent book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals”, online by accident but then nothing is a coincidence. After reading it I bought your first book, “Hear All Creatures” and I found them both to state things that resonate with me.

    You have been blessed with a beautiful loving gift. I loved how your gift was reignited by the connection with the dove to follow your path. My dream is to communicate with the animals, help them heal or resolve their issues, and help them transition in peace. I truly hope one day soon this will occur. I just wanted to thank you. Reading your stories and how your gift developed has given me back some hope.

    Thank you for all you’ve done to help pets and their people.


  • I just HAVE to say that the LOVE ENERGY that you put out, even through just your website, is incredible!

    It’s like while reading it a person can actually FEEL your good intentions!

    I know that sounds totally corny but it’s true.

    I’m sure you already know that but in case for some crazy reason you think people may doubt your sincerity-they don’t. It’s all PERFECTLY written in such a way that your sincerity about wanting to help just shines right through.

    Wendy R.

  • I just read your book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, to maybe help process my grief of losing my chocolate lab a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to have her for almost 16 years which is an incredibly long time for a lab. She slowed down considerably the last few years and it was her time to go recently. I loved her more than anything and miss her terribly. Your book enlightened me on the Afterlife of pets and I feel it will help me continue to work through my grief.


  • I simply want to thank you for the inspirational insights your book, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals, provided me in a time of serious despair. I recently lost my long time best friend Ollie. He was a Shih Tsu who was loved and admired by everyone he ever met. Without a doubt he was the most social animal I ever encountered. Having retired in April of 2016, he and I were inseparable for the final years of his life. I’m not sure which one of us was more dependent on the other but with his passing, I found myself with a serious sense of loss. Your book gave me the insight to know he was ok and I could go on as normal.

    I found myself looking for signs from him and have to admit, I’m not sure if some of the interventions I encountered were manifested from need or actual encounters with him but regardless of the circumstance, I found solace from the events.

    Again thank you for your book and the comfort it has brought me since his passing.


  • I would, unequivocally, recommend Karen for any type of spirit communication with living or deceased beings. I have relied on her for many years and She has helped me through some of the most troubling issues I Have had with my animals regardless of whether they are living or have passed. Putting my beloved cat to sleep was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make and Karen made sure that my cat was indeed ready. She had hung in way too long for my sake and Karen helped me let her go to join her best friend who had passed several years before.

    Karen’s kindness and compassion is incomparable. She communicates the animal’s messages clearly and forthrightly and if your deceased beloved humans show up during the reading, she shares those as well.

    I can”t recommend her highly enough and, as noted by others, she has become a trusted advisor and loving friend.

    Connie Crandall

  • I finished Karen’s book “The Amazing After Life of Animals,” immediately booked a reading with her. My family came in loud and clear! I had asked my mom to “ get “ my Max as he crossed over that day. She told me in the reading she has him with all our other pets! They have a zoo in their backyard over there.

    Was a great connection with them coming in, Karen and I enjoyed our session with my fun family !!


  • When I lost my beautiful boy Bobby in August this year to merciless cancer, I felt life has no meaning anymore, my heart was shattered to pieces, I felt guilty for all the moments during our time together when I yelled at him, was impatient with him, for all the moments I didn’t spend with him, the reality of losing him felt completely unbearable.

    I am sure my furbaby, my beautiful boy, my soulmate led me to Karen’s book, and eventually had an email session with her, with millions of questions. The session helped me so much to understand what happens in Afterlife, I couldn’t wait to hear my baby’s messages, and many things fell into place like pieces of a puzzle.

    I cried and laughed at the same time, feeling his presence, and seeing his smiling and happy face as he was connecting to Karen.

    When you lose a soulmate, especially seeing him go through so much pain and suffering, there is nothing in the world that can comfort you. This is what I thought, as it felt and still feels part of me died as well, but after reading Karen’s book and hearing her heartwarming and comforting voice telling me what my baby said and how beautiful he is, and describing him and how happy he is now.

