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Why Do Psychics & Mediums Charge So Much?

  •    May 7, 2018
  •    Karen Anderson



I received an email the other day asking me for a free reading.

The person stated that since we (psychics & mediums) are using our God-given gifts to supposedly “help people” that our readings should be free. They also asked why the fees range from some psychics charging only $25 per reading and others charging $200, $300 or $500+ for a reading.

It is a very good question…One I gave a lot of thought to before answering

At first, I got angry and I wanted to fire back at this person for asking me to do a free reading. Then I caught myself and realized that this person may not have a clue as to how much effort and energy I put into my work, my marketing, and my business. So I took a deep breath as I typed out my reply.

First, let me explain the difference between a psychic and a medium.

A psychic is one who can obtain information about a person, place or item through their extrasensory perceptions. They can read, feel or see energy, images, feelings or future situations about a person’s health, career, relationships, etc., and know things they should have no other way of knowing.

A medium is one who can communicate with departed spirits.

Not all psychics are mediums and not all mediums are psychic. Some, including me, are both.

Is it wrong to charge for doing spiritual work?

Some psychics/mediums do offer free readings. There are psychic forums where you can post your questions and get a free reading or at least get an answer to a burning question. There are spiritualist churches and events that have a day of mediumship where attendees can get readings for free or for a nominal donation. Most of the hardworking psychics/mediums that I know genuinely want to help others whether it be to heal from a loss or to encourage them to sharpen their own intuitive abilities or in my case, to help the animals. I also donate my services to various non-profit animal agencies and families of victims who are seeking help with a missing person or unsolved case.

Some psychics/mediums may not charge for their services

They may have a spouse or partner or even a trust fund and do not need the income. Some offer free readings for the practice or for the sheer joy of it as a hobby or an interest such as those who volunteer or do community outreach. Some psychic/mediums have taken extensive classes, training, and earned certifications or degrees for their work and all of that adds up so they charge more for their services.

Unless you are one of the few lucky psychic/mediums who have a television show, many must work regular jobs that have nothing to do with psychic work. There aren’t many job opportunities for professional psychics. When they must work another full-time job to support themselves or their families, they cannot devote as much time to helping others with their psychic gifts and may charge less for their readings.



We have mortgages, car payments, insurance, and groceries just like everyone else

For those brave psychic/mediums who offer their services on a full-time basis, such as myself, we have to charge enough money to support ourselves and our families. Some mistakenly think that if a psychic/medium charges $200 an hour that they will earn $200 every hour for eight hours a day or $8,000 in one week, $34,000 per month or $400,000+ per year. In reality, a professional psychic/medium can only do about two or three quality readings a day and most likely only a few days a week.

What many people don’t realize is how much energy it takes to give readings.

We expend a lot of energy and time as we prepare for a reading and open ourselves to receive information. Before you call in for your appointment, I have already been tuning into your energy, your pet’s energy, or your loved one’s energy obtaining information and details to share during your session. Because of this, your 30-minute session has actually taken 60+ minutes for me. This work can be very draining and if we are not careful, we can actually lower our immunity, become sick, overwhelmed, and cause our quality of work to deteriorate.


There is a fine line of balance we must keep in order to stay happy, healthy and attentive to our families and loved ones

Professional psychics/mediums also have to market themselves which costs a lot of money. We cannot help others if no one knows that we exist. We must pay for computer equipment, telephones, phone service, email service providers, scheduling software, credit card fees, just like any other business. In the state of Washington, we pay a Business and Operating tax, on top of our 15.3% federal self-employment tax.

Self-employed people pay DOUBLE the amount of self-employment tax than W-2 wage earners

In other words, the self-employment tax is roughly twice what you’d pay if you were an employee. As a self-employed person, you’re responsible for the employer’s share of payroll taxes as well as the employee share. For instance, if I earn $100 conducting a session I owe $15.30 self-employment tax on that $100 so I, in reality, I make only $84.70, not $100.

There are also other operating expenses such as hiring assistants to help with scheduling, phone calls, emails, ordering, and all the other business essentials which all costs a lot of money, which in turn we have to earn back through our fees. When you subtract all of these expenses and taxes the actual amount that I net has been considerably whittled down.

We often forego big paychecks, bonuses, and the corporate atmosphere to follow our passion and pursue our psychic gifts

I know quite a few psychic/mediums who could earn a much bigger paycheck working at a regular job, including me, but we chose to leave high-paying jobs as we often feel called to do our psychic work. Being self-employed is not easy in this world, let alone doing psychic work.