    The unbearable pain got much easier to bear, and I cannot thank Karen enough for this amazing experience, and feel so proud of my furbaby who led me to her, and I am grateful to her for teaching me to celebrate my precious boy’s life and all the happy years we enjoyed and comforting me he is feeling good, happy, and pain free, together with my grandparents, who are with him.

    I am sure this will not be the only session with her, as I can’t wait to hear my Bobby’s messages in a couple of months.

    Million thanks to both Karen and my beautiful boy for opening this door into better understanding the world of Afterlife, as nothing happens by accident, so even though my soulmate Bobby is not with me physically, he is constantly teaching me new lessons with Karen’s help, a million thanks to you both!

    Sandra S

  • Time with Karen is such a gift!!

    I’ve known and worked with Karen for over 10 years now and I am always amazed at how accurate and helpful the sessions are. She has connected with many of my “fur” babies, my feathered companions and my human family alive or deceased. Each session brings clarity on issues, comfort when needed along with a few surprises. I always am left with the knowing that the bond of love is never broken and they are always here.

    The greatest gift that Karen has given me is giving voice and a connection to my son who passed in 2008. It has brought me some peace and comfort when there was none. There is no doubt that he is here and participates in my life. For that, I am eternally grateful!

    Thank you Karen!!!

    Fran Wills

  • I scheduled a free consultation with Karen prior to a session and I liked her tone, her energy, and her approach.

    We chatted for a few minutes and she told me what to expect from the session and even then my precious Maya showed up to communicate!

    Karen was so sweet and told me what Maya was present. My session with Karen was what I needed to feel better about losing my beloved Maya.

    Karen has a real talent.

    I would recommend her to anyone and I will continue to use Karen to communicate with my pets.

    Kenya Lopez

  • I’ve know Karen for over 10 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how she is able to connect with my “fur and feather” babies alive or deceased. She has helped me work through health and behavior issues that were right on. Her sessions with those that have passed have given me great comfort and the knowing that they are still here with me.

    My son passed 10 years ago and he always shows up in my sessions to give his input regarding things that are going on in my life. I am always astonished at the references to things that are happening which no one would know. I’m not sure if she appreciates how he will show up early and interrupt her other sessions. It has helped me move through the grief just knowing that he is still here always watching over me.

    Karen is such a blessing!

    F. W.

  • Six months after the passing of my soul mate, a dog named Tyee, I had a session with Karen.

    It was so accurate and an amazing experience that I will never forget. She brought through the personality of Tyee so well.

    I laughed and cried through all of it, but what will stay with me forever is the joy, love, and inspiration that Tyee shared with me through Karen.

    I highly recommend working with Karen if you long to connect with a beloved one in spirit.

    Ellie Hansen

  • Well, what can I say? So much!!

    Karen is an absolutely lovely soul that truly has a gift and is so kind and generous to share that gift with others.

    She connected my Tashi with me and we had an amazing session with my little kitty that recently passed. We had a great time and Tashi had so many wonderful things to tell us.

    I came away from the session knowing I had made a new friend.

    Thank you so much Karen – I am so grateful for you!!

    Wendy Koltz

  • If you feel your beloved pet has vanished into the great void — contact Karen.

    She will give you amazing reassurance your precious one is alive and well and thriving. When my father and my daughter made an appearance from the Other Side with messages this was an unexpected bonus and so comforting.

    Her level of accuracy is amazing.

    Thank You Karen, I am forever grateful.

    Liz West

  • Karen has been my psychic connection to my deceased loved ones, human and animal, for many years. She brings them to me in ways that go far beyond reasonable proofs of their existence and leaves me with no doubt that they are still with me in spirit. They observe and communicate through Karen. She has a rare if not unique ability to draw out their intended messages from the signs and signals that they send.

    Recently, during a session, my aunt mentioned that she liked a book I was reading about plants. In fact, I had just finished a book called “The Cabaret of Plants”. She then mentioned the Iris in my apartment. In fact, on my desk calendar, there was a photo of an Iris. On another occasion, my cat, who passed some years ago, talked about 2 minor health issues that I had. This was amazing to me. My deceased mom and grandmother talked about the photos, candy dish and tea set in my furniture. The list goes on. These examples are not unusual. In Karen’s book, “The Amazing Afterlife Of Animals” there are many similar stories.

    For me, connecting with a past loved one is a deeply emotional experience. When I visit the pet cemetery where my passed pets are buried, I occasionally see a man or woman kneeling over the grave of a recently departed loved one. Their heads are buried in their hands and, their emotional pain brings tears to my eyes. I often think, if only they could talk to their loved one to know that he/she is in a good place, and, in their way, always close.

    I thank Karen for doing that for me.

    Helen Ann O'Leary

  • Where do I begin…

    In the short time that I have had the HONOR and PRIVILEGE of meeting Karen my life has changed.

    I sincerely mean this from my heart and soul.

    The abundance of love and signs I have received from the Other Side, the peace I feel in my heart, the love I give to others, learning to listen before I speak.

    It all started with her books.

    I immediately felt the connection about life and death, mostly the understanding.

    Karen is a gift in all of our lives, sharing her experiences of her own life is a definition of her honest loving caring person.

    I adore this woman and I am proud to call her my healer and friend.


  • My session with Karen exceeded all my expectations and then some. She was able to connect with my (departed) human loved ones and then immediately shared a comment about something I had been working on just the day before that no one in the world would know about, yet it was so clearly characteristic of my loved one to be involved in and overseeing from the Other Side.

    From there it was a string of spot-on comments and insights and a twist of the humor that only my (departed) brother would come up with. I seriously felt as though I had my brother on the other end of the phone.

    Karen shared some messages that had come to her prior to our call, and I wrote them down but didn’t immediately relate to them. When I awoke the next day, my first thought was “oh my gosh I know exactly what that means” and it was like I had been hit over the head with the relevance of it.

    Simply uncanny.

    There is 100% certainty that Karen is the real deal and her gift is a huge blessing to her clients.

    I will never forget the conversation and the amazing clarity with which Karen communicated with my family on the other side.

    Simply WOW. 5 stars are not enough.

    Thank you Karen!


  • Thank you so much, Karen, for the wonderful session!

    It was so satisfying to not only connect with my wonderful canine companion Nero but also to know that he has joined my mom and uncle and other loved ones on the other side. A truly joyous reunion! So nice to know that our animals go on living in the spirit world.

    Thanks for doing what you do Karen!

    What a wonderful gift you have.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    Kate Salmon

  • Karen has been a blessing in my life, on more than one occasion. Through her, I have received heartwarming messages, guidance, and insights about my pets, living and in spirit, as well as heart-healing apologies from my deceased father, and immensely loving assurance from my husband shortly after he passed. Karen is a truly gifted communicator and has always shown such compassion. Her beautiful, pure energy and intent to make a positive difference is a gift to this world.

    Jan Hedges


    I just had another e-mail session with Karen since I live in Germany and am not good at talking English on the phone, and was (and still am) incredibly happy with our session as always and can only warmly recommend her e-mail sessions to everyone!

    Karen contacted my deceased dog Fini for me. She sent me the recording of her conversation with Fini very quickly after she was done with the session and when I listened to it, I immediately felt Fini’s presence with me because of the way Karen described her. I couldn’t have described Fini’s character any better than Karen did. She said that Fini came across to her as a very independent, proud, aloof soul, that did what she wanted and that’s exactly how Fini used to be when she was still in physical form.

    Karen told me that Fini was spinning around when she was communicating with her. Fini was a passionate spinner in physical form too. Fini told Karen that she had trouble getting up and moving around and that her body couldn’t sustain her anymore and that she was very thankful that I helped her with a quick and easy transition out of her body. I indeed made the decision very quickly to release her and her putting to sleep was very quick and easy, physically speaking. I was feeling bad though because that moment right before she was put down, there was a spark of energy in her eyes. Karen surprised me when she said that Fini told her she had a spark of sudden energy in her eyes that moment before she was put down, but that it was only because she knew she was going to be released and free of pain soon and it was just the right timing to let her go. Hearing that from Karen was a big relief for me.

    Karen had two other dog souls showing up in the session. I do have two other deceased dogs. And one of them called “Willy”, who used to live with Fini, even came through and sent greetings. Karen even knew his name. I was so happy to hear that the two are reunited again.