It takes courage to stand up in public and announce that you are a psychic/medium in a world of naysayers, cynics, and skeptics. While attitudes are changing and many more people are open to the concept of psychic work thanks to popular shows and psychics/mediums like John Edward, James Van Praagh, George Anderson, The Long Island Psychic, Teresa Caputo, the Beverly Hills Psychic, Tyler Henry, and Allison Dubois.

For the average psychic it can be an uphill battle in this economy

I believe that anyone using a God-given talent such as psychic abilities, musical skills or athletic talent has a right to charge for their natural, spiritual gifts. No one questions professional athletes, popular musicians, rock stars, or actors for charging for their work. So why is charging for psychic work any different? We are providing a service, a healing, or life-changing message to improve the lives of our clients and we deserve to be paid for our time, effort, and energy that we expend.


A psychic/medium who charges a higher fee may very well have many more years of experience, training, and expertise than one who offers free readings. It is hard not to judge but unless you have walked a day in the shoes of a psychic/medium it is best not to judge too harshly. You may pay a higher fee for a detailed and specific reading than you would pay for a general and less specific one. Depending on the psychic/medium, it may be that the opposite is true. Great psychic/mediums come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fee ranges. One is not necessarily better than the other. It is your personal choice and one only you can make. Finding the right psychic/medium to work with can be a challenge and much like finding the right hairstylist or the right doctor to go to, sometimes you have to shop around until you find someone you resonate with.


Before you judge a psychic/medium for charging a higher fee do your homework

Make sure you have the whole picture before you schedule a session. Many legitimate psychics, like me, will offer a free consultation as a way to help you decide if you resonate with them. Sure, there are frauds, fakes and wannabe’s out there but I challenge you to name one profession where there aren’t frauds or scams.

This ended up being a lot longer than I intended it to be but I’m very passionate about this work. It is a job, just like the one you go to every business day.

Before you ask a psychic/medium to give you a free reading…

Ask yourself this question:  “Would you go to work for free? Would you forego your paycheck?”

You don’t need to be psychic to know the answer to that question.

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Karen Anderson is the CEO and founder of Animal Communication Planet, an intuitive and spiritual growth center for psychic development. She is also an award-winning Afterlife and Pet Loss Specialist with over 24 years of experience helping clients struggling with pet loss. She offers coaching programs for Animal Communication for all levels.  Karen is an award-winning and #1 national and international bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’. Karen’s VIP Members enjoy many perks including discounts and special offers. She also offers a free private Facebook practice group open to all levels called Animal Communication Planet. Karen and her husband reside on a 30-acre farm in the Inland Pacific Northwest with the animals they love.
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  1. Very true, Karen!

    I fully understand your point.

    Anyone in this field who takes the hardships of becoming a solopreneur does that because they have a vocation.

    I have earned at least three times as much as an architect, but I decided to work as a hypnotist.

    Each and every client takes a lot of energy because to solve traumas in this or previous lives require that I also tune into that energy.

    Now as I come to think about it, it is not far from psychic work.

    As you said, it takes a lot of energy and effort.

    But you know what?

    These are the things that are worth the money they cost.

    How much money is it worth to find a lost pet – family member?

    How much money is it worth to get rid of traumas and be able to sleep well?

    We spend so much more on useless stuff.

    Instead, we should support and help those who help so that they can continue helping, and our lives become richer through their work.

    1. Thank you, Irina! Your feedback is appreciated.

      You understand exactly what I mean by the amount of time and energy we expend on our clients. You are very close to psychic work! Same soup, different bowl, so to speak.

      Resolving trauma and conflict is invaluable. So many suffer needlessly, not even aware that hypnosis can help them lead happy and full lives.

      It is difficult to put a price tag on these things. Only the individual client can tell us what value it brought to them in the sense of peace, serenity, and happiness.

      I shudder at how much is spent on useless or materialistic things.

      My hope is to bring a new perspective to the energy work that Lightworkers, such as you and I are doing.

      Carry on my friend!

  2. Karen
    I’m glad you took your valuable time, much thought and passion to share this insight with people who are new and/or do not understand what psychics/mediums must do to provide a client with information. Your work is far more important now that more people realize we live in a world of energy and vibration.

    It is a gift to be able to tap into and communicate with an intelligence that goes beyond the physical aspects of our five senses. The difficulty is trying to explain something that we cannot taste, touch, see, smell, or hear and therefore doubt creeps into our thoughts.

    We spend millions of dollars on healthcare and don’t doubt its value, but when it comes to spending hundreds on our spiritual health we question it!

    Karen, your work is even more critical now to assist individuals that have passed and animals to communicate the Love that is available to All.

    Everyone on the planet can benefit from your gifts!