    Karen also mentioned a person on a hill. We (my family and me) had a friend who just recently fell down from a hill and passed away. We always greet this friend of ours in spirit and were hoping she would show up during the session. So this was a big surprise as well.

    Fini also described the interior of my house, Fini’s dog bed, her habits, and quirks to Karen so vividly that it gave me goosebumps.

    And Karen gave me insight about Fini’s should and its purpose on Earth and what she taught me and my family. It was so accurate as well and helped me feel evolve mentally.

    Karen also had a message from Fini to my mother, whom Fini decided to live with for the last couple years and she thanked my mother for taking care of her and for letting her be the unique individual that she was. They had a very special bond and Fini told Karen to let my mother know this. My mother was very happy when I delivered the message to her.

    There were also a couple of our human deceased family coming through during the session. I was so happy about that too.

    There was so much more, I can’t even list it all. I can only highly recommend Karen’s e-mail sessions to everyone. You won’t be disappointed! Every time I listed to the recordings of my dog’s sessions with Karen, I can feel them around me and she never ceases to amaze me with her special gift to capture each individual soul so accurately.

    Jason from Germany

  • I want sincerely thank Karen, Gizmo, and all my loved ones who reached out to me yesterday.

    Words can not begin to explain my gratitude to you Karen but here it goes.

    I have had so many readings but nothing like the one I had with you.

    Reaching out to my boy, Gizmo, and him sharing his stories about his life knocked the socks off of me. Especially the ‘Moe Moe song’ no one would ever have known that.

    Karen as my heart was so sad since January after yesterday you helped me feel so much better.

    Your gift that you share with all of is the absolute best gift you could ever give to us.

    I will forever be grateful to you for your sincere touch to my broken heart your kind actions and thoughtfulness is more than I can have.

    I now know what I felt about Gizmo was true, special and I am blessed even double blessed having a reading from you.

    I thank you a 100xs over. I look so much forward to my next reading with you.

    Thank you again and again!


  • My heart was torn apart and I was devasted. I suddenly lost my collie girl, “Fine”, she 5 years old when she died. I live alone, so my dogs are my family. I felt like a bad dog daddy, because I could not save my own baby dog…I did CPR for so long but I could not save her.

    Then searching on google I came across Karen’s website, and I just knew this is the right place for getting in contact with Fine.

    I set up an EMAIL SESSION and it was the most heart-healing ever.

    Karen communicated with Fine and the description of Fine and the way she is and her energy and her favorite playtoy is 100 % spot on.

    When listening to the recorded session, I felt Fine like she was here again, everything in the session is crystal clear and in my heart and mind, I know Fine is happy on the other side.

    Beside Fine, two other dogs came and talked to Karen. My beautiful collie boy and my cute Pekingese and they are all 3 together….what more can a dog daddy ask for, knowing Fine is with “the boys”.

    I am in deep gratitude to Karen for the session as it turned my heart pain into deep deep love and I feel so blessed I had 5 years with Fine.

    P.S. I am so sorry for my English, I am not used to write in English…I am from Denmark-Europe.

    christan jørgenen

  • After reading both of Karen’s books I contacted her regarding my recently passed dog Anya and my cat, Tehmba. I knew their spirits lived on, but there was a part of me that wanted confirmation and to connect with them to help me heal from these losses.

    Karen got both of their spirits right on and confirmed details about their lives that she couldn’t have known.

    I felt healing and peace knowing that she communicated with them and that their spirits will be there for me when I pass into the afterlife.

    She is truly gifted and authentic in her work. My husband and I were so impressed with her that we plan to have another reading about some of our family members whom she felt coming through. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect with a beloved pet in the afterlife.

    Thank you, Karen!

    Heidi Ackley

  • She is just the best! The information you need will come through her. Keep your heart and mind open and let her help you through this incredible gift she is so kindly, and generously willing to share. I give her my highest recommendation.