    1. Thanks, Jo! I appreciate your feedback more than you realize.

      The value of what psychics/mediums provide is difficult to quantify….such as a message from a departed loved one, information about a health concern or unsolved murder.

      What is even more difficult is to see with total transparency that so little of each dollar earned actually goes into my bank account as profit.

      I’m not complaining just stating facts.

      I realize the cost of doing business is part of being self-employed so I’m not looking for pity.

      But think about it…This very website I’m answering you on, the web designer, the internet service, the computer and equipment, the credit card company who takes a piece of every transaction, Paypal gets a percentage, self-employment tax, everyone gets a piece of the pie…I could go on and on.

      I haven’t figured what percentage of every dollar is actually profit because that is not my focus nor is making a profit why I do this work. I trust that the Universe will allow me to continue to utilize my gifts in service to others and provide what I need to live comfortably.

      If I had another source of income to support myself I would offer free readings.

      I agree, that my work is so critical now.

      To bring messages through from departed loved ones to their grieving family members here on this Earth is a blessing, an honor that I take seriously and work diligently to provide.

      Onward and upward!

  3. Many psychic mediums are greedy…in my opinion. And I’ve yet to meet with one who is accurate but I’m not giving up yet. I do believe some truly have a gift.

    1. Hi Kathryn, thank you for your feedback.

      There are greedy people in EVERY profession not just psychic work.

      All the psychic/mediums I know are extremely hardworking, passionate, and devoted to helping others.

      They all give more than what is expected of them and are probably undercharging for the amount of time, effort and energy they extend.

      Here are some of my most talented and non-greedy psychic friends. I know each one personally and have had readings with them or worked with them on cases.
      I encourage you to discover their talents.
      Alphabetical order
      ~ Ankhasha Amenti
      ~ William Becker
      ~ Linda Drake
      ~ Teresa Kleve
      ~ Sharon Lewis (Aurora)
      ~ Barbara Mackey
      ~ Jason Masouka
      ~ Seth Michael
      ~ Pete Orbea
      ~ Cheri Pang
      ~ Michael & Marti Parry – The Parry Normals
      ~ Debbie Smith

  4. Karen,
    Great blog post!

    I’ve used some of these arguments myself trying to get other psychics and mediums to not feel guilty about charging enough. If you have a gift like this you need to be able to have time to share it. If you are working two jobs just to pay the bills, then you are financially drained and spiritually drained, and won’t be able to use your gifts to help anybody.

    Charging a fair amount allows you more opportunities to offer help to those who need it. I’m reminded me of the airline instructions before a flight, put your mask on first so you are able to help others. You do great work and thank you for this powerful message that I’m sure helped people on both sides of this, psychics/mediums and their clients.

    You brought clarity to a very touchy subject!


    1. Thanks so much, Jason! I appreciate the feedback.

      That is a great analogy, putting our mask on first before helping others.

      It’s so true!

      It’s amazing how many in this line of work feel guilty or undercharge for their services.

      I hope this starts a positive wave of new energy for all psychics/mediums to never apologize or feel guilty about our fees. We deserve to be compensated for our experience, time, effort and energy.

      Those that are meant to work with us will do so.

      Blessings to you as well~

  5. Ahhh – PERFECT!!! So needed this 🙂

    Many stated they wanted me to have time to read for them but when I finally decided to forgo a regular paycheck, I get so many that say …. “just have a few questions”.

    It was a hard decision to give up a regular paycheck let alone put myself out there, something I said I would never do.

    I know that there is no pleasing everyone, but to want to stay within your chosen field and work with souls that have crossed over, I am having a hard time trying to get potential clients to read my information stating that I am a physic medium and felt called to bridge the veil to bring a peace and understanding.

    I love talking to; crossed over souls and the living, watching sadness turn into happiness!

    I do not wish to deal in money, love or pending births.

    I am not putting this down but just do not know how to communicate my specialty without wasting their time or mine.

    “Quick questions” turn into an hour very quickly and nothing to show for it. As you stated, ‘would they be willing to forgo their paycheck?’

    That is what we are being asked to do.

    If I get paid then I get to make the decision to not charge when I feel a reading is needed but they possess no funds.

    If you can afford the reading I get to choose my “Pro Bono” work!!

    Still have not found that answer yet…. bummer

    1. Hi Ria!

      Thank you so much for your thoughts on this topic.

      It seems to have struck a chord with many of us who work in the psychic realm.

      It is a challenge that most people do not understand unless they have stood in our shoes and faced the demands that we face on a daily basis.

      ‘Quick questions’ indeed turn into another hour of discussion quite easily and I can’t think of a single person who would give up their paycheck.

      Hopefully, this article will shed some much-needed light on this subject.

  6. Thank you, Karen, for this excellent article. Many people do not realize that their ability to do their job is Spiritual as well. All jobs and careers are good and designed to help others. Also, the person who is doing the job is learning the consequences of doing a good or bad job. That is Spiritual work too. All work has value. I had this discussion with a cab driver who wanted me to “tell me something about myself”. I asked him to not charge me for the cab ride then. He was shocked that I would ask that. We had the discussion of value of service performed. We learned a lot that day.

    Your web site has many valuable points and answers on it. Thank you so much! You are such a great practitioner and I refer people to you with great confidence!

    1. Hi Debbie!
      Thank you for your feedback.

      I love your example of the cab driver.

      Again, I ask…who among you would be willing to forego your paycheck and work for free?

      Not many I suspect!

      I listed you in my ‘trusted go-to and non-greedy’ list of talented psychics in one of the comments on this page.

      I have so much respect for you and your work.

      Thank you for the referrals and likewise, I will continue to refer clients to you as well.

  7. I love your post and how you share not only your feelings but the practical aspects of living in America. We all have bills and costs of living. My husband and I are both psychic mediums. We both have “Day Jobs.” One distinction we make, especially with students we teach and tutor is that what we do is a “skill” Not a gift.

    As you have done, we have studied and practiced for many years, much as a doctor or architect or lawyer would do. As you pointed out, these professionals don’t give away their services. So, we charge a fee.

    Thank you for a great discussion.

    1. Hello PJ, fellow psychic medium!

      Thank you so much for your thoughts and feedback.

      Yes, the word ‘gift’ is interchangeable with the word ‘skill’.

      What many don’t realize is that learning psychic work or becoming a psychic is just like learning any other skill. Tennis, singing, accounting, nursing, legal work….these all require practice and years of experience to reach a level of success. We may all have the ability to sing, but some of us are not nearly as ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’ as others. As you know, the same applies to psychic work.

      We are all born with the ability to sharpen our intuitive skills but it takes practice, experience and a whole lot of effort and energy to reach a level of success in order to share our abilities with others in a professional atmosphere.

      Some psychics are more gifted than others, just like in other professions.

      Many may think they cannot be psychic as they don’t feel they were born with any psychic abilities…but in reality, they can learn and apply themselves just like you and I did.

      I’ve been ‘practicing’ for twenty years now…how long have you been doing this work?

      I’m still learning but that’s part of the blessing of doing psychic work. Each client, each session brings a new experience.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  8. I am a professional astrologer and spiritual life coach. I worked in corporate America for years while seeing clients on the weekends and teaching adult education classes that introduced folks to the spirit, mind and body connection two evenings a week.

    When I started this work professionally I would spend 3 hours with a client and charge them $50. I was continually exhausted as I was a single MOM with 3 children to support. Yikes! Thinking back on it now I am amazed that Spirit/God/Goddess gave me that much energy.

    I am now in a position of doing only my spiritual work and still only like to see 2 clients a day. Yes, you are correct; this work is beautiful, rewarding and yet it is WORK. It has taken me years of studying astrology, tarot and other modalities of the healing arts to become the healer I am today.

    I honor you for your concise description of what it means to do this honorable and important work. As for what to charge I sense there are charlatans in every profession and that is on them as individuals what their karma brings. If you are comfortable with what you charge; this is the secret to your success.

    Namaste and many blessings for all those you guide.

    My beautiful son Michael John was killed in the recent Northern California fires.

    He did not make it out of the burning inferno so my faith and trust in Spirit is being tested every day.

    I can only pray for his safety wherever he has transitioned to.

    1. Hello fellow Lightworker, Maria~

      First, let me extend my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beloved son, Michael John. I cannot imagine the pain and turmoil you and your loved ones have endured. I send you a warm embrace and prayers for healing.

      I also want to thank you for taking time to share your insightful words about your spiritual work. It is one of the best perks to be in this line of work and to meet someone like you who brings healing, enlightenment, and brightness upon the world.

      I also have similar memories of conducting back-to-back sessions at Body, Mind & Spirit expos Friday through Sunday sometimes three weekends a month AFTER working all week. It was grueling work sitting in cold, drafty convention halls on a folding chair at a card table for 8+ hours in the hopes of bringing much-needed messages from departed pets and loved ones to their grieving humans. Looking back, I don’t know I did it. Truly, Spirit/God/Goddess was fueling me as now I could not keep up that pace. It is very hard work and not many realize where we have been and what we have done to get where we are.

      We each have a story, don’t we!?