    Lucianna Estes

  • After losing my beloved Maltese, Leo, to a vicious, deadly attack by another dog, I contacted Karen for a reading. I have given my heart to all my sweet furry creatures in my care over these many years, but Leo was different. He was my soulmate. His death left me feeling as though my soul had been shredded. To say I was inconsolable does not begin to describe the pain and loss I felt.

    Not only did Karen bring me messages from Leo, she told me things that only Leo and I had known. She was kind, gracious, generous, and sensitive with her time, her concern, and her communications. Her integrity was evident. Though I still miss my little guy immensely, I do believe he is with me now in spirit form, and my ability to let go of the trauma and pain of his death increases every day. Karen said that some information, names, images, and such, that Leo passed to me might not make immediate sense, but that their meanings and importance might become evident later on after the reading.

    Throughout the reading Leo kept sending Karen images of bubbles.

    I had no idea what that might mean.

    Several times she would tell me that again he was showing her bubbles.

    It was about a week later that it came to me what he was saying. When Leo was eight we adopted a little Yorkie boy and named him “Bouton”. Leo raised him from a puppy. Bouton was just two when Leo was killed protecting him from a huge German Shepard. Bouton was completely traumatized. Bouton adored Leo, and Leo was the most loving and generous of big brothers. It was so funny to watch Bouton do something silly and have Leo finally get fed up with him and turn to me with that look on his face that clearly said, “You know, the kid’s an idiot.” Bouton has many nicknames. “Boo, Boobear, Boo Boo” etc. One night when we were doing our bedtime ritual I sent Leo to bring Boo to bed. “Go find Mr. Boobles, Leo”.

    Every night afterward we would go through this same bit of dialogue. After my reading with Karen, calling Boo to bed one night referring to him by this name that only Leo and I knew, it suddenly came clear to me. Leo wasn’t referring to “bubbles” in the reading. It was as close as he could get to communicating “Boobles”! Karen said that Leo still follows Boo around as his protector.

    Leo wanted to send his love to his little brother, “Mr. Boobles.”

    Boo and I thank you so much, Karen.

    Lucianna Estes

  • Today I had the most amazing and uplifting session with Karen. My beloved cat, Suki, passed on a year ago.

    She was my Mother’s cat. Karen said Suki mentioned my kidneys and eyes which I’ve been doing healing work on and also three friend’s initials that there is NO way she’d know about this information. She said Suki also mentioned a blanket that is now on my bed which was a gift from our vet friend who helped her cross over. I told her (my vet/ friend) I really miss Suki sleeping on my bed so this blanket gift was to give me comfort at night.

    I am so grateful to have connected with Karen. I knew that Suki is now with my Mother on the other side but when my Mother also came through and gave me such loving messages it was so heartwarming.

    I will always miss them but I feel so blessed that I read Karen’s wonderful book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals”, and contacted her. She has brought me so much comfort and peace and I am forever grateful to her.

    Thank you Karen.

    You are truly a gift to all of us and I am so happy we connected!

  • My beloved cat, Shady, passed away five months ago. His illness and passing were quick and unexpected; I was devastated. Deepening that sorrow was the widely held belief that animals have no souls and therefore, do not go to heaven. I never believed it but now I was questioning my beliefs as this was now personal.

    I found and purchased Karen’s book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals“. The book is wonderful; I read it twice. I decided to reach out to Karen in an attempt to communicate with my Shady. Honestly, I was so nervous calling in for my appointment with Karen but immediately upon hearing her voice, it was like calmness washed over me. Karen quickly connected with my cat and my mom, who passed over 40+ years ago, reached out as well! There were some amazing moments during our conversation like when Shady told Karen about “rodents”, lol. Karen was a bit reluctant to say that to me but when she alluded to it, I was blown away! You see, I was holding Shady’s favorite mouse toy in my hand the entirety of our conversation!

    The thing that most astonished me was when Karen relayed to me that she heard whispered in her ear, “Tell her Ginger.” Ginger was my father-in-law’s dog who passed 4 years ago…I wasn’t even thinking about Ginger and never even mentioned Ginger to Karen! It was crazy! Speaking with Karen and experiencing this connection brought me such comfort and a reinforced what I already believed there is something beyond our earthly lives, something better.