      We are spiritual beings having a human or physical experience and we work very hard for each and every client.

      I would like to add that it is so IMPORTANT for the client to bring positive energy to any type of reading, healing or energy work. The combined energy can make or break the session.

      We each must feel comfortable with what we charge if we charge for our services. And I can’t think of a single profession that does not have its share of charlatans.

      Sending you blessings and healing and thank you for your spiritual service.

  9. Thanks Karen! I LOVED this article!

    When people give me the old, “you should do your work for free because you are a healer and spiritual/healing work should be free if you are truly spiritual.”

    I reply, “Well, tell that to the churches who make millions and even billions off their flocks if they are at the head of the “corporations” that run the church, and to the medical Dr’s who charge exorbitant amounts for their work…both are “healers” and “spiritual entities” and that seems to be “ok” since they are “the accepted methods of physical and spiritual healing.”

    After I tell these people this they usually leave me alone… as I also say, “Go find a free psychic consultant/ghostbuster …I’m NOT the droid you’re looking for!

    I find most of these people are energy vampires or constant needy whiners…so I just did myself a favor by not letting them take any more of my time or energy. Like you said, it takes a ton of energy to do this work, and you cannot be in psychic mode 8 hours a day our you would get totally burned out and useless. 😉

    1. Hello Laura, fellow Lightworker~

      Thank you so much for your feedback!

      You brought forward valid points and as you said these folks tend to be the type that is never satisfied.

      I think there is also a misconception that we walk around all day in the “ON” positive, receiving psychic information 24/7 ready to dole it out like a machine. While there are some psychics and mediums who can just flip an ‘on switch’ and go right into their work, my engines need a bit of ‘warming up’ to go into work mode.

      In the past, I’ve had people walk right up to me at an event, show me a photo of their pet and say, “Can you ask her why she poops on the living room floor?”

      They are often shocked when I say, “I don’t know but I’d love to help you find out. Here is the link to my online scheduler.”

      Their faces go blank.

      Yes, it’s true, churches make a lot of money and expect their members to tithe. There are not many professions that would be successful if they offered their services for free.
      There has to be some advertising or funding to keep their doors open.

      Thank you again for taking time to respond and many thanks for your spiritual service.

  10. Hi Karen,

    Great article on this very touchy subject.

    I’ve been told numerous times “Why do you charge so much? The other guy/girl I spoke with the other day charged XXX amount”
    My answer was, “So tell me why you didn’t believe them and are seeking out another Psychic/Medium/Healer?

    “Is it because they charged too little?”

    I think a big issue, and I’ve seen this on sites like KEEN, BITWINE Etc. are the hoppers. They jump from one reader to the next to the next, and the feedback is you can’t be right I was told this yesterday. Hey, guess what? Your actions change the readings day to day, so unless you do exactly as you are directed it will always change.

    Getting back to the original subject though. I find a lot of clients expect a lot for very little unless they know you and are comfortable with you and your messages.

    I used to do free reading sessions on BlogTalk Radio also, but that was a nightmare most times, again the Hoppers at every show. I much preferred doing the Aura Readings or Remote Viewing on those shows.

    I think, and let me know if I’m off base here, but if you are just starting out, giving a limited amount of free readings isn’t a bad thing, people get to know you, you start to build a reputation, then you can start charging more on each reading.

    I don’t do readings as often as I used to. Purely because of my health. I was still very very ill when I restarted doing readings in 2009, and it took a huge toll on me mentally and physically, I still do them occasionally just now, but looking at doing more.

    I feel like I’m being drawn more to use my Healing Gifts now than my Reading Gifts, So I’ll still use the auras to read the energy and combine that with the healing. I still love talking to animals though, they can be so funny with their answers.

    When I was in the UK, a few years back, before I moved to the USA permanently, I ran into a girl and her dog, I started talking with him, while chatting with her. She said his name was Loki, I asked him, How are You Loki? He looked at me, lay down on his front paws and said, “I’m Charles, Who is this Loki?”

    So I explained that in Norse mythology Loki was Thor’s evil brother. Charles sat up looked at the girl and shook his head. Which I found extremely funny. It was like he was saying, Oh please, help me, I don’t believe this, Loki, evil brother, Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!! I walked away, saying if he needed to talk, just reach out to me, I’ll happily talk with him. But it was too funny, He was determined he was Charles!!

    But yes, energy expenditure is huge. I found if I did more than a couple of hours a day I was wired for the rest of it, couldn’t sleep then came the crash, after a few months of that, health, mentality the whole works. I closed in on myself to try to repair, I’m still in that process. So If the clients knew the risks we take as well as the energy expenditure, then would they really argue about costs.