    Though I miss him like crazy, I know my Shady is in a better place continuing to be the charming, outgoing, goofy boy he was here on earth. And I am reassured that he knows how very much we love and miss him.

    Thank you, Karen, for helping me to continue believing.

    Linda H.

  • My fur baby transitioned last December unexpectedly. It is hard moving on as he was my heart. I wanted to connect with him and decided to look into Animal Communicators.

    I had a few readings with others but didn’t feel satisfied. I was drawn to Karen especially after reading her books.

    The session with her was more than I anticipated. It felt like we knew each other all our lives and she put me completely at ease.

    My little guy came through and my mom and dad! It was an incredible experience to communicate with my loved ones and Karen is amazing. She has a great connection with animals in this world and in the spirit world.

    I think the animals feel her love and compassion and they are eager to connect with her. The results are a fulfilling and wonderful session thank you again, Karen, you are truly gifted

    Lynn Echenique

  • A few months ago I had a telephone session with Karen, wishing to contact my deceased dog, Dixie.

    Not only did Karen reveal several moments that only myself and my pet knew during her lifetime, but to my amazement, my deceased parents “popped” into the session!!

    Karen identified my mother by name and also my father by his birthdate.

    Karen told me my mother was holding Dixie during the session.

    Karen told me that Dixie often “drops” in on my wife and myself.

    She proved this by mentioning details that only my wife and I knew about after our dog passed on.

    She said Dixie was around us and told her of some moments that no one else would know.

    Karen is indeed a gifted medium.

    Bill Degler

  • I read Karen’s book “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” a few days ago, in one sitting and I am still reading, again and again, passages from it every day.

    It is helping me so much with my grief after losing my kitty.

    It is like having a wise and caring friend by my side, holding my hand and comforting me.

    The stories Karen shares are incredibly moving, a true evidence of an animal afterlife and of our pets’ devotion.

    From these stories emanates the knowledge and the certainty that our pets are never “gone” from our side and that the bond we share with them is unbreakable and eternal.

    Maria Bouka

  • The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” is well-written and easy to understand.

    Anyone reading this book will know they are going to see their animals again in Heaven.

    It is a very compassionate book.

    I have had eight sessions with Karen and she was right on with everything she saw and heard.

    I would highly recommend reading this book and having sessions with Karen.

    She is wonderful?

    Joanne Nelson

  • This session brought peace to my spirit…

    “Thank you so much for our reading the other day. Your kindness and understanding were greatly appreciated. For putting me at ease when communicating with my beloved Lakota has brought a peace to my spirit and I look forward to someday being reunited with my animal friends.
    Thank you again, Karen and God bless you.”

    Michael M. Victor


    “Karen, I was a miserable wreck after the loss of my beloved cat Winston.

    I felt like I failed him as a mom and caretaker. During my session, he told you specific details of his illness and our struggles that only he would know.

    His messages blew my mind. Who would know that this is possible? My whole outlook on life and death has changed!

    You pulled me out of my grief.

    I was not a believer until I met you.

    God bless you!”

    Taos, NM


    Your book…All I can say is, “WOW!”

    My wife turned me on to your books.

    You are so amazing!

    I picked up your book, The Amazing AfterLife of Animals, and read the whole book in one day.

    The first book I have read in over 40 years. You had me from tears to sheer joy.

    You helped me to understand my Gift of seeing and knowing things

    before they happen, or where to guide my day, week or life.

    I really know I have been touched by my beloved pets present and past.

    All of them have been rescued pets. All I can say is WOW, I love your work and intent, and finally you believing in yourself and your blessings.

    ~ Greg and Carolyn Harmon


    “Karen during our session (with our deceased dog, Kipper) one of the messages you got was about a ‘ribbon or award’.

    My partner just put out two rosettes (ribbons) that Kipper had won in two different competitions.

    We had completely forgotten about this!

    They were proudly placed on the fireplace next to her ashes only just a few days before you connected with her. We miss her terribly but we know that she is still here. Thank you again and warm wishes from the UK!
    ~ Lisa


    “Your book is wonderful and I have started sharing this wonderful experience with humans that care!