    It beats me really, they’ll go out spend a fortune on tickets to see a football or other sports game, or what is it now $800 for an iPhone X? But they’ll argue over somebody trying to make a living? Oh well, such is life!! Materialistic things are more important than people. Thank Apple for pointing that out in their advertising I, I, I, There is only I in this world, nobody else matters.

    Sorry, rambling on a bit.

    Blessings all

    1. Hello, fellow Lightworker Paul~

      Thanks so much for your feedback. You brought up some very interesting points and I love the story about Charles/Loki.

      When you mentioned doing free readings as a way to get started in this industry, it reminded me of how I first began in this field over 20 years ago. If you are going to do this work as a professional you do need to develop a client base and offering free or discounted readings is one way to do so.

      On the contrary, I once read that we should never discount our services as it diminishes the value of our work.

      I can see both sides of that theory and perhaps we each need to do what feels best for our situation.

      The amount of energy we expend is real and it can definitely take its toll on us.

      I know from own work and from speaking to so many other psychics that we have to learn to energetically detach ourselves after a session so we don’t continue to feel responsible for that client. The energy will continue to drain from us if we don’t properly close down a session.

      And yes, the amount of money spent on materialistic things is shocking. When it comes right down to it, if most folks want something badly enough they will find a way to save up for it.

      Thank you for your spiritual service.

  11. Karen,

    It’s almost appalling to me that people ask you for free services! I’m also self-employed, a hair stylist. And it IS expensive to be self-employed. The list is endless for all the things we pay to run a successful business that a client doesn’t even consider.

    Don’t even get me started on taking credit cards and how incredibly expensive just that alone is! And that’s how almost everybody pays these days, including me.

    I can’t begin to imagine the energy it takes to do what you do so well.

    I can work outside all day in 100 degrees and not be as worn out as I am after a day at the salon with clients back to back. It can be draining so I can relate that way.

    All I can say is thank you for what you do! Your service is invaluable!!!

    I’m grateful to have found you.

    I looked through several websites and yours “spoke” to me if you will.

    Have a fantastic day!!

    And another huge thank you!!

    1. Tracey,
      Thank you for your feedback!

      Anyone who is self-employed knows first-hand how difficult and expensive it is to run a business. I attempted to track what happens to a single dollar that comes in by subtracting each fee so I could get an idea of exactly how much goes to business expenses but it was overwhelming and a bit depressing!

      We are called to our work by Spirit and by the Universe to use our gifts to help others and $$$ is often the last thing on our minds. Yes, it is the cost of doing business and being self-employed does have its perks and advantages.

      However, I’m sure you and everyone else who runs their own business can relate to people asking for freebies. It is difficult enough to break even as a business owner let alone make a profit. I wish you tremendous success in your future endeavors!

      I’m glad you were guided to me and I’m grateful for being connected with you~

  12. Dearest Karen,
    I think the security and happiness I feel after working with you is priceless! You are a very giving individual and I’m glad you wrote this blog post.

    Congratulations to you and your sweetie! Glad the Hawaii volcano eruptions didn’t stop you from enjoying paradise.

    Many thanks and much love,
    Dinah and RayCharles
    and Riff, Raff, Godiva, Frazhead, and Ellie.

    1. Thank you so much, Dinah!

      I appreciate your feedback and the kindness of your words.

      Much love to you and your beloveds!

  13. Thank you for this.

    I recently had to tell a new client I could no longer help her. Lost pets for me are 50/50. I cannot tell if a lost pet has passed or not. I can only see what they see when they are lost. It got to be so heartbreaking for me that the woman waited so long to ask for help I simply had to refer her elsewhere. I struggled with this decision for days. The woman kept pestering me for more specific information and then not looking exactly where I said to look.

    I’m slowly finding my way in this business. I do so LOVE this work of speaking to animals and helping them and their people. I too have a day job I don’t care for but it fills in the gaps while I keep pursuing my gifts.

    Again, thank you, I needed this and right on time.

    1. Jana,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Lost Pet Sessions are the most difficult and they were so hard on me I stopped offering them. Now, I offer a Lost Pet Guidance Consultation which is not a communication session but I take an in-depth look at their situation and provide insight and proven techniques to find their pet faster.

      It can also be very challenging to determine if a pet is still alive and on this Earth plane. As you know, they come through just as easily if they are still here or in spirit.

      Try asking the pet to tell you what is underneath their feet. If they show you something solid such as grass, cement, carpet, etc…chances are they are still here. If you see nothing or don’t get an answer or if it is a bit fuzzy, then it can be they are in spirit form.

      Also, try the ‘GREEN LIGHT’ for Yes and ‘RED LIGHT’ for No type of questions.

      I ask my guides to show me green if they are still in physical form and red if they have transitioned. I also ask my guides to bring only those who are open to this process who genuinely want my help and are ready to take action to contact me.

      I have had to refer clients elsewhere too. Sometimes they ask for help but don’t actually want it or they are stuck in the zone of not doing anything proactive. We can’t help everyone so I honor the fact that you referred her elsewhere.

      I wish you continued success with your Animal Communication work and I thank you, my fellow Lightworker, for offering your talents to those who are open to your special gifts.

  14. Hello, Karen,

    I’m not surprised at all that you are asked to give a free session. Having worked in the field of animal care as an equine massage therapist, I was often asked to do a massage for ‘free” as an “introductory, just to see how he likes it, or ‘I want to see what you do before I actually make an appointment.” They didn’t..or couldn’t believe that one just doesn’t run one’s hands over the skin of a horse and voila he’s healed. It takes a LOT of physical strength, a lot of study and knowing how a horse is put together, a lot of hands-on experience, (quite literally), being able to read a horse, and well, ‘hear him.” They talk to us, as you know, but very few humans can actually hear them. All this is involved in being an effective equine massage therapist. You can’t learn how to do it by watching a couple of videos.

    The people asking for free massages were always…well, let’s be nice. Let’s call them “skeptical’. (cheapskate is such a pejorative). I even had one woman ask me to do ‘just a hindquarter’ because that’s “all her horse needed”…so she thought. The concept that one can give just a part of a massage in order to do the horse any good is like asking for a doctor to give you only a sniff of the medication that he wants you to take.

    It comes down to, IMHO, they don’t really believe that you’re doing something real. They try to smoke you out for a charlatan. It’s like the guy who, when you refuse to have sex with him, calls you a lesbian. He can’t take ‘no’, so he tries to shame you into having sex to prove him wrong. (I once said, hey, if you’re the only alternative, maybe I am.)

    I had one woman ask me to ‘show her how to massage, I have an afternoon free.” (really. She really said that. Fifteen minutes of discussing what a muscle fiber does was all (I didn’t even get to explain lactic acid) it took to get rid of her.

    I had an old man tell me what I was doing was ‘witchcraft’. I had a woman heckle me while I was working on an endurance horse at an AERC ride, who’d come in to a vet check three-legged lame horse. When the horse walked off sound, I suddenly had half a dozen people wanting to pay me to do their horse. My heckler shut the hell up. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” (Shakespeare). It’s pretty hard to argue with such visible and multi-witnessed success.

    Ultimately, these people…who want something for free…don’t believe what you are doing is for real. You aren’t going to change them, so just politely refuse. They’re cheap. They’re rude and obnoxious.

    It’s not just you, my friend. You can ask any doctor, they’ll get phone calls from family members who want an examination or a diagnosis (for free, of course, because they’re family, you know?) or want them to look at a body part (usually at a wedding or someplace other than his or her office/clinic.

    But, sometimes?

    I made a friend, years ago, with a fellow horseman. It wasn’t until much later that I learned she was…and is, also an astrologer.
    Her name is Trish Marie, (and her blog is “Never give your birthdate to an astrologer”). (disclaimer: I don’t get anything from her for my referral.)

    Now mind you, I’m a pragmatic scientist. I don’t see how..(unless it’s through ‘spooky action at a distance’ quantum entanglement physics)..the stars can have any effect on one’s life.

    So, on the rare occasions, when I read my horoscope, I do it for fun, like reading the fortune in a fortune cookie. I don’t attribute anything to it other than yeah, right. I don’t really believe in it.

    But, in 2003, while discussing horses with Trish, I made mention that times were really rough for me at the time. I was in the middle of a horribly painful divorce, I’d been laid off, I had very little money coming in, I was going back to college and organic chemistry was kicking my academic ass, I’d had to put my horse down, my mom had passed away after a very painful, slow process. My life was pretty sad. Everything looked dark and hopeless. (no, I wasn’t clinically depressed…just depressed.)

    I don’t know what inspired her, but Trish mentioned that she might be able to see ‘what the stars are saying about your future.” wha???? This was when I learned she was an astrologer. And she gave me a free reading of my “chart”, despite the fact that she usually charges money. It included not outright predictions, but ‘kinda looks like” scenarios for the future. I took it with a grain of salt and a feeling that gee, that was nice…but I didn’t really give it much thought until three years later when I dug the reading up (from a pile on my horribly, most definitely disorganized desk)…and I”ll be damned if virtually everything she said would happen, did. Was it through subliminal persuasion? No, I don’t think so…I’d printed it out and put it aside, too many things I needed to do at the time, so I really didn’t read it. I don’t think it was ‘she said this will happen so subconsciously I’ll make it happen.” But she was right about a lot of things, to include: I’d be in a relationship with a good man (actually, it was just two years later that Dennis and I married.), I’d get a good job, and I’d get a new horse’for free’…and she was right.