    This book made my heart feel better since the passing of my 17-year-old Jack Russell, the grief can be overwhelming at times.

    She was my best friend ever, thank you for sharing your book!”

    ~ Katherine McNamara


    My life totally changed after I met you, Karen.

    At that time in my life I questioned my faith, I questioned God and I was not fully convinced that there was something more after we die.

    I was lost and all I wanted to do was go home even though I didn’t know where home was.

    But after you came into my life all of those questions were answered and you taught me what “going home” meant.

    The fog lifted and I have been finding myself again a little bit every day.

    I can honestly say that in my 62 years of life no one has ever impacted my life the way you have.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul and will always be eternally grateful.

    The world is such a better place with you in it.

    Thank you, my friend.



    It almost seemed that Karen read my mind regarding my thoughts during this time.

    So I guess thanks for bringing those issues out for me.

    As I read some of your comments (in your book) I thought I wrote them, the expression of taking the words right out of my mouth sure applied.

    I guess I would love to know what you know and how to have my boys and girls contact me.

    But I don’t. I will leave it to you.

    You did a great job explaining the spirit world.

    I have read several books on animals that have crossed over.

    Yours is the best.

    Looking forward to reading your other books.

    ~ Jim


    I have seldom been as impressed by anyone as I am by Karen Anderson.

    She’s the real deal!

    ~ Linda Lael Miller – New York Time Bestselling Author or “The McKettrick” series


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  • With the recent loss of my 10-month-old kitten, Ace, I was feeling so lost and sad.

    I didn’t really know what happened to animals after they passed, so when I came across Karen’s book I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to start reading it.

    Your book drew me in right away, I couldn’t put it down!

    It answered so many questions that I had.

    Each story touched your heart so deeply.

    It left me feeling hungry for more.

    I can’t wait to purchase her other book!

    Ann Siekmann

  • In February of this year, I lost one of the greatest loves of my life, a 6lb chi/terrier mix, I named Bruiser.

    After reading Karen’s book “Amazing After Life of Animals”, I decided to try a private one on one reading with her in an attempt to get some understanding of life after death and get some closure and hopefully get in touch with Bruiser.

    I was blown away at how accurately Karen described Bruiser’s personality and looks to me, and, as an added bonus, Karen was able to bring my dearly departed mother into the session to wish me a happy belated birthday!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with her and I got a tremendous sense of well-being and peace of mind from the session.

    If you are considering an attempt to communicate with your animals, living or departed, Karen is the person to go to.

    Richard Settles

  • From the moment she came on the line, it was a warm connection.

    She sounded like my younger sister and has a sense of humor. It was clear the time would fly and it did.

    I had her record the session, but still wrote 4 PAGES of notes to refer to later.

    I feel I need another session…perhaps a full day this time. 🙂

    David Gosse

  • Karen has a very special talent.

    I had my first session and was able to get the answers that I needed.

    Thank you again, Karen.


  • My cat, Johnny Angel, was having some problems so I began my search for an animal communicator.

    My session with Karen was so profound that my connection with sweet Johnny has been transformed.

    That amazing marvelousness jumps from the pages of her inspiring book, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals” and will take your relationship with your pets, on this side and the next, to new horizons!

    Annie Kagan - International bestselling author of: 'The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death'

  • Karen Anderson takes you on an incredible voyage into the hearts and minds of the animals in her book, ‘Hear All Creatures’.

    Their vivid descriptions of death and the Afterlife show the amazing capacity of animals as intelligent, spiritual beings, and their devotion to the humans in their lives.

    This is truly an unforgettable and emotional journey that will bring you closer to your own animal companions and allow you to see them in a whole new light.

    Dannion Brinkley - New York Times bestselling author of: 'Saved by the Light', 'At Peace in the Light', 'Secrets of the Light'

  • “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ reveals how adept Karen is at understanding grief and how she shares that information with people is invaluable.

    I worked at Hospice for 13 years and worked strictly as a bereavement manager for the last four years.

    I currently have my own pet sitting business and would really be blessed to learn animal communication.

    That is my goal and plan so that I can best help my clients and their human owners.