    She didn’t have to give me a free reading, but something told her to offer one. When I finally really read it, I was financially stable again. I thought I owe her, she helped me, now I can pay her. Without telling her, I sent her her fee with an added bonus, cash..and a thank you note, for her being so generous, just when I needed it. And she responded with an email saying, how did you know I needed that money RIGHT THEN, thank you.
    Well, no, I’m no psychic. Just a field biologist.

    While astrology isn’t really close to what you are doing, still…there are people like you, and Trish, and others that have this…this …oh, this gift that you choose to use to make a living. You have proven me to me on several occasions that whatever it is you have, it is REAL. Sable can attest to that.
    You don’t have to give out ‘free’ readings, or, for that matter, justify to anyone how much you charge.

    Keep on keeping on, my friend. You have a gift. Use it as you choose, and I’m grateful for all the help you’ve given me.

    1. Michelle!

      Thank you for your feedback! I had no idea you were doing ‘horse massage’ and I learned a new word…PEJORATIVE. Nice!

      I smiled and nodded my head as I read through your comments and I appreciate the time, effort, and insight you provided.

      I know there are so many others who offer a service like we do, such as hair stylists, massage therapists, acupuncture therapists, astrologers, etc, that have similar experiences.

      It is so true, everything you said. I love the story about Trish and how it all manifested. Sometimes we need a personal experience before it clicks in our heads that something like astrology or psychic stuff works.

      I have an aunt that had kitty problems. Her two cats were fighting and causing stress in the household. She reluctantly asked me if I could ‘talk to the cats’ to see if I could calm them down. I seriously doubt she thought anything would happen as a result of my communication with them. Immediately after the session, she said the two cats walked within inches of each other without even so much as a glance. That had never happened before. POOF! Magic happened! She was blown away and still is as the two cats are now quite content together.

      So, thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us. You are so much more than a field biologist. You are quite an amazing woman!

      Give Sable a big hug and kiss from me~

  15. Hello Karen~

    You really hit the nail on the head on this subject about ‘freebies’.

    You are very giving and passionate in what you love to do and I know how much effort you put into your sessions and you deserve every bit of your earned fees.

    Just want to let you know I am every bit behind you on this subject and I will keep paying your fees for your services.

    We have been doing this now for 10 years and will continue.

    Your friend,

    1. Frank!
      Thank you so much for your feedback and your supportive and kind words.

      I must say, it has been such an incredible experience working with you and your boy pups over the last 10 years.

      It is a group effort and you have witnessed the amazing things that happen when everyone participates and brings good energy to a session.

      Yes, it is work and I put quite a bit of effort into each session.

      Thank you my friend~

  16. I will, Karen.

    You know Sable-the Siamese/cockatoo/monkey/sea otter…and I must remind you how you helped me with her.

    Remember, I wanted to take her camping, but she didn’t want to go into the camper. She would freak out, cry and definitely NOT want anything to do with the camper.

    First you talked to Wren, (deceased) my Siamese who was also Sable’s great aunt.

    Then you talked to Sable, and while doing so, Wren horned in and said let me talk to Sable…so for a while there I was eavesdropping on you, Sable and Wren.

    The upshot being, after the session, I took Sable out into the camper, and she lay down on the floor and began to PURR. And she’s been that way since. She LOVES going camping, she loves the camper and all I need do is say, “Camper, Sable, Camper,”…and she goes running to it, jumps on the step and demands to be let in.

    We literally have to forcibly remove her.

    When one gets results like that…after the phone has been put down and you are on to someone else..it’s pretty hard to say, no, it’s all chicanery and nonsense.

    I don’t know how it works. But it does.

    And yes, I massaged horses professionally for about ten years. Blew out my shoulders, so now I can’t do it EFFECTIVELY. But that’s okay. I never made much money, but I sure enjoyed it.

    1. I remember now that you gave me those details!

      I can’t tell you exactly how it works either. It just works.

      I’m so honored to be a part of your journey.

      Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me of the fantastic results we had together!

    1. Everyone deserves to hear from their loved ones which is why the article shares information about free services. There are many practicing Mediums who host podcasts, Facebook live streams, and other online events that regularly offer free readings.

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