    I look forward to working with Karen on these goals.

    Elizabeth Mazak

  • Thank you for your book, ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’.

    You have brought into print so many things I have thought.

    I lost my boy Red in 2016 from kidney disease.

    I have had eight different cats in my lifetime and this boy s passing really hit me hard.

    I thought I could handle it I am retired deputy sheriff and have seen lots of trauma during my career but losing Red smacked me hard.

    So getting your book explained to me about a lot of my thoughts since losing him.

    I am glad I know he is close.

    I am thrilled to know all my cats still look in on me even if I cannot see them.


  • In 2010, you did a reading for my three Border Collies who had all passed away within 12 months of each other.

    During the reading my (deceased) parents and my (deceased) sister came through.

    It was a most touching thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve listened to the reading several times through the years.

    There was one thing we didn’t understand.

    You mentioned candles or something similar when you were connecting with one of my dogs then immediately after that my (deceased) father came through.

    From reading your books and things you write on Facebook you mentioned that sometimes someone is in a hurry to come through.

    I now realize after these many years that the “candles” were in reference to my father…not my dog, Kit.

    I think he just pushed in! Anyway, he always had candles at dinner.

    His dining room was never without them. Mystery solved!

    I want to thank you so very much for what you do. It brings much comfort…and peace.

    I will be scheduling another session for one of my dear departed cats.

    Judy Tripp

  • Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift that allows us to hear our animals thoughts and feelings.

    I am forever grateful for the messages you have given and shared between me and my beloved horses and pets.

    I am so happy that I got the added treat of messages from my dear (departed) brother!


  • Karen Anderson is the most amazing animal communicator I have ever met.

    I was recommended to see her when I was at a convention several years ago.

    I came to her about two of my dogs.

    I just wanted to “check in” with them.

    The first one to come through was my girl Balloo.

    She had said that she was jumping up and down next to me saying that she loved her nickname “Boo Bear”.

    No one knew that I called her that as I had not had her very long.

    She went on to tell me how very happy she was that I had rescued her along with some other things.

    Then my boy Buddy came through.

    He had not been feeling well so I was hoping for some answers.

    Karen stated that Buddy had some form of a growth in his mouth that was very uncomfortable and one under his right armpit area.

    He, in fact, did have a fatty tumor under his armpit and was scheduled to get it removed later that week.

    The mouth thing I wasn’t sure about.

    When I took him to the vet, she said that there was nothing wrong with his mouth.

    I kept feeling a bump but had always assumed it was just his jaw bone.

    Later I found it was cancer and had the vet of caught it when I told her about it, things might have been different.

    I do not dwell on that, but instead, go to Karen any time I can for “check-ins” and behavioral issues with foster pets.

    I would recommend her over and over again. If I could do a 10-star review, she would get it!

    Thank you, Karen, for all you do.

    You are greatly admired and appreciated!

    Karissa Thomas

  • I want to thank you for the profoundly helpful reading we had.

    Much of what came through is ringing true especially after listening to the recording…and I am amazed and very grateful.

    Kathy S.

  • When I heard Karen Anderson speak at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference a couple years ago, I suspected she was not your run of the mill pet psychic.

    She struck me as sincere and grounded.

    I liked her right away.

    Her motivation did not seem based in self-aggrandizement.

    I could clearly see that she was simply following her calling.

    So I filed her name away for later reference.

    I have been extremely fortunate to have had many animal friends in my life.

    I am truly blessed and I must confess to preferring the company of animals to people most of the time.

    This summer a special bird flew into my life.

    His name is Dave Pete.

    Right away I sensed that he was special and that maybe he had a message for me.

    Boy did he! Thanks to Karen, I understand why he found me. Her reading was specific, profound, and it literally changed the way I see myself and Dave.

    For that, I am eternally grateful.

    I guess if you want to know Dave’s story, you will have to ask Karen.

    There isn’t room here to tell it.

    Karen is one of only two psychics that I would recommend and the only “pet psychic” that I recommend.

    If you need help, absolutely call her.

    It’s well worth it!

    Robin Western Monroe

